Which hero San feng or Ishtar

HEY ANYBODY MISS ME Xd I just started playing again haven’t since December but Anyway… should I get San feng or the new demon chick ? Can you guys also give me pros and cons for each?


San Feng is utility, is based on early game damage and lategame he relies on his abilities to tank and allow his teammates win the teamfight. Usually played in top. Not doing amazing this meta.

Ishtar is a mid laner with great lategame presence (is OP). She can destroy most enemies in 1v1 and her ult grants her great survivability and damage. Requires more skill than SF and she will get nerfed next patch. Gets countered hard by Magnus.

I would say even with the nerfs Ishtar will be stronger than San Feng. However, Ishtar is banned almost every game.

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Thanks hope they add a martial artist who focused on damage


Welcome back!


As others have said Ishtar is (probably will be next patch) fast stronger than Sen Feng.

That said, Sen Feng imo is quite fun to play, a reliable utility pick, and can have a huge impact when used properly.

Like others have said, Ishtar is probably stronger in this meta, but you won’t get to play her and she’s likely to see more nerfs.

San Feng isn’t OP, but he’s fairly reliable and you will get to play him. I tend to find more teams need utility than more damage dealers, so I feel like he’s a bit better at working with a team.

Makes sense I basically changed the whole game playing ylva my traps and stubs changed a lot of team fights it was me or the vox vs rushing enemy team xD

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Cp sang feng can be good into a lot of heroes if you use him right but Ishtar is generally going to be better. Then again as others have said Ishtar needs a nerf in general.

What about Miho? Is she good as Ishtar?

No. Please don’t lead people into believing he can be played as anything but utility. It is always going to do far worse.


No, Ishtar is currently (don’t know about next update) the single strongest hero. Next update she will probably still be better than Miho, just maybe not the best one.

She will probably still be the strongest hero in the game. I really expect the only S tier heroes in the game next patch to be Miho, Catherine, and Ishtar. Miho and Cath were low S tier this patch with both of them avoiding bans fairly often, due to both being weaker than Warhalk, Leo, and Ishtar.

Next patch is actually looking to be quite balanced. Yeah there will still be a bunch of fairly UP picks, but that is true of any MOBA with a larger hero pool. Balance is measured more by the number of viable heroes than the number of useless ones. If you look at a game like League, there are more useless (in competitive games) champions on any given patch than VG has heroes.

I expect joule to take her place though, a 5% reduction in the passive is meaningless.

But how many more heroes does it have? At least they buff and rework them consistently from what I’ve heard, in VG reworks needed almost never comes and useless heroes can remain unchanged or with no meaningful change for patches. Look at idris, do you really think that 20 more barrier they gave him was meaningful? Or Silvernail, reducing the passive cooldown from 6.5 to 6.0 was another waste.
This patch the only UP hero that received a meaningful change was reim. If they pretend to buff one UP hero per patch some of them won’t see the light until 2050. How much do I have to wait until I can play idris in ranked? And Vox? And Silvernail? And baron? And varya? And the infamous WP BF? I guess it’s good to have a hero designed to be an assassin as a poke one.

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Considering joule was only high A tier this patch, and really never saw bans, I doubt she will be particularly OP.

If you are referring to BF, he was designed with a more complex playstyle in mind. His CP path has always had its strength in poking before diving in. I’m not sure why you would want them to ruin nuanced hero design in favor of a generic dive like Anka.

Small changes are good, as long as big ones are made alondside them at some point. SEMC knew this would not be enough to make them strong (or other minor changes like Idris travel speed increase). Large changes carry inherent risk. Joule is an example of a large buff to a very UP hero becoming too strong.

I am fairly disappointing with the upcoming patch in regard to buffing UP heroes (i think the nerfs are on point), but small iterative changes are not a mistake. You also act as though large buffs or changes have not been happening. Petal and Saw got really great adjustments, and petal is quite viable now. Fortress is a good example of a hero that was tuned into a good spot with minor changes over time.

So far in EU she is considered must pick/ban in both my own experience and VG silver/gold streams. One of them (joeycags?) even said having her was winning.

Yet they do it nonetheless with certain heroes. Basically I wont get to play idris any time soon.

How much time were they useless before the changes? A hero shouldn’t be dead for over a year to receive a buff. And saw is still a bad pick. Same happened to BF, it took him over a year for them to give him buffs and bring him back into the meta finally.

No, i act as if they come way too late. For some UP heroes they can wait and wait and nothing changes. Again, look at idris, when was the last time he was meta?

Also, when will they balance Leo? How many nerfs has he received already? And all because of a massive buff that broke him and was done again later to Warhawk. That’s what frustrates me, certain heroes receiving massive buffs when others worse than a minion (idris) is unable to see the light.


Too bad it isnt WP BF thats meta… I hate the playstyle of CP.

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Smh that nerf her lifesteal :confused:

What rank are you. You tend to get away with meta heros in the lower rank and in high tiers, you kinda have to be more strategic.

Also what position do you like to play. Ishtar is a op choice but shes easy to shut down (but its harder to do this patch since shes op) but the nerfs will make her more of a high A tier hero.

I personally like sandwich better because you can do alot more than being a damage dealer, but you have to make better calls since you are a melee support carry.

Silvernail is actually played a lot at vgl gold SEA . Mid-Late game Varya is still a monster with a very cheap wave clear. Baron and CP Vox are good too after personality trying them in ranked. Idris is trash i agree.

I’ve been seeing Silvernail a little bit this month, but as CP.

Varya is a monster late game, but her terrible early game makes her useless against any team that knows what they are doing.

Baron is quite bad from my experience and high elo streams (and talking with other players). The only one that seems to play him in EU is HellsDevil, and that’s because he loves it. Vox I consider him the worst mage and second worst wp carry in the game only above idris. For cp his damage is meaningless as long as your entire team doesn’t get hit by the ult, for wp you can simply ignore him similar to idris. I do believe that in equal skill a player should never lose to a Vox.

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