San Feng Empowered A count as 5 basic attacks

Once empowered, San Feng’s A will count as 5 basic attacks instead of 1. This leads to some interesting interactions

You can use San Feng’s Empowered A effect in multiple ways, by example, you can use it to apply 5 stacks of Bonesaw on your target.
Or you can instantly kill someone, by exploding on him the power of 5 stacks of Adagio’s B in just 1 Empowered San Feng’s A!
And you can even use it to quickly remove 5 HP from a cam.
This saves you time, as you won’t need to do 5 basic attacks.

Note that San Feng’s Empowered A won’t do the damage of 5 basic attacks .
If you’re thinking to build full crit San Feng and throw 5 basics at a squishy carry with A… it’s not going to work. This because you will only get the damage of a single basic attack + A (base damage, CP if you have any).

Here is a video showing this:

As usual, we added this interaction to our hidden stats page:
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Credits to DozyNap for discovering this!


Very interesting, I always knew it applied 5 tics of damage, but the fact that they all apply on hit effects is interesting. While not particularly useful, this is a good thing to keep in mind for any future interactions between heroes and items.

This is extremely useful info. I’m still confused as to what procs sang fengs A though, as it seems some damaging abilities like Silvernail’s B and things like Vox’s resonance bounces don’t proc it. Not sure if this is a bug or what.

That’s not a bug, it’s intentional. It’s called “buff damage”.
I suggest you to read this (not by me), it’s very old though (old Broken Myth etc.):

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I couldn’t read it. Do you know of any other guides on what might proc his A? I get the idea of buff damage, but something like Silvernail’s B does the initial damage too, which I would think would set off his A.

Oh I noticed. Looks like it’s going to be deleted soon and it stops you from reading it unless you login into your google account and make a copy.
I made a copy here, you can read it:

Sorry about Silvernail. His B (the initial damage) triggers San Feng’s Empowered A. I just tried and it works, so I’m not sure what you mean.


Idk I’ve been in multiple games and it seems like some attacks don’t proc that would, especially that one. I was in a game earlier and it wasn’t working. Not the first time either. Only thing I could think is there is some kinda delay between when the ability is started and when it can counter and I’m doing it late, or…something.

Yeah you just need to find the right timing. I missed it too the first time I tried to counter Silvernail B an hour ago.

I can tell you there is no delay. You can react very last second to super fast abilities. It’s totally possible to react to a single ranged basic attack as Sen Feng. Is it possible you are actually using it too early and the timing out before it hits you. Another possibility is that you think it has hit you sooner than it really does, and move or auto attack breaking the stance.