Corpus: Builds and Playstyle Tips

Baaaaaaa!!! :goat:

Welcome to the forum-built introduction to Corpus! If you’re new to Corpus and would like an overview, feel free to read through this thread. You’ll find builds, playstyle tips, and other resources below.

If you’d like to contribute, please do! This post is a wiki that forum members can edit. Post your builds and playstyle tips! But don’t make it too detailed. The goal is a quick, easy-to-browse overview for players who are new to this hero. You may want to check out our other hero #guides as well!

Hero Details



Enemies in close proximity to Corpus for more than 5 seconds fall into a dreaming trance for 2 seconds. This trance marks enemies, but they are otherwise unaffected until Corpus acts. Corpus’ nightmare goat items & abilities are more frightening while enemies are asleep.


Corpus lets out a shriek that deals crystal damage in a short radius around him, applies a mortal wound to each target and refreshes the dream trance on enemies. Sleeping enemies receive 20% more damage from the shriek and goat power-infused items.


Corpus gouges the target with his spiraled horns and sticks to the target while it moves for 2.2 seconds. Enemies may drag Corpus but cannot free themselves until the duration expires. Sleeping enemies receive 10% more damage from the gouge and goat power-infused items.


Corpus plunges all sleeping enemies (globally) into a waking nightmare, causing them to lose control and attack the nearest ally for 3 seconds. A sleeping enemy with no ally nearby will inflict damage on itself for the duration of the nightmare. Following this duration, all enemies awaken (trance removed).


GILDED HORNS (Weapon Power)

Purchase this item in the Consumables section of the shop, open your “Possessions” and then attach it to the Weapon item of your choice. Gilded Horns will combine with the chosen item, producing a unique basic-attack effect and infusing the item with Goat Power.

CHYRO-WHEAT (Crystal Power)

Purchase this item in the Consumables section of the shop, open your “Possessions” and then attach it to the Crystal item of your choice. Chyro-Wheat will combine with the chosen item, producing a unique crystal-power effect and infusing the item with Goat Power.


Purchase this item in the Consumables section of the shop, open your “Possessions” and then attach it to the Tier 3 Utility item of your choice. Hoof Trimmers will combine with the chosen item, producing a unique utility-based effect and infusing the item with Goat Power.

Other Corpus Resources:

Voice Lines

Corpus Builds

Night Terrors :vgroles_carry: :vgroles_carry_mid:


:vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_halcyonchargers: :vgitem_chyrowheat:

High Cooldown for Repeat Nightmares

Corpus’s main damage comes from abilities, so cooldown is part of any core build. While four clockworks is well over the cooldown cap, building extra lets the enemy know that you know how much stronger you are than them. After the second clockwork, most teams surrender in sheer terror.

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Dream-Piercer :vgroles_jungle:


:vgitem_tensionbow: :vgitem_tornadotrigger: :vgitem_gildedhorns: :vgitem_journeyboots: :vgitem_halcyonchargers: :vgitem_wartreads:

Like a Flash

This build is best out of jungle, where Corpus streaks out of the bushes to lock down and destroy enemies. Multiple boots lets you activate multiple dashes, and never lets enemies predict exactly how or when you will pierce their dreams.

added by @HipsterSkaarf

Is this the real life? :vgroles_captain: :vgroles_carry_top:


:vgitem_nullwavegauntlet: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_echo: :vgitem_minioncandy: :vgitem_shiversteel: :vgitem_hooftrimmers:

Utility and Intimidation

The win condition for this build is to occupy the enemy team with frustrating teamfights while candied minion waves slow-push to victory. Use :vgitem_echo: to repeat cast Corpus’s abilities, keeping the enemy stuck in their nightmares. :vgitem_clockwork: helps to bring abilities online more often and :vgitem_nullwavegauntlet: keeps the opposing captain occupied. Most importantly, minion candy helps your waves slowpush while you engage and lockdown the enemy team. Since you don’t have a :vgitem_fountainofrenewal:, your teammates should carry plenty of :vgitem_halcyonpotion:s to stay topped up during very long teamfights. Playing this strat correctly leads to very long games, as your minions are the main source of objective damage. Often results in surrenders, demoralized opponents, and even uninstalls.

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Corpus Playstyle Tips

Corpus’s damage is amplified by the desire for revenge, so in teamfights, always focus Kestrel first.

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I’m not afraid of you, goat.

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Watch your baaaack, elf-girl.

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Corpus synergizes well with Vox, who has liked goats since he was a boy.

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i think corpus would be pretty awful if they released him with his original abilities

He’d be really interesting. The 5 seconds of close proximity to activate your perk would be the toughest part… but with some sticky CC like Phinn or San Feng, with a :vgitem_shiversteel:, and some defense to survive, you’d get it, then combo your A for 4 seconds of sleep… Then :vgitem_echo: the A for another two. That’s pretty nice. I could see him being a :vgroles_carry_top: or :vgroles_captain:, most likely.

They really should release him for a week just for fun. Only in casuals. :kraken_happy_t2:


I honestly would love to see this, I want to be a Corpus main for a week.
Maxbob one for all could be fun too :happy:


wait is the dreaming trance the same as ‘sleeping’?

I think so. The abilities descriptions make it sound the same. :samuelangry:

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even so his b ability letting his enemies position him is quite awful

How about an event mode with Corpus and Maxbob?

Has anyone been using Corpus this latest patch? I think he’s still strong, but I’m not sure what to build. Especially for his early-game power spikes.


I think he’s expected to come out in the first community patch.


Also, DUDE, I feel like I haven’t seen you on here in a bit. Makes my heart happy. :skaarf::skaarf:


Same! I lurk and read every so often, but I got a new gig last November that isn’t work from home (well, wasn’t), so I don’t get much time to do anything VG related.

Congrats to you and MsLeb and LittleLeb, by the way!

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