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San Feng



I don’t hate you. I don’t even know you! And in an hour’s time, I won’t even remember you.

Issuing a Move Order:

  • Calm down. No rush.
  • Choose the first to fall.
  • Hm. Not a problem.
  • Hahaha inhale , an arc shield can only cut through cowards.
  • It’s not like they can escape.
  • Of course.
  • Halcyon shimmers in my veins.
  • The sooner the better.
  • By your direction.
  • Just tell me which way they fled.
  • Every step, sure footed.
  • Hm, I’m not worried.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • It’s not me, it’s you.
  • Please don’t run. Just don’t.
  • ‘Til your last breath!
  • Come on. Hit back.
  • I shall not stop.
  • Your loss.
  • I am a Stormguard. I am your misfortune and your despair.


  • Well three blades are better. What if you face three enemies? Surprise! Stabbing for everyone.
  • Button up? I don’t need buttons. Buttons are for the weak.
  • Four of the Stormguard still walk this earth. You nightmares are true, not a joke.
  • Ahhahahaha (evil)
  • Hahhahahahahahaha (evil)
  • Ahhahahahahahaha
  • Hm hmphhmhmhmhmhm
  • Ahhahaha

Receiving Damage:

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • Yes, I’m stunning.

Activating Stormguard:

  • Stop hitting yourself.
  • Lights on mean strike me.

Activating Blast Tremor:

  • Silence.


  • Ugh… ah ung tah
  • Uh! Ah…uwah
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You’re not even close to good enough!

Always the hunt
Your cowardice is sweet to me
Hm, as you suggest
Your bones will make for good powder
Their fear is making me hungry
You’re worth more dead.
The funny thing is I would do this for free.
First time I triggered this axe I ended up in a lake, water is the worst
Hm? My rocket powered axe thing? I didn’t think it would work either!
I smell blood
Cut through bone
Haha, I can track them by their fear
An acceptable trophy
It’s a beautiful day
Ha, barely requires effort
Never rest
If only fortune or glory, I will always choose fortune
Feel the hopelessness
Your mother bears a striking resemblance to… The Kraken. Has anyone ever told you that?

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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Let’s give chase!
  • Onward Murgle!
  • Someone’s gonna get some pollen in their eye.
  • From Earth we sprout. For Earth we fight!
  • I bet they’ll underestimate me.
  • Travelin’ in style.
  • Wait! Let me plant something first!
  • Oh why? Are we going to plant something?
  • I’m not small! I’m just sitting down.
  • I’m gathering sunbeams.
  • Is there… darkness over this way?
  • This is gonna be great!

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • Huh. I wish I didn’t have to do this.
  • Oh I never fear. I grow my own courage!
  • Hehuh, that’s gonna leave a mark.
  • I’ll light up your life.
  • Sparkle pow!
  • Watch shadows melt in sunlight!
  • Sorry!


  • Now tell me the truth. Do my pets look like onions?
  • Tentacle tripod? Um, it’s a lotus throne people.
  • It’s not a stamen! It’s a sprout.
  • Don’t blame me! My pets have minds of their own!
  • Oh eh, you like my new hat? Oh it’s new. Swanky huh?

Receiving Damage:

  • Oh!
  • Aah!
  • Aah
  • Ahu
  • Ah


  • Ouh uh! Now I’m the fertilizer…
  • Uh uhh!
  • Uooh! uh… Ahh…
  • Uh uhu… uhh…
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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Alright. Let’s go.
  • Wait, let’s go this way!
  • Off we go!
  • Great idea.
  • Okay but… let’s run faster!
  • Squirrel!
  • They’ll never ever EVER see me coming.
  • They hide. I seek. Ehe it’s how it should be.
  • Can’t catch me. I’m made of gingerbread.
  • There’s play to be done.
  • This is going to be soo good.
  • Ooo, shiny! [1]

Issuing an Attack

  • Let’s play!
  • Let’s play! (more perky)
  • I wanna play!
  • I wanna play! (more perky)
  • Tag! You’re it.
  • Gotcha! [2]
  • Nyah
  • Nyaah!
  • Boop.
  • Hallo! [3]
  • Hello!
  • Ha!


  • Them catching me? Ehe that’s funny.
  • How often do you come to this playground?
  • What’s a Vain Crystal?
  • Huh. Has anyone seen my pants?
  • HAhahahahahaha
  • Oontz oontz ah ah. Oontz oontz ah ah. Uh uh uhuh meow reow ye! [4]

Receiving Damage:

  • Uh
  • Ah!
  • Unh
  • Ugh
  • Uugh!
  • Ha!


  • Uuh! Ugh… Ah…
  • Daah! Uh
  • Daah! Uhhu

Not In Game:

  • If I kill you, can we still be friends? [5]
  • Oh dear. I think I broke my toy. [6]

[1] This was one of the 5 released voice lines by SEMC.
[2] This was one of the 5 released voice lines by SEMC.
[3] This was one of the 5 released voice lines by SEMC.
[4] This voice line was added in patch 1.4 in correspondence to the release of Kandi Twirl Koshka.
[5] This was a released voice line, but it cannot be produced in game.
[6] This was a released voice line, but it cannot be produced in game.

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Hahaha, oohh
I’ll take a chance
Wait, let me take a quick sip
This is a sure shot
What’s in the gourd? My drink. Makes me popular with the ladies. Gets them all warmed up.
Whoops! Almost spilled my drink
I can do this all day
6 through the bulls-eye
I see, three of them, meh I will shoot all three
By the way, I have a gun
Well if it has to be done
I can’t understand why everyone says I should put on shoes for this?
What, I most certainly am sober, lets go shoot some stuff
Hurry, I gotta get back to the Undersprawl
Oh, I can’t wait
What? Over there? Are you sure?
This brew is making me belch flame, hey I can use that
I can hit that thing, and that other thing, at the same time from here
It’s always the same. They claim I cheated, I said they smelled like stinky cheese, they pulled a knife, I pulled a gun… you know how it ends.
Its not a pony-tail, its like a reverse pony-tail, man I don’t know I gotta keep my hair out of my face for shooting. Leave me alone!
Ha, I don’t miss
You know, shooting is some thirsty work
Is there a point to all this
Might as well be shootin’ tin cans
This is a sure shot.
Ah, let me catch my breath.
Heh heh heh ha, aahhhhh
Uhh uhh uhh, Ha!

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Now time to bleed.

Hey, cover me!

You talk too much.

This better not be a trap.

Where’s the crouch button?

How does it feel love?

Huhuh (grunt)

Bloody hell.


Here comes the pain.

Got it?

From the belly of a dreadnought.

I can make it.


You’re in the danger zone.

There’s no other choice.

Bullets for breakfast.


Bloody fast mover.

They’ll run.

Come on!

Ha, let’s do this!

I’m gonna reach you up.


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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Perhaps this is best.
  • Beautiful things deserve to be cherished.
  • Are you commanding me ?
  • Drifting on the Halcyon.
  • All according to my plan.
  • Walking is so mundane.
  • Why not?
  • Power needs never boast it.
  • Walk ahead of me.
  • Perhaps this is best.
  • Sure. No time like the present.
  • Possibly no, all right yes.
  • They’ll flee before me.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • I’ll go easy on them.
  • Sometimes you have to do it yourself.
  • Unlike me, you are entitled to nothing.
  • Hihihihi, sorry I was distratced watching you flounder. But yes, time to end you.
  • I’ll hold back. It’s more entertaining that way.
  • This is so fun.
  • Each enemy a pawn. Dreaming they’re the king.


  • Ehhehe the joke?
  • HihihihihahaHAHAHA
  • Jokes? It’s your job to entertain me.
  • How rude. My hands are quite normal for my kind.
  • Hihihihi aha aha haha.
  • Ehhehehehe ehhahaha.
  • Well I’m part elder dragon, part beat your ass.

Receiving Damage:

  • Aa!
  • Da
  • Waha
  • Aw
  • Eah
  • Uwa!


  • Haha owh.
  • What? I? Dahoho.
  • Uwgh! Ehhehheh ugh.
  • Dah! How will I explain this?
  • Uwah! Ehhehheh he awh.
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You get used to it after a while.
Rest, it never comes
Its like pulling of a bandage, just gotta do it fast
I will tear you from this world
Never rest, always restless
No peace for you, or me
Gaaah, you nag me enough
Your soul will be emptied
Bring me to the living
Let me escort you beyond the veil
I have suffered enough
Goodness is just make believe
Halcyon compels me
Well, yes it does hurt
This was your mistake
I cannot breathe
Oh it is but a flesh wound
Enter the horror.

Whisper, pray, beg, plead, no mercy for you, I shall not heed.

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Issuing a Move Order:

  • So far so good.
  • Walk command entered.
  • Go mechy go.
  • Yep, got it.
  • Huh. Anywhere’s better than the lower quarter.
  • Oh I’m getting the hang of this. I think.
  • Uhm huh, better watch where I step.
  • Huh. Easier than walking.
  • What’s over there?
  • Coming through!
  • gasp No breaks.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • I could get used to this.
  • So this is what it’s like to be the bully.
  • Ah, eat steel.
  • See my new sword?
  • Oh yea! This is fun!
  • I am all kinds of deadly!
  • gasp No fricking way.


  • If only machines could feel sorry for people.
  • Well, now that I pulled this off, I’m gonna have to start dreaming bigger! Huh!
  • Oh! I wonder if this thing comes in red!
  • What? You’ve never seen a street kid riding a top secret military grade walking death machine before? You must live in a hole.
  • Ahhahaha ha
  • Ahhahahahaha ha!
  • Uhhuhuhum
  • Uhuhum

Receiving Damage:

  • Uh
  • Uh!
  • Uugh!
  • Umph
  • Uuh!
  • Eh


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Do I look mysterious

Lets take a walk down memory lane, but with knives

I thought we were besties

Why am I running if I can do that somersault thing

Wait, have I killed you before

Once I tried to juggle three blades and a minion, it didn’t end well for the minion

Meh, whatever

I can’t find my keys

Blood everywhere

Lets provoke a team fight

You are adorable

I was never here

Its time for you to panic

Blink and I’m gone


Crazy deja-vu

Tell your mom to stop calling me

It takes me 40 minutes to get dressed! And you thought paper-cuts were bad.

Off we go

A for effort buddy


So this mission is a death trap, great

You, egh, stupidface

It slices it dices, it cuts throught tin cans

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Wraaeeh rahr rrr rwr

Issuing a Move Order:

  • Rawrwarw
  • Hrarhaghrr
  • Rwharwrhr

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • Rawrwarw
  • Hrarhaghrr


  • Bleeeargh rrr blrr blrr
  • Rhearhaaw
  • Arhrahgrrh
  • Rawrwarw

Receiving Damage:

  • Hrarhaghrr
  • Rwharwrhr


  • Rhearhaaw
  • Arhrahgrrh

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I go where I’m needed
I’ve a very particular set of skills
Does anyone have a wrench? I gotta use the latrine.
Nothing comes between me, and my children
You don’t want to be on my bad side
Get behind me
I see you Julia
You’re not going anywhere
Is my liquid cooler busted again
This fist, your face
Overclocking was not the best idea
Default settings are for amateurs
Lets test these upgrades
No mercy
You can’t escape me
Get off my lawn
Real men box

Save yourselves…

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Issuing a Move Order:

  • I quite like peanut butter.
  • Yea, the speed of light should be just fast enough.
  • Oo minions.
  • Ah, I’ll ride the light like a breeze.
  • I am my own north star.
  • Wee! I look like a comet.
  • I wish I had a more peaceful reason to be here.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • Bang! Uhhuhuhuhuhuhu. Big bang!
  • Don’t look directly at me.
  • It’s beautiful.
  • There they are!
  • Look!
  • Catch!
  • Isn’t that pretty?
  • Does it burn?
  • Shall we play a game? [1]
  • I seemed to have dropped a little thermonuclear reactor.
  • I could hide, but you wouldn’t get to see me.
  • Step into the light. The light is your friend.
  • This is fun.


  • Yes, it hurt when I fell.
  • Such pretty trees.
  • This is your world, but it is my galaxy.
  • I really am the center of the universe.
  • Star light. Star bright. Eh bla bla bla let’s attack something.
  • Huuh. Just here overthrowing a powerful queen and avenging my mother. No pressure.
  • Don’t make me whip my hair back and forth!
  • I go through soo much conditioner.

Receiving Damage:

  • Huah!
  • Agh
  • Aagh!
  • Uh
  • Ah
  • Aaah!


  • Even stars die.
  • But … who will take my place?
  • Oh … I tripped over my hair.

Activating Solar Storm:

  • Bang! Uhhuhuhuhuhuhu. Big bang!
  • Catch!
  • Does it burn?

Not in Game:

  • Uhhahahaha [2]

[1] Reference to the famous movie quote from “Wargames”: Shall we play a game?
[2] This laugh was at the end of the Moon Princess Celeste reveal trailer

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Where’s the after party?

It’s about time I got famous.

I can’t find an outlet anywhere.

I’m so underground

I’ll beat them to it.

Why are we always running?

I never run from a fight.

I’m feeling so crazy right now.

Did you know if you yell into a minion’s mouth that it echoes?

Nothing but originals.

Let’s mix it up.

My sister should be around here somewhere.

Here we go.

Aw, that hurts!

Hey! Quit it!

It’s like they don’t know we’re gonna win.

Are you hearing this?

Well then, bring it!

I’m so underground

Turn it up to eleven!

Let’s go, gotta wrap this up.


These guys are waaaay too into these crystal things.

And the hits keep coming.


Break beats, break necks.

Muuuute! (when he dies)

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Running from danger only brings it closer.
The world is changing
You won’t get past me
All roads lead to the vain
Take down the weak one!
This battle is bigger than you
I smell prey, this way
The truth of the tooth
These bushes are full of fleas
Better to eat you with
Run wild
Each breath, strengthens me
The Vain belongs to no one
Get that looked at
I’m the fortress
I’ll run around the flank
That’s going to leave a mark
All falls to the churn
My pack is always near
The law of the claw
How do you not smell that
It is more difficult to create than destroy
Speed of light, roar of thunder!
Is that bacon
Learn your place
You may go no further
Stay close!

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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Where is the ancient power breath? Take me to it.
  • Never walk ahead of your axe.
  • Hurry!
  • Forward said the grandmother in the snow!
  • Oh! It’s so hot out here!
  • I crossed the donkey bridge.
  • Silly tree.
  • Hey. I know where I’m going.
  • North is always forward.
  • Vappu! [1]
  • What do you mean calm down? I am calm!
  • Nhahaha inhale , let’s find something good.
  • Too much wandering. Where are we going?

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • My luck comes from iron.
  • I will grease my axes with your fat.
  • I will remove your nose through your belly button.
  • I will pull your brain out your nose.
  • Your insides will be your outsides.
  • Big words don’t split heads open.
  • Bring it.
  • You sure you want some of this?
  • Stand and fight!
  • What? Back again?
  • I’m just swinging these! Just don’t walk into them.
  • We all start out as children.
  • You southerners look funny.
  • Ugh! How do you fight in this heat?!
  • No pain, no vain.
  • There will always be splatter when water is red.

Using Into the Fray/Basic Attacking:

  • Ah!
  • Ho!
  • Hoa


  • I am in control of my anger. Hmm my anger does not control me.
  • My mother was a berserker. Her mother was a berserker.
  • Who took my scout trap? WHO TOOK MY- oh, there it is.
  • All good things… are two sharp blades.
  • We must take things as we find them.
  • Berserker? I don’t even know her! [2]
  • Hahahahahaha

Receiving Damage:

  • Oh!
  • Haaa!
  • Ho
  • Ooo
  • Ha!
  • Ah
  • Agh
  • Aagh!


  • Uh! The brave…live…forever.
  • Big deeds…never die.
  • What? How did that happen? Uhh…
  • Nothing dries faster than tears.
  • To the elders I go.

[1] Finnish word for “First of May”
[2] A pun - “Berserker” sounds a lot like “berserk her”.

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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Heh. Keep running.
  • This is my idea of fun.
  • Just a walk in the park. I mean, the jungle.
  • You go to the jungle. I’ll take the bingo field.
  • I know what I’m doing.
  • Eat my vapor trails.
  • I’m not happy unless I’m going Mach 2 with my hair on fire. You’re writing checks your body can’t cash.
  • Gogoseen [1]
  • Peersu [2]
  • Radar contact.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • I love it when you try to run away.
  • Target locked. Roger that target lock. Fire at will.
  • Learn respect.
  • Closing in.
  • Let’s do something gutsy. Be gutsy on your own time, pilot.
  • You push forward. I’ll push to the sides.
  • Light it up.
  • Fortune favors the bold.
  • Too close for missiles. I’m switching to guns.
  • It’s time to buzz the turret. Standby for back up. Over.
  • I have a bogie on my tail. I got your six.
  • You sure you wanna stand that close?
  • I’m smart enough to pull this off.


  • This suit needs seat belts.
  • Ya I can move, shoot, and chew gum.
  • I know how to break the rules.
  • Rules are overrated.
  • Well, I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Now, it’s gone gone gone. [3]

Receiving Damage:

  • Weesh [4]
  • Umaya! [5]
  • Huh
  • Hua


  • This doesn’t end here.
  • No fear of death.
  • I’ve bought the farm.

[1] Korean slang for “Let’s go quick”
[2] Korean for “It’s necessary”
[3] This voice line was added in patch 1.22
[4] Korean expression for saying “Ouch”
[5] Korean for “Oh my!”
Italicized text represents Baron talking to Skye over voice comm.
The Baron portion of Skye’s voice lines were not added until Patch 1.22, the patch Baron was released.

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I wanna catch butterflies

Slow down and smell the flowers

I prefer to take my time

Eraaaah (when using second ability)

Hahahahaha, it tickles (when stunned)

Something smells fishy

grrrrrrmmmmmrrrrmmm rumbly(?)

None of these merchants sell fish cakes

I would love a good fish brownie

Ready or not, here we are

When is tea Time

Mostly I’m guilty by association

Slow and steady wins the race

Pardon me, exuse me, pardon

Everybody moove

Lets rest awhile we can win later

As long as I’m here i might as well kill you

I’m mostly guilty by association

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My blade is quick… like a blender… on ice crush!


I use my cash on looking flash

I have killed more people than you have met

My blade is quick, but I never make it fast

Mystery is my weapon, beauty is my shield

My blade is fast, but I never make/made it quick

Into… The jungle!

Have you met Phinn?

Stand and deliver!

Have at you!

Keep the gold, but your heart is mine

I never claimed to be a gentleman

I AM a man of taste

Aaah-ha !

I may be a frog, but I have a very sexy ribbit (the sound a frog makes)

Zorro? You mean like the pro laner?

Near is better than far, but it still isn’t there.

Have you see Melene around? Er, no reason.

I have escaped through more than a few battle windows

Huh !

I may be a frog, but I have a very sexy rebbit!

You’re welcome

No use resisting!

I know what you’re thinking - Ouch!

In which way would you most like to die?

Stabbing is so barbaric, I ventilate! (?)

I once was… out of range

There’s nothing basic about my attacks

Tell all of your friends that I love them! (?)

I never follow behind. I am fashionabely late.

Oh, you dare to question me?

I am three moves ahead

Life happens in the chase

Ha !

Do you get my point?


No one can best me


I managed that…twice!


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