EdAWACS idea for Karas Rework


For the purposes of this rework I will also consider Kara’s old stats and cooldowns and ratios will remain the same.

Heroic Perk: Gale Force

Each time Karas damages an enemy with his abilities he gains a stack of Gale Force up to a maximum of 3 stacks. While basic attacking with less than 3 stacks, Kara’s basic attacks slice through all enemies behind his initial attack target dealing 40% damage.

If Karas basic attacks with 3 stacks of Gale Force he will consume all stacks to unleash a large wind blade that knocks back all enemies hit.

Gale Force stacks fall off after 8 seconds and are refreshed when Karas uses another ability.

Karas’s basic attacks deal crystal damage

First Ability: Hayate

Karas heaves his fan in the target direction unleashing a wind gust that deals damage to all enemies in a cone.

If Karas has full stacks of Gale Force this ability becomes a vortex which knocks up all enemies along its path but deals 40% damage.

Second Ability: Seiran

Karas teleports 5 meters in the target location. Karas’s next basic attack or ability within 3 seconds will deal amplified damage. Kara gains one stack of Gale Force if he successfully uses this ability

Overdrive: the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1.2 seconds whenever Karas displaces an enemy hero.

Ultimate: Kazeshini

This ultimate can only be activated while Karas has 3 stacks of Gale Force.

When cast atop of himself, Karas surrounds himself with a maelstrom of wind blades that deal continuous basic attack damage. Karas gains a barrier for each enemy hero damaged. Karas cannot use move commands while using his ultimate

When cast away from him, Karas unleashes a tornado which sucks in all enemies along the twisters path dealing continuous basic attack damage while increasing in size. The tornado dissipates at the end of its range

When cast against enemies who have been displaced, this ability will suspend them in the air for 1.5s


I can’t help thinking of NEJI from Naruto when i was reading through this.

nicely done.

I’m just trying to picture how 3 stacks would be gained. Hayate - 1, Seiran gains 1 if successful and also gains 1 through the perk, so 2… meaning by using ability 1 and 2, you’d have 3 stacks and can do the ult or activate the perk.

Hayate turns into a vortex if full stacks… erm… would that mean using Seiran twice? … you stated that the stacks are gained through abilities and they fall off after 4 seconds… which would mean those abilities have a CD that’s lower than 4 seconds.

Am I mistaken? or did you design stacks to be gained via Auto attacks?

well… still a pretty neat concept. i like it.

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Ok. It works, it’s a rework different enough to not be a copy.

However, I don’t really like his perk, just because of the slice. We already have 2 heroes with a slice. I was annoyed when they released Leo because he was essentially a carbon copy of Glaive, and having another slice hero does that again. (at least I’m assuming that’s what his AA would be like.)


I really like the concept in general, especially his A and C, but I think the teleport should be gotten rid of. It doesn’t really synergize with his kit at all…I mean you made it synergize with the boost, which is more than the Karas now, but it still feels so unnecessay and tacked on for his playstyle. He’s a ranged hero. It would be like giving Skaarf a teleport instead of goop…why lol, he shouldn’t be in the middle of the action most of the time anyway.

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AAs grant stacks

No I assume his perk works similar to Bard’s upgraded AA’s in League where enemies behind the unit hit are also damaged. Essentially it slices PAST the unit hit



Dealing damage with an ability grants his stacks in this rework

Oh must’ve misread it then. Just thought Hayate also consumed stacks when you were at 3 lol

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You sure you are not thinking of Temari?

What do you think of the hero rework.

As someone who brought this topic to my attention I would love to hear your opinion.

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Do you have any suggestions as to what I should change the second ability into?

I was considering a Shingetsu style ability instead of a blink

Keep also in mind however that this rework was designed to work within the framework of the original hero so I had to account for them being able to reuse some assets from the previous design

not really… even though she is a Wind user, she’s a long range attacker.

Neji’s ultimate and this hero’s ultimate (in my head anyway) would look similar and behave in a similar way.

And Neji is a close range attacker, using his fast open palm close range attacks, much like this hero’s close to mid range style of attacks.

I’m assuming this hero is a close range fighter, due to the “push back” effect and knock up effect. A long range fighter with such good CC is unbalanced imo.

Also because of the very short Cool Down of his abilities, is another reason why (in my head) I’m picturing a close range fighter.

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I was considering instead to reduce his range of basic attack to Vox levels but not switch him completely to melee.

The other reason I feel keeping him ranged makes sense in my mind is because this makes gives him the restrictions that ranged heroes need to have. Mainly that he needs to be fairly squishy and rely on positioning and kiting to survive.

I mean for me this version of the hero made more sense than what he is currently.

But it won’t be a cleave effect like Leo or Glaive

The original idea for his B was even more complicated actually. In fact each of his ability names are references to wind related Japanese themes which I felt kept him in line with a character associated with Taizen Gate.

The original concept for Seiran was that he summoned an avatar of air which looked exactly like him. He could cast his abilities from the avatar and switch places with his avatar when he reactivated.

If you are interested to know another different concept I had for his second ability was similar to his current ultimate combined with Minho’s shingestu.

I will leave all of your imaginations to envision what that would resemble.

Also lastly @RiseChu and @coltonJW

What are your opinions on this hero?

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Much cooler B, much cooler. I really think that idea could be incorporated well. I think it would be hard to aim abilities with having another model on the screen to control but I do think it would be interesting to have some kind of mirage attack where Karas goes invisible or teleports to another location and leaves an afterimage that does something if you touch it.

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I second this.