4.12 Balance Changes

My opinion

First off is Baptiste. I haven’t played in months but I know for a fact that Baptiste is at the pinnacle of being balanced. I can already see it, he becomes strong and then they’ll nerf him into the ground.

Next is Varya. Lol Idk why they would nerf her when she has no presence in the higher tiers for a while now. (I forgot that most of the playerbase is lower tier so mb) And as the Ability-focused Varya elitist, Im sad. But this is my nitpicking.

Third is Viola and her ult. Instead of nerfing the ult back to back, simply just put a scaling cap. They killed off all the original roamers that had the stats of a carry (when built like one) but Viola is the last that is viable and broken as one. Easy fix (probably not).

Last is this…


I bursted out laughing when I saw this. I just couldn’t. He a smooth boi. He on that skin care routine to achieve that almost a blur look :potoo: :lyra:

The rest of changes were ok but some like Baron or Flicker just wasn’t what they needed to bring them back to the limelight.

Anywho. To those who still play. GLHF

Also I edited my post to be less negative upfront for a new thread so do tell if it somewhat looks better or not.

2% lifesteal increase for Ozo? Lol devs trolling now


I realized that its a variant of Crimson Shin

Splashart Difference


i played baptiste at lot the last time i played (about 4 weeks ago maybe?) and he was already perfect? the bad mojo was a bit bad at clearing minion waves sure, but when you used it empowered it was a huge punishment to out of place laners. and the healing was already quite noticeable. im not sure why they felt the need to buff him, i don’t remember many other people playing him but i’m sure my winrate wasn’t that bad

At least my favorite monkey is getting touched for once…
The very minor changes definitely aren’t gonna fulfill their intent to make him more played tho lol. They’ll make some impact on his performance, even if they won’t really be noticeable, but they don’t fix any of the inherent problems he has that make him an uncommon pick in the first place.

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I think the problem lies on his B and how his A works instead of his perk. He can easily get killed while using B so there’s really no point in using B at all, especially late game.

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Ye. He has bad wave clear but what makes up for it is his sustain from minions which most laners dont have until late game. The buff is probably to push people away from building him tank and more towards glass but if they nerf the tank aspects of him, then his carry path will suffer.

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As much as I love him, he honestly needs a rework or a ton of buffs at the very least imo. His kit worked fairly fine back in the 3v3 days when he was released, but when the game shifted to 5v5, the main problem of his kit, his extreme weaknesses to CC and burst, became much more prominent seeing as there’s more sources of them with 2 more enemies than before being present. Plus his sustain and burst niches are outdone by other, more meta heroes, so he really doesn’t have much going for him.


Loving the +1 armour +2 shield on Baron. I’m sure that’ll be super helpful.

But like… why though.


I actually like the changes, even if some of them are meaningless they at least didn’t buff already strong heroes like SEMC did with kinetic multiple times. I’m glad to see the nerfs to Kinetic.

At first I assumed you were off again on your update versions, but this time it’s Rogue :laughing:


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Also Shin’s hero portrait looks SOOOO out of place compared to every other hero

As a CP mage he was underwhelming, the buff won’t break any of his current build paths but rather make better the weakest of them.

I beg to differ. All the matches I’ve seen with him is his Tank path in the EU and a few less with CP.

WP way worse than since since he become a melee sustain which the meta doesn’t really favor and the only time I do see him is in a 5 man party. Not really seen soloq.

All I’ve seen are tank or wp, I haven’t seen CP Baptiste in ages. I can’t even recall when was the last time.

Ozo needs an overdrive on b to block movement impairing effects. That way, ozo can get some power as a warrior without getting cc smashed. Think of it similar to what Rona has on her ult.

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Except that you can run from rona. Ozo’s B is telegraphed and it’s main source of damage. Doing so would leave absolutely 0 counterplay and would just delete any squishy without offering even a minimal opportunity for survival.

Viola nerfed. Time to cry
But let’s celebrate to no nerfs for lyra and malene.

Then remove fortified health from his b, ps and stacking intensifies.