Lyra's bulwark is a little lacking since snare is remove

So heavy breathe

… i suggest… Lyra’s bulwark duration to scale with her bonus health. By few tiny 0.05% and unlocking level 3 on B allows her get her snare back?


The audience(me) wants Lyra’s snare back and back to meta


Snare was ok in the setting for 3v3 since melee heros were stronger in the smaller setting.

Now that most melees are weaker in 5v5, snare was no longer needed since it was overpowering on the already weak melee characters so I do agree it can do with a QoL buff. Not really a power up buff tho.

My solution would be:

Bright Bulwark
• (New) When enemy uses a movement ability inside Bulwark, reapply slow % (when you pass the wall) onto said enemy for the same duration (when u pass the wall)

The duration is fine and everything but the main problem I see is that it doesnt really do what its was made to do. Prevent diving, and in high tiers, its usually blocked by one of the two tank’s crucible therefore being useless.

Also adding back the snare would lead to beating the already dead horse.

But in 5v5, more heros thus harder to manage. And now VG rosters are getting bigger. Snare was opressive back then due to lack of heros…

Your idea is fine but i feel like there plenty of heros now go handle Lyra with her snare back and most heros doesn’t rely on dash abilties like moves despite being slowed.

Eg, viola? Isthar? Rona?

Applying slow even when enemies use dash abilties is the same as what she is doing now.?¿

Not dash. Movement abilities. Rona is immune to slows when ulting. But Viola and Ishtar ults are movement abilities. And since they are constant speed buffs that arent a one time apply type of ability, they would be perma slowed until the duration of the buff is over or canceled.

Now that you bring up those heros, Snare would kill off more heros in the VG roster than one might think.

Having Snare as a debuff is a ok game mechanic but it isnt the healthiest when its on one of the biggest aoe ability in the game.

Movement base abities sounds good. It counter pretty good chunk of heros… :3 give this idea to semc bruh

Lyra is actually fine imo. She stops enemies from entering an area still, and she’s still highly effective when it comes to blocking movement abilities. I don’t think we need the old Lyra back. That’s just me though. She was oppressive when her B blocked all movement. I don’t think she needs a snare.

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Lyra is already top tier as roam… why buff her? He BB when maxed is one of the best defensive abilities. That buff would come with a nerf somewhere else.

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Just no, her B offers plenty of value already. Her kit does not need more tools. When SEMCRogue brings back the snare mechanic, I fully expect it to be single target this time. I would actually love a single target snare skillshot projectile on an active items. That would be such a cool uility option to have.

Never stopped semc when they buffed already top tier heros in the past.

That doesn’t make it a better decision.

It does to lyra fans :frowning:

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Her B is fine as it is. Adding snare again is a big no and buffing B with longer duration or/and stronger slow will make it too strong.

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