"Karas" Was Blatantly Plagiarized from Onmyoji Arena

credits to a friend, AvalonV (or Zapfur) for pointing this out to me and prompting me to make this thread

Meet Youko, a hero (or Shikigami) from Onymoji Arena (another mobile 5v5 MOBA).

On May 2018, there was a video revealing his gameplay, so he is about at least a year and 7 months old.
Let’s compare Karas’s kit to his. Spoiler alert, besides some minute differences, the entire kit is literally the same(and no, I’m not even exaggerating). Notice how even the descriptions of the skills are oddly similar.



A ABILITY (which has the exact same name)

“to the first enemy unit it comes into contact with”


“becoming a blur and teleporting to the designated position.” <— this one is just… sad


“activates the _____ force, unleashing a flurry of Wind Blades”

FYI, Youko also has an additional passive where his AAs and attack damage increase every time he lands an ability (not shown above), so that is an additional difference between the two heroes. Despite the small differences here and there, I think it’s quite clear that this isn’t a coincidence. Wow, VG has reached a new low. :confused:


At least we now know what “introducing characters from other universes” means for them. Nice way to straight up copy heroes.


Didn’t you expect that one tbh? People here got hyped, but not because of realism, but because of hope… sadly the things turned out for the worse as it was expected really.

Let’s hope lol wr is atleast as half as good as lol… because for me the VG is coming to an end. Not only as a game, but even for me after so much money and time invested into it. It’s not right on my busy life to sit and wait 40+ minutes between que and dodge to play a single game that turns 75% of the time to one sided fest. There are just no players left, I don’t need any statistics to see that, it’s that bad.

This also adds to the many bugs, to the insane lag that is getting worse and worse and now is on a new low, the stale state of the game, the basically missing development and obviously 1:1 copy of other’s game content…


I honestly was expecting a mediocre hero (the usual one for the first attempt of a company that has never worked on this type of games), but I wasn’t expecting them to copy a hero from another game like that. Even the descriptions of the abilities look the same.


Well I uninstalled the game. It’s pretty clear what to expect in future under Rogue management


Ah its been a while since VG was under fire…

The tea is hot today and Im sitting down for some :potoo:

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This is really appalling. It’s clear it’s no coincidence.

Having thus completely blown up their credibility, I am not sure how Rogue recovers from this.


They won’t… it’s pretty clear what direction they will take. Instead of trying and experimenting, improving the game - they plan to just zombie mode it and add rip off content from other games…

This is what they showed thus far and is something that will push away the little players the game got, this will lead to even less interest from their side to do something with the game and the circle will continue.

The sad truth is that the game will die even without lol wr and possible even before lol wr is worldwide available.

The only thing I can hope is that SEMC are the ones that “designed” the hero, but considering it is a blatant copy it is possible that he was put in just a month or two into his development under Rogue. That is seriously not okay and I hope Rogue responds to this. I’d actually advocate for cancelling his release/removing him from the game altogether until he has a unique kit


Despite all the bad decisions SEMC has taken, i don’t see them copying a hero like this. SEMC has always (in most cases) put a lot of effort in their heroes.


Keeping him in-game will just make things worse tbh. Removing him will ATLEAST show that Rogue understand what happened and owns up to it in my eyes


This side-by-side is devastating:


(Sorry, it won’t onebox properly because Vimeo are idiots.)

Source: @jd_ssq on Twitter


One thing I can see being a possiblity (And I know this is a VERY optimistic stretch) is that Kara’s copied kit was a baseline to design around and take inspiration from for a TRULY unique kit, but maybe Rogue thought that was his kit and never knew of the fact that the kit was already a thing in another game.

Again…that’s just me being VERY optimistic which has not done me many favors in the game’s recent past

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Did you watch the side by side vid? Even the visual effects are copied.

No way it’s an accident, I’m sorry to say.


Totally, this cannot be a mistake and is clearly a blatant copy-paste. Also I don’t see this SEMC’s work tbh, with all their mistakes and whatnot, they never did such thing + people forget that rogue is working on the game from the summer. Blah… disappointing, I really wanted to believe that things will move into the right direction and it’s getting only worse vs what SEMC did in the “zombie mode” period.

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True, at least we got some minor balance changes in that period.


and unique heroes when they released them… but let’s be honest, most likely those were the started ones that was not finished and after they finished with them, rogue took the game.

And hero spotlights before updates.

Please don’t get me started with how stuff turns out like this on MOBAs.
For the younger kids out there, LoL was based of DotA. Some skills are indeed copy pasted with minor adjustments. Don’t blatantly flame the devs/company for “copying” because honestly, it is normal for MOBAs.

If that isn’t enough for you, just look how ML “copied” LoL. Was it an issue? Yes.
Did it affect their playerbase? No.

TLDR; stop bringing the game down if you are just whining over one copied hero.

To give proper credit, yeah they could’ve made the description a bit different.

Copying abilities, their descriptions, and their visual effects is NOT the normal method of developing new characters for MOBAs – or for any other legitimate game.

Sorry, try again.

EDIT: As an artist, I’m kind of surprised you’re okay with plagiarism this blatant, tbqh.