Update 4.8 & Viola - Impressions?

Has anyone played her yet? Any thoughts?

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I remember the times when every patch bring ton of discussions in multiple threads and hundreds of posts. :confused:

Didn’t have time to play it yesterday and with that que-dodge cycle that goes for an hour before I play a single game, I don’t really have the desire.

Altho the last patches are really… not that big, not only that they don’t change anything regarding the meta (who remember that they even talk about map layout changes + the netcode fix for the desync? :slight_smile: , but they also don’t introduce big balance changes number wise. There are heroes that obviously underperform and stay as it is for so long. If one want to touch the balance that little, he normally have a game in VG 2.8 state where the game is the same for the next patches, but balanced, everything works (hero, team combinations) and fun.

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I downloaded Vg and played a match with my friends and it was interesting. Her A is a little to hard to hit on a mobile carries such as Vox but for heros like Celeste, its fine as it is.

Other than that, shes more of a midline captain who sometimes needs to get her hands dirty by moving to the frontline as needed but she’s really fun overall.

Hopefully they give her some QoL buffs in the future because as I feel about her rn, her A is a little wonky in team fights.

edit: Vox not box autocorrect >:(


I didn’t know about the update release , I just downloaded the update and my first impression as a captain main is woooow , as someone hates energy management for captains this new hero has no energy problems like I built the recommended build and spammed abilities in practice and it looks like she is one of the no energy heroes , her energy almost the same after I spammed the abilities .

She is so risky but so fun.
I memorised her ult easily and i easily know which combo does which but her A+B+B is utl breaker and does lots of damage.

Get a clockwork. You can spam her ult 2 time in a go. Using them to sleep then mortal wounds. Lots of damage right there. Disrupt their ganks toos.

She is so risky in sense that she is backline most of the time but she dance around the fight. Basically viola is op with her team. On her own she is useless unless CP path. But she does lots hard countering. And to use viola you need to put yourself in the centre of the fight somwtime to fully utilise her ult

Viola is my new main for captain after Lyra. Omg. I am loving non healer hero.


Haven’t played her much but will soon, but have tried her a bit already and she’s fun, love the note managing which isn’t hard much as it doesn’t matter the order just the makeup. It seems like it can be spammed if done well with how you can build up a song while playing a song, luv it