Viola ult - sleep melody

How do you block viola Drowsy effect? If i use reflex block it still makes me go to sleep because aura lasts longer. Im not certain that reflex block does anything. Anyone have experience with it?

I believe you can block the actual sleep after the slows is applied.

Oh i have to wait last second and then reflex. I just totally forgot to register the sleep coming after 3 seconds that a viola in a match totally threw me away with this ability. I have to read ability descriptions more carefully. Thx. But you cant block both slow and sleep. Thats slightly overpowered.

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Well, theoretically you can block the slow if you’re at the edge of it and walk out, but there really isn’t any telegraphing to see it coming.

It’s certainly a strong ability, but viola isn’t op. Using that form is actually really difficult because you have to use 3 Bs in a row. That means you can’t grant your team any barrier for 12 seconds. You more mixed abilities are much easier to set up.


I see viola as somewhat having 2 paths: her damage/disruption path, and her boosting and cleansing path. This is because of how you have to play her. Good violas I usually see mainly only using B and constantly popping the slow/sleep, or mainly using A. It’s hard to sit there and set up both paths because of the way you have to use 3 back to back, so it’s better off just using one ability or the other primarily, and building your playstyle around that.

Yeah sleep and cleanse are best part of her ult. Mortal wounds are good, attack speed melody ok.

Have you seen a CP Viola using tempo melody?

Turns any basic attack hero into a saw for a couple of seconds.


Yeah, imo in regard to viola playstyles you have a lot of choices. As a captain you should use cleanse and sleep in teamfights, but dissonance is a very useful tool in smaller engagements and certain cases where you don’t have time to get 3 A/B, you can throw down one more B and have a decent impact right away. There are just certain cases where the cleanse/sleep won’t do a lot, and in those scenarios mortal wounds is reliable.

The Cooldown effect I find is almost never worthwhile as a captain, there are situations (great for taking objectives with WP carries). In smaller skirmishes I find base damage outways buff, and in larger fights with crowd control being thrown out you want to deal with that (Cleanse), or get down crowd control of your own (Sleep). That said, it can be insanely potent with CP, but currently there is no place for CP/Utility Viola on the map, next patch when she gets the CP autos and support I’m going to be spamming it top lane.

I believe you, but i struggle with Viola and her tunes so i havent managed to see the best of her. And havent played against many either this patch.

Didn’t the new patch drop today? o.o

Also there’s no point in blocking the drowsy effect. Best to time it and block the sleep if you can, because she can reapply drowsy AND sleep even if blocked.


Weird. I got an update for the client in the playstore today o.o. Unless that was one I somehow missed lol.

There was a point update for 4.8 several days ago. Not sure exactly what it fixed. That was probably what you got a notification about.

I’d expect 4.9 this week – either today or tomorrow, if they follow past practice. But no official announcement so far.

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I mainly use her attack speed when we’re capturing a objective like a blackclaw


I haven’t really got the cleanse to work, mainly because it requires setting up. If you have to cleanse yourself + allies from a stun or a silence you can’t set up first, and even from any other cc effect you don’t have time to set it up. So unless you’ve got it ready, which requires either some very good awareness, specifically not using your B, or a large amount of luck, it’s basically useless.

I’ve yet to experiment with her, so far I’ve been playing her just as a CP carry, but I may try to mess with a Hybrid CP/Cap build.

Her carry support build is way easier since you mostly use your AAB/ABB combo the most. And once in a while the AAA/BBB can be done (usually when you completed/use your first ult in a team fight.)

Thats why I would recommend people learning to play her as a carry support rather than full support.

And after the newest buffs to her, more the reason to play her as secondary (lane) support. Shes just as strong like our jungle support, Inara.

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Newest buffs?


AAs now are cp based and they lowered a little bit of her cp ratios as a readjustment for the AA change.

Buffed the A and B projectile size and I think speed too.


Her A and B got both projectile speed and hit boxes increase.

Honestly the biggest buff imo is the 2% health relations increase on her barrier. 5-7% is pretty crazy increase, that’s more than 30%.

Her CP utility should be useable, but both her B, and mortal wound Ult lost CP ratio to compensate for the perk. I think what the perk will mostly do is allow her to lane. I personally plan to spam CP Viola top with a build something like:

Halcyon Chargers, Alt Current, Dragons Eye, Crucible, Rooks Decree. Broken myth maybe? Capacitor plate could also be good.