4.12 Balance Changes

I would change it so that his B only blocks impairing effects during the first bounce, not the second and third bounce.

My solution would be to give it CC immunity but reduce the damage heavily. Especially the third bounce AoE damage. Make the A the main damage dealer for CP instead like how WP Ozo is currently.

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That would take away why Ozo is unique in my opinion. His B suited his character, it’s just not a good ability.

Update 4.12 patch notes are out. Ringo’s skin is legendary!!!


Another unimpressive patch:

  • new skins (2 of which are really quite ugly)
  • “super sales” again
  • 3 whole bug fixes
  • some random balance tweaks

There’s nothing here to attract new players and nothing to tempt former players to return, imo. Meanwhile, the launch of Wild Rift marches ever closer …

I really hope Rogue has bigger plans they’re keeping under wraps. Otherwise, it’s GG when Riot finally step into the mobile space.


“We Are Listening. Good Times Ahead. ^_^” :+1: x75

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They probably do, but are acting conservatively given the state of the game. I’m not sure what the correct move here is: release a roadmap that breathes a little life back into the game, but that will be next-to-impossible to follow through on, or continue on the same path that will almost certainly condemn the game to irrelevance while keeping up a modest revenue stream. Even if a roadmap was released, it would probably be something for the bean counters, which is exactly what players hate.

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It is a good ability imo. Its just that it was never suited for a 5v5 mode where everyone has CC. Nor It was ever adapted or changed to suit 5v5 when the Sovereign Rise came out.


I like how every hero change is commented besides Bap and Varya, even the devs couldnt figure out an explanation behind those changes.

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This is an issue with a lot of heroes… they were designed for 3vs3 and halcyon map, don’t forget that initially SEMC didn’t think for a moment about another map (maybe outside some fun modes) and 5vs5. So everything was especially designed and tuned for 3 players vs 3 players and the specific map they had. With 5vs5 release they only tuned numbers while they needed to do a total rework of heroes to make them work good in that new environment and dynamics behind 5vs5 battles.

As for the changes, the best one imho is the varya nerf - roflmao. :smiley:

Not to be negative, but imho VG is already not a factor in the mobile space and MOBAs in general (no matter if we look as a whole, because you know… VG is competing vs LOL on PC, or we look strictly at mobile). No matter what they do, LOL WR will take the last players left in VG that search for more LOL like experience that the other mobile MOBAs currently offer (tho they are fun on their own tbh, even if more mobile friendly oriented).

P.S. That ringo skin is legendary… hahahah :laughing:

He is somewhat balanced, however his CP path (And the damage path of almost all utility heroes) is currently never used. He is only played at a high level as utility, and even that is rare. Being used as very situation counter pick is not balanced in my opinion. This will improve his CP path, while keeping his balanced utility path intact.

It doesn’t actually keep his utility path intact since you buy cp infusions with it. Also while full cp baptiste isnt really played, building a spellfire then full utility isnt that uncommon so overall a pretty good buff to a hero that needed none.

I’ve been a big proponent of this idea for years, but there’s a big difference between being used and being effective. I find cp baptiste needs like only one thing which is a buff on minion dmg, and maybe +1 range on his A and B, but his damage was fine, and in fact a little high once you reach full build. Yes between items he was somewhat weak but so are a lot of other cp heroes. But they aren’t balancing around what heroes are capable of, just the meta, so this is the end result. (And yes he has to do more work as cp and his abilities are largely defensive as cp anyway but none of this changes or addresses that, nor should it imo.)

Oh nononono. His CP wave clear is heavily tied to his perk. Yes it barely does any damage but when your empowered and you start off the game with two crystal bits, you can half the minions health with a single A.

The only time this actually becomes a problem (un-empowered ability damage) is when you’re being pushed back into turret and denied farm. And the minion scaling surpasses your should be level and items.

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lol true. I forgot about the empowered difference. See what I mean lmao.

Its +2% for Ozo’s perk and not +2% lifesteal… There is a big difference.

That would push CP Ozo probably to far.

I miss the old times where you could stun Ozo mid air but he will still finish his Acrobounce jump and deal damage.
But no, SEMC removed it… Its really sad, good bugs who nobody really hurt get fixed and extrem bugs like the chat problem get ignored for 2~3months till they start to announce that they working on it.

The update is up now, atleast in the app store (ios).

Yeah, available for Android too.