Playing Anka

So, for those of you who actually still play VG, I have a couple of questions regarding Anka:

Which abilities do you max when playing her? I’ve been going with B + Ult, but having the extra range on the A is nice, especially after the last patch now it’s +2 rather than just +1

Is it worth buying an aftershock? It seems to me like it would fit nicely with her passive, attack using A + AA + B and then escaping, but is the empowered AA worth losing an item slot over?

I max B first and A second.

Her ult is nice and all but to get the full amount of damage from it requires you to hit all the clones on a enemy… Which is impossible unless you ult from a mile away and blink (A) on a enemy. Your better off using it as a finisher or escape.

About aftershock. Its ok in a :vgitem_aftershock: :vgitem_stormcrown: jungle build but in a lane position, its better to have raw CP.


I max the ult just to have a reliable escape on low cooldown. Once you get a cw you don’t even really need boots on her. Definitely max B.

As for AS, I haven’t found it worthwhile enough on her to use because most of your damage is coming from range with B until you try to actually finish. Even if you try to go aggressive and constantly tele onto the enemy, you have huge gaps between your basic attacks. Raw CP with an eve is a much better investment on her.


I don’t see the value in having eve as an assassin. Build halcyon fairly early and she won’t have energy issues. Even if you really want to spam, go clockwork and ult every 8s, otherwise just raw CP in lane.

As a jungle stormcrown and charger she are enough cgor every.

The way I see it there is always value in lifesteal unless you have some form of natural health regen or are a captain with fountain. The value on assassins is that you can soak up any damage your enemies might be dishing out to you as you try to kill them, and you can kill multiple targets without necessarily needing to leave the fight early or rely on a capt. heal. This allows you space to deal with situations where you might not be fighting a squishy or where you need to try to take down opponents and your capt is dead. I find it provides a layer of flexibility that allows me to take down targets I’m not necessarily intended to go after as well as potentially secure objectives even if the rest of my team is downed, and it synergizes well because you’ll already be doing big damage as an assassin so you end up out healing anything that does end up hurting you.

Also as I said before I don’t find much value in buying boots on Anka as her C is a reliable escape tool in most situations and is usually better suited as such anyway, since ur unlikely to hit all her clones on an enemy regardless and even if you do use it to attack once you have clockwork you can usually take down enough people before you have to use it to escape anyway, and it should be up again by then. Also I think stormcrown is a terrible choice on her as shes strong enough to jungle without it with her B and enough cp but that’s just me. I rarely build stormcrown on any of my junglers though and go for full wp or cp builds so take from that what you will.

Honestly for assassins lifesteal isn’t useful because you are inherently not consistent in battle. The in and out technique makes lifesteal meh at best. It may sound goofy, but I actually prefer lifespring leading to pulseweave because of that nice regen between engagements, bonus speed from pw, the aoe burn from bubble, and bonus health.


So boots actually help you land all of your clones on an enemy - I run double shatter glass, halcyon chargers, and SF+BM and I use ult to either

A) trick an enemy who thinks I’m running
B) dodge attacks
C) wipe a group of players who gang up on a teammate

The trick to landing all or most of the clones is your speed. The faster you can pull away and the enemy chases you, the more narrow the path of clones become while returning allowing you to often sweep chasers easy