Regarding the new Hero (And Rouge)

Shin is quite the mess.

His base skin splash art isn’t exactly the best, but over time it somewhat adapted to my eyes so I hope it just blends with the game eventually. Now, HIS rare skin is what troubles me. He looks so soft, and the color palette is so obnoxiously bright. There are over-the-top skins in the game like Glaive or Skaarf rainbow skins, but those had careful planning behind them and you can tell they look like they do on purpose. Shins just looks like any Mobile legends: Bang Bang character which is to say a lot considering that despite not making the most fanciest of designs in the last year, heroes in vainglory have kept a consistency of originality when it comes to looks (Except the Anime Ronald McDonald looking guy).

His kit, although mildly fun, seems to have no depth to it. All of his empowered abilities are the same as his normal abilities but, you know, empowered. I can’t see him going anywhere above tier 6 due to his lack of outplay potential.

Now for his animations. y i k e s.

Karas looked bland enough, but his abilities have smooth animations that tell you exactly what he is doing. This guy, Chin, is very hard to see on all of his moves besides recall and walking animations. His A makes him look like he’s glitching out, His B is weird and doesn’t give a single clue that he is going to use it, and Ultimate is… what? A fire barrage? How is that exactly supposed to work? You wait for someone to lay on a spot and hope they don’t move? Maybe I’m dumb enough to not see how it’s useful.

Rogue devs, your new hero is not inherently bad. If we speak about complexity, even he has more brain usage than Caine mains. But his animations are incredibly lacking, and that’s what makes a hero come to life, the animations. That’s why you rarely get to feel like you are playing a dynamic character in games like, say, Arena of Valor or Mobile legends. Their animations are stiff and and wacky, which makes you feel like you are NOT the one in control.

I know it’s unlikely for Rouge to see the feedback and ACTUALLY say they are doing something about it. I know Vainglory’s fate is to be milked and become the one thing it sworn to destroy: A generic, bland mobile moba. But the community is willing to do anything to keep the game going, even accept the once (and still) copycat hero Karas. I know it takes time to make and adapt to SEMC way of handling Vainglory, but please, at the very least, give us a spark of hope for the game by announcing what little progress you have made so far. I know it probably won’t be much, but would you imagine the hype it would create in the entire EU server when they hear that broken chat is being worked on.


Why u gotta throw shade at those guys? xd

The slowly increasing list of heroes who can be compared to Ronald McDonald is disturbing me lmao


I kinda disagree. Since lore went, there have been a few good heroes (Anka, Silvernail and Inara come to mind), but recently they’ve become more and more dull to me. Leo you can say has a unique look, but I hate him for his kit similarity to Glaive. Apart from that, we have Warhawk; the cringy “tiny terror”, Miho; the weeb hero, Caine; the anime Ronald Mcdonald, and Magnus, who I hate just because he’s cancer (I know that’s a bad reason, but don’t make me rant about him)

They had one good bit recently mind you when they released Ishtar and Viola. Altho I think Ishtar could do with some polishing and her skin is zero change, she has a good design and kit, and Viola I love for the Queen references in her voicelines and the fairly unique kit.