CP Viola is really strong

Viola is the only thing that pulled me into playing last patch, and her changes are the only thing that roped me back in this time around. I’ve been spamming her since it dropped, and here are my findings.

Some speculation was thrown around that she would make work as a utility jungle. Due to her lack of self peel, clear speed, I don’t see her as a parallel to Lorelei, and I have been playing her exclusively in top lane.

My first build attempt: :vgitem_halcyonchargers::vgitem_alternatingcurrent::vgitem_crucible::vgitem_dragonseye::vgitem_rooksdecree:

I quickly found that alternating current isn’t valuable unless quickly followed up CP items, and even then it’s not providing as much as it does on other heroes. As a utility top lane you will need to pick up items like crucible for the team early on, so I dropped Alternating Current altogether.

My second build attempt: :vgitem_halcyonchargers::vgitem_crucible::vgitem_dragonseye::vgitem_brokenmyth::vgitem_rooksdecree::vgitem_capacitorplate:

Maybe it was confidence in the hero, or more appropriate builds, but from here on out CP Viola really popped for me. Her strength comes from two places: early game poke, and a late game AOE. Viola has really great lane pressure because of the high base damage and range of her B. Even 1v2 it’s easy to create space as long as you can keep waves in check, which becomes much easier once you hit level 6. Damage does fall off mid game, especially if you need to pick up a crucible between your CP itemizations, but her second power spike comes around 15-20m as your items come online and teams group up. Viola has always been best in team fights, but it’s impossible to overstate the potency of her Discord ult as CP. The initial hit damage is far stronger than expected, and the DOT can add up quickly. Viola is not going to carry a team, she doesn’t have reliable enough dps or follow through, But as a supplemental damage dealer and utility, she is devastating.

It’s best to sit back and poke with your B as much as possible, gaining stacks of her perk and :vgitem_dragonseye:. Once the fight breaks out you can pop her Sleep :sleeping:, followed by as many Mortal Wounds as possible. I rarely find it worthwhile to use her Cooldown. Despite the CP ratios on the attack speed, unless you are very coordinated the Mortal Wound will do a lot more damage. With a hero like kinetic in close communication though? could be insane.

Finale Thoughts
This is the build I would recommend in most situations after 4 games with her: :vgitem_halcyonchargers::vgitem_dragonseye::vgitem_brokenmyth::vgitem_crucible::vgitem_rooksdecree::vgitem_capacitorplate: Move the Crucible up as needed. Obviously grab some CP before charger as usual.

If you are feeling like going full damage, which has potential if your team already has a robust frontline(but I wouldn’t bring to ranked) these are the builds I would recommend:

:vgitem_halcyonchargers::vgitem_alternatingcurrent::vgitem_dragonseye::vgitem_brokenmyth::vgitem_crucible::vgitem_slumberinghusk: or :vgitem_halcyonchargers::vgitem_shatterglass::vgitem_dragonseye::vgitem_brokenmyth::vgitem_aegis::vgitem_spellfire:

Honestly, playing Viola has made me excited about the game again. She’s so diverse in potential play style, requires a lot of skill, and after the QOL changes just feels good to play. I’m reminded of playing churn when he came out, being mentally engaged the entire time. Hopefully this helps anyone planning to branch out from her (also very strong) captain path.


I don’t play much Viola but I will say that her potential does excite me every time I see her in game. I love wrecking by myself too much but she is a brutal choice for capt whenever I get pushed into it.

I think she has potential as a captain, after the buff her barrier is much more robust.But she relies on your frontline for peel really hard. It’s not that you need a super coordinated team (though that helps), it’s that you will get rolled over unless you have two other frontlines on the team. This is a problem for all backline captains, but Lyra and Adagio can play the sustain game with heals, or just heard engage with their ults respectively, and have some nice peeling tools, and lorelei has way better zoning and hard CC. Viola has a useful Swiss Army knife of tools, but nothing to really keep the team safe when an assassin dives in, or someone gets caught out. Like if your Kinetic over steps and you only just now arrived, the best you can do is cleanse and get one barrier in. To have a real effect she needs to play over long teamfights. Honestly Viola, Cath top, and Grumpjaw jungle would make me so very happy in draft.

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Veeeery true. Omg. I’ve noticed the same thing which is why I don’t play her often, even though I like her. She’s such a late game hero in general that, as you said, it’s pretty much better to go into her as cp and do some damage rather than go in and try to capt with her. But when she comes online…jeez is it hilariously messed up. You can just spam the enemy to death and constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY set up for your team with no effort. I almost feel naughty using her because I feel like she should be somewhat harder to use…lol.

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Whatever they changed with the projectile size and speed on the A and B, also changed her basic attacks.

Her AAs are huge (like her abilities) and are WAYYYY faster than last patch. Its not attack speed but more like projectile speed. (Varyas instant AA or slow like Lyras)

Update on this patch though, people are starting to be more accepting of top lane support Viola.