Viola purchase

When do heroes usually go up for glory now? Forgot when I redownloaded the game that it’s ice only first week for new heroes but viola should be out for glory now, right? I wanna play her in a match already

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It was supposed to be a week, but as you can see this isn’t the case with Viola idk why. They haven’t said anything as far as I’m aware, so we can only wait.

For a time they raised glory prices but I think it’s back down to the standard 8k.

i think they legit forgot lmao

Ok, that’s rather annoying if they really did forget, either way I can only wait. Good to know it was meant to be still first week ice then glory after, thought they might have changed it with these new heroes previously

To this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they made new heroes ice only , I assume it’s ice only because there is no announcement and the ice deals left and right .