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Vainglory Heroes Voice Lines - Wiki ( 2 ) (22)

This thread is a wiki for hero voice lines. If you would like to help out, then copy voice lines and edit this wiki by hitting the edit button in the bottom right corner. Note:Although higher Trust Level is required to …

Meta Overview Wiki (5v5) [Under Construction] ( 2 3 ) (50)

RULES FOR POSTING Rules may be added or removed/changed in the future IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO UNDO IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY Must have a good reason for editing. No nonsense. WILL LEAD T…

List of characters that could possibly appear into the Fold as a playable hero - WIKI (16)

This wiki was started by IvoryHart on the OG VG Forums as a post - now everyone at trust level 1 or above can join in keeping this up to date Lil’ disclaimer: this thread, even though it brings forth a bunch of data and…

Meta Overview Wiki (3v3) [Under Construction] (3)

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This will be the skeleton of the wiki so far and as time goes on more and more content will be added until we have a complete overview. If I miss anything or if you think you can improve up on the wi…

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