Thoughts about kinetic this patch

How does everyone feel about Kinetic this patch? In higher tiers he is real strong, almost a 80% win pick. Why has SEMC decided to buff her this patch, knowing that her win rate has been extremely high?
Does anyone has a way to counter her?

Just curios, where are you getting this win rate? Extremely broken heroes have at most had a 62% WR, they have always been hotfixed. I frankly don’t believe an 80% would exist, especially when she does seem that op.

It was just observations in higher ranks, out of 10 matches with Kinetic, 8 of them would result in her win.

She seems op and me too can’t understand the reasoning behind the buff. That being said she isn’t broken and I doubt she even has a win rate higher than 55%.

That’s a very low sample size to take any conclusion out of it.


Omg, it’s an observation, not a full blown longitudinal study. She’s strong, that’s my 2 sense. From what can you conclude she’s OP then?

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She is really strong this patch. I would not say brokenly OP, but defo S tier and possibly the strongest bot laner currently (in skilled hands ofc).

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Her massive B nerf ultimately sealed the her fate for being OP for many patches.

That said, I dont believe shes that broken since the nerfs made her more vulnerable to dive and cc.

Kinetic op? I don’t think so. I can still counter her with malene…

No more API stats anymore. It’s all about the FEELS FAM.


Having counters =/= being balanced.

The reasoning behind the buff is that there is no reasoning.

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TBH she was decent before the buffs in skilled hands, but was not picked that much because she is harder to be played good vs someone like kestrel/gwen/kaine. Otherwise when played good she was defo up there. Right now she is better in semi skilled hands, but really deadly when someone good with her plays her.

And i dont feel so gud