Shin’s C Details and Real Numbers

Vainglory 4.11 Shin’s C Details and Real Numbers

Shin’s C does more damage (in total) when not empowered than empowered.
Differently from the 750/850/950 total damage stated in-game, his regular C consist of 5 hits of 150/250/350 damage (level 1-3) +100% cp rate each , while his empowered C of a single hit of 1200+120% cp damage just as stated in-game.

This mean that his total C damage at level 3 is equivalent to a ridiculous 1750 CP damage + 500% CP rate, if you hit someone 5 times.
Of course, it out damages his empowered C by a lot.

In the video below, you can see Shin’s non-empowered C doing 452 per hit.

Let’s do some math!

As you can see in the video, he has 130 (shatterglass)+ 30 (clockwork)+ 50 (broken myth)+ 80 (spellfire)+ 60 (CP Infusion) crystal power from items, total 350.
Shin’s C has a 100% cp rate, so his damage is increased by… exactly 350 :stuck_out_tongue:

The C skill is at level 3 in the video. Shin’s C base damage is 350 at level 3 per hit, as said above.
350 base damage+350 cp from items=700
Vox has 100 Shield at level 12+Aegis. However, thanks to broken myth 45% shield pierce, we’ll only consider 55 shield.
700/1.55=451.6, rounded to 452 in-game, which is the number you see in the video. Remember that this skill consist of 5 hits, each one of 452 damage.

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Awesome investigations.

I think it would make more sense if the default C had a longer channel time and output over a longer period of time, while his empower C could have slightly better damage than it does now (still less than total default). That way there would be a valid trade off between the two.

Hi, guess there is no need for another topic.


So, in the previous update, we said that Shin’s C consist of 5 hits, 150/250/350 (level 1-3) + 100% CP rate per hit. This was higher than the damage stated in-game.

The base damage has now been fixed:

125/150/175 per hit
Which is equivalent to the 625/750/875 stated in-game.

The problem however comes on the CP rate, which is still 100% per hit.
In other words, 500% (considering all 5 hits) CP rate of the non-empowered C vs 120% cp rate of the empowered C

If you have enough crystal, the non-empowered C will still do more damage than the empowered one due to the much higher CP rate

Let’s say you have level 3 C and 260 crystal power

Non-empowered C
Base damage+ 100% CP per hit 175+260=435
435*5 (all five hits)=2175

Empowered C:

You can see it in the video below:

Play the video at 0.5 speed if you want to see the damage done.

As you can see, Vox takes 217 damage per hit from the non-empowered C
175 (base damage)+260 CP (2 shatterglass)=435
Since Vox has 100 shield=435/2=217.5

Since Vox got hit 5 times, the total damage he took was 1087.5
1087.5*2 (because Vox took half damage with 100 shield)=2175, the number we calculated earlier! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the video you can also see the empowered C doing 756 damage. Let’s calculate that too:
1200+312 (120% cp rate, 260 CP)=1512
Since Vox has 100 Shield: 1512/2=756, the number shown in the video.

How much crystal is required for the non-empowered C to hit harder than the empowered one?

Level 1 C= Once you have 73 crystal you do more damage with the non-empowered C
Level 2 C= Once you have 79 crystal you’ll do more damage with the non-empowered C
Level 3 C= Once you have 86 crystal you’ll do more damage with the non-empowered C

You can use the empowered B to root then throw at them the non-empowered (and stronger) C, they won’t be able to dodge it!

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Such great breakdown and analysis. I’m curios weather his empowered ult will ever see use. It seems like it’s only better if you need to quickly finish a kill, but is not worth setting up for.