Which hero San feng or Ishtar

Yeah I think others answered you already but Miho, while good, is not as good as Ishtar. Ishtar’s ult and lifesteal are ridiculous in mechanics. Half the things she has, Reza should have had put in his ult, especially the lifesteal and faster attack (talents…grr). Half the things she can do are just blatantly unnecessary. Miho is pretty high up there but only because she’s busted too in her overdriven A. Another hero mechanic that someone like Reza should have had given to his ult.

AND I should mention if they were gonna do something like that, they should have done an Idris where her cp path got the ranged attack and her wp path got the faster attack when she ulted. Piling on I know, but they have really got to learn how to make heroes be and feel strong without making them One Punch level.

I don’t think Miho is as good as Ishtar, but she avoids bans much more and is not likely to be nerfed very much from where she is right now. I also feel like she has the most strategic playstyle of the heroes mentioned in this thread. She has a very high skill cap. She’s also fairly vulnerable in the early game, and I find myself bluffing to make people back off a lot.

She definitely works better if you have voice come with at least 1 or 2 people on your team. It pays to coordinate her Ult with everyone else.

Let me disagree here. Most times Miho just Ults and chain As, which is not hard. If her B was a viable option to apply her passive to play aroun it… But it’s not the case.

Her B is viable, just not in a team fight. Her Ult is the most important part of her kit, but the difference between high skill and low skill is that a well-played Miho uses the rest of her kit too. During the laning phase it’s generally best for Miho if she can make use of her B to keep her Ult in reserve, and in the team-fight phase her B helps her contribute a bit as the enemy trickles in to teamfights while reserving her Ult for after the enemy concentrates and uses their cooldowns. If all that Miho does is uses her Ult and spams A, then she’s really easy to counter, so her effectiveness is multiplied by anything she does to set up for that move ahead of time.

Before Ult+A spam it really pays to poke out any Slumbering Husks, and to chunk the enemy captain (who will usually be vulnerable to Miho’s B shortly before the rest of their team is in position for the fight) since both of those make it harder for the enemy to deal with the Ult+A combo when it happens.

When she gets to the Ult + A, Miho needs a preplanned target list she hits the least vulnerable targets first, most vulnerable targets last, and still has an A left to escape, and the list needs to be branching to account for how many times she is able to reset her A. She needs 4 or 6 different attacks and an escape route planned before she even starts. Her boom/bust nature increases the value of any planning or preparation she does to enhance the boom and mitigate the bust.

If Miho plays reactively, she is easy to counter and doesn’t contribute much to her team. She might still do well if the enemy doesn’t put any thought into fighting her, but it’s easy to pressure her, starve her, or bait her into wasting her Ult, so both Miho and her enemies benefit from everything they do leading up to the fight. You usually won or lost a fight involving Miho before the fight actually started.

It’s pretty obvious that nobody should ever use her ult in lane just to poke. Her ult is a teamfight tool. Her B is viable, sure… But not always. You are very vulnerable while using it and feels weird.

And not many people build Slumbering Husk.

I like playing carry or jungle mostly play rona cause she’s my favorite but die a lot in 5v5 hard to catch people so I need a ranged plus ishtar has bonus lifesteal

I actually like that vulnerability and weirdness to using Miho’s B. It’s hard to use well, and takes a bit of set-up, which makes it really rewarding. It’s part of what makes her feel like a very strategic hero to me.

Her B is not worth using it. It’s not relate with strategy or anything. Is not hard to use it well but the enemy can counter it too easily.