4.13 Balance Notes

I have to say, I really not feeling it with these notes.

Lyra didn’t need a buff at all and to make it worst, her heal has a bigger cd.

Idris WP needs a whole overhaul. Nerfing his already poor A and buffing his B is making him feel not like a two playstyle hero (which is how he originally was) but a variation his CP path but with melee attacks instead of ranged. This isnt it at all.

RINGO NERFED BWAHAHA :joy: Why??? Is he dominating lower tiers that badly???

For the love of GOD, put a CP CAP (for the ult) on Viola already. Nerfing and nerfing is just going to make her overall weak in the long run. Her CP path isnt even as strong as it once was.

My parting words are, there needs to be more changes next time, 56 heros total and only 9 were changed. Okay…


Again. Im have the upmost respect for the balance devs who work hard everyday for this game. Im just putting my two cents and I do know that Im just blabbering without data but somethings just isnt good.

At times like these, I would love to see something like how Blizzards Overwatch does their testing on their PBE. The devs post things that they tested and say why it worked or didn’t. Though I guess VG does do that but only in their small group of testers and keeps it confidential.

Also I wish the API was still up so I can see the reasons why they (heros) might’ve been changed.

If anyone is bothered by my negative rambling, Ill just remove it since this is the start of a thread and leave only the link.


Aside from the fact that I think you’re spot on, that’s really the purpose of this forum – to share your thoughts and let others debate them (politely and respectfully :wink:) if they wish.


I don’t see any BF nerf -_-


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Time to abuse Lyra once again during my break


Idris A got nerfed, hahahahaha, I don’t understand it, he was trash and they nerfed him lol.


Did anyone else notice cheesy balance explanations - “touch the monkey”? “feel the heal”?


Yah. :persevere: It’s hard to believe that Nightwalker actually wrote those, tbqh. :man_facepalming:

Both Blizzard and Riot do a much better job of communicating WHY they’re changing things.

The balance changes may be based on the personal whims of the developers, for all we know. As I’ve said before, it’s hard to take seriously any so-called competitive game that doesn’t have any sort of statistics or even a match history available to the players.


Im pretty sure the heal is back to how it was when she was released. So Im going to start playing her (when I do play with my friends) as a top laner now just because that ratio is so high and going to be cancerous in fights :lyra:

I really liked last patches changes, but these are rather lackluster.

Still, nothing going too much against logic. No kinetic buff : )

I like that in stead of just buffs/nerfs they are actually moving numbers around on heroes. It shows a little more sophisticated adjustment than the pure ratio changes we saw from rogue for a while. I actually like the Idris buff, should give him a little bump, though probably not enough.

2% heal removed. What a meme . Did it really break ozo?

also in so many months no items changes. :slight_smile: but I guess that’s all they can do with VG now.

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I can’t quite figure out what they’re doing behind the scenes at this point … it’s been months and months, and other than fixing the EU chat issue, I don’t know of any substantive changes to the client since Rogue took over development.

It seems like there’s so much low hanging fruit: even just cleaning up the UI graphics would be a major improvement.

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at that point I doubt they are doing anything or plan to do anything with VG really. Not to mention it’s getting kinda late - lol wr is getting closer and closer and the small dedicated player base is moving away from VG.

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I played Ozo before this update with 30% ratio and this patch with 32% ratio. 2% increase of his perk does make him very strong than he should be. His A already gives Ozo some healing and even more with lifesteal. So 2% increase in heal means that 2% increase in his A heal and 2% increase in his lifesteal, so it’s actually heal more than you think

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Really? I gotta try him then before nerfs hit. Which build path/playstyle is viable for him?

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I find the cp path really good. I usually go Eve of Harvest, Aftershock, Broken Myth, Stormcrown, Halcyon Chargers and a defense item. Max B and Ult. You can dive really good with your ult low cd and tanky but not a really sustain damage build. If you want wp sustain then build Serpent Mask, Breaking Point, Bonesaw and two defense items and he should be very tanky.


Thanks for sharing! Will try wp build at top lane today.

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Yep. She back to being top tier captain kicking yates butt behind and shoving catherine aside

Those animations, especially B ability are painful to watch. He has the same ‘cardboard pawn floating in air’ feeling like Shin and Karas. The kit doesn’t look much impressive either.