Vainglory Heroes Voice Lines - Wiki


Issuing a Move Order:

  • Let’s evolve.
  • Your promises enslave you.
  • All I see are shadows and lies.
  • Just wasting time until the next apocalypse.
  • It doesn’t matter which side I’m on. I’m gonna win.
  • You should subscribe to my blog.
  • Nobody wants the truth.
  • Let the chips fall.
  • Battlegrounds are playgrounds! Have fun.
  • Do you wanna cuddle or do you wanna go win this thing?
  • The Fold would be better off without us.
  • You have to be smart to get it.
  • Guilt. Shame. Regret. Wastes of time.
  • I like my coffee black, like my soul.
  • Society is the mistake.
  • Hahahaha

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • This is as good for you as it is for me.
  • Free yourself.
  • Fear controls you, doesn’t it?
  • That’s it. Embrace your anger.
  • What are you gonna do about it?
  • Come closer. I have cookies.
  • Want me to kiss your booboos?
  • Don’t give up. It’s about to get fun.
  • You know I’m right!
  • You’re just another minion!
  • There is salvation in the dark.
  • Your friends are dead!
  • Whoops! I’m all out of cookies.
  • Just give in.
  • I’m ruining your day to improve your life!
  • Please try it. Oh, please make me laugh.
  • Chaos killed the dragons love. [1]


  • I am very funny.
  • I’m a scholar, not a gentleman.
  • Temptation is as good a reason as any.
  • Some guys just like to watch the world burn.
  • Everyone’s the same once their skin is removed.
  • Children are afraid of the dark, and men are afraid of the light.
  • The truest evil is stupidity.
  • If you can’t handle me at my best, you don’t deserve me at my worst.
  • Forgiveness is a lie you tell yourself.
  • I should not have to explain this to you.
  • Arraigned but never convicted.
  • Don’t believe everything you’re told.
  • Wake up sheepo.
  • Hmhmhmhmhmm
  • Haha!

Receiving Damage:

  • Ehm
  • Uh
  • Aghh
  • Agh
  • Ahhh
  • Dah!
  • Hmph
  • Oh
  • Oghh


  • This proves nothing.
  • Ahh death it is.
  • Too soon.
  • Not here. Not like this.
  • Now I’ve seen the end of war.

Activating Malice and Verdict:

  • Woonyoh!
  • Furisas!
  • Issa!
  • Nawothis!
  • Ehwas
  • Dagas!
  • Urus!
  • Raydoo
  • Pairthrow
  • Kenas

Activating Drifting Dark:

  • Your pain heals me.
  • Doom cloud.
  • Oh, don’t look up.
  • Incoming.

Placing a point in Oblivion for the first time:

  • Look who’s come to play!

Activating Oblivion:

  • Sleep. Tight.
  • Nap time!
  • Look out for bed bugs!

[1] Reference to the quote “Chaos killed the dinosaurs darling” from Heathers, a dark humor American movie.
[2] Reference to the quote “Only the dead have seen the end of war” that is attributed to Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher.

_contributed to by @you
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Issuing a Move Order:

  • Ah, did you see that? What was that?
  • I’ll sweep for targets. You clear the brush.
  • There’s skittering things everywhere!
  • Never stop in a kill sector.
  • The Churn levels here are off the charts.
  • This area should be excavated and studied, not trampled.
  • This will all be gone a generation from now.
  • I wish I knew the history of this place.
  • This thing is fogging up.
  • I don’t sweat.
  • Let’s do something gutsy .” Be gutsy on your own time, pilot.
  • Hahahahahaha
  • Hahahahahahaha (light)
  • Hmhmhmhmhmhm

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • Just targets on a screen.
  • This battleground is peaceful-from thirty thousand feet up.
  • Target coordinates received.
  • It smells terrible in here! I can only blame myself.
  • Get some!
  • I’m all about collateral damage.
  • Nuke it from orbit.
  • I’m gonna watch the replay on that.
  • I appreciate intelligent enemies. Do you know any?
  • Yes, I am wearing pants.
  • Apex of modern engineering and I can’t play Vainglory on this visor.
  • Strange looking minion. Oh, you’re a hero!
  • Focus is good, but kill everything just in case.
  • I’m always in position.
  • I always win the staring game.
  • You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes.
  • I know I’m handsome, but hey! Personal space.
  • “I have a bogie on my tail.” I got your six.
  • “Target locked.” Roger that target lock. Fire at will.


  • This would make a great video game!
  • You think this is cool? I can turn into a car.
  • My rules aren’t meant to be broken. They’re meant to be rules.
  • You should have brought an exosuit.
  • If my visor is down, it means do not disturb.
  • The minions at home are more handsome than these.
  • I’d look amazing in slow-mo.
  • Anyone of these people can teach me this magic thing?
  • Ow ow pinch!
  • Yes. I wear my sunglasses at night. So?
  • There’s no getting rid of this wedgie.
  • It would be tempting to never go home.
  • Camouflage would have been a good idea.
  • Nice-uh!
  • It’s time to buzz the turret .” Standby for back up. Over.
  • I’m not happy unless I’m going Mach 2 with my hair on fire .” You’re writing checks your body can’t cash.
  • Well, I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling .” Now, it’s gone gone gone.

Receiving Damage:

  • Agh
  • Ogh
  • Ooh
  • Ah
  • Aaah!
  • Oh

Death :

  • Face shield was down. Still handsome.
  • Skye will know what to do.
  • I’m smoked.
  • State funerals are expensive.
  • Man down.
  • Ogh.

Placing a point in Ion Cannon for the first time:

  • Casualties happen.
  • You are the killzone.

Note: Italic text is Skye talking to Baron over voice comm

_contributed to by @you


Issuing a Move Order:

  • Spurs aren’t sneaky.
  • Alright gang, move on out.
  • I once rode eight seconds on a dragon.
  • Lemme show you the sights.
  • I always get my mark.
  • If there’s no law around here, it’ll have to be. [1]
  • Saddle up!
  • Circle the wagons!

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • Pew!
  • Pew pew!
  • Here’s the bad news.
  • Let’s not die this time.
  • Looky who’s about to roadkill.
  • Right smack through the eye.
  • I dare you to say something about my mama.
  • Don’t get fancy on me now.
  • Ever looked a dragon in the eye? [2]
  • Kicking your door down!
  • You need some sense talked into you.
  • I’ll give you a headstart.
  • Line up so I don’t waste bullets.
  • HAHA!
  • NHEHA hahahahahahaa [2]


  • I’m in my prime.
  • I’m your huckleberry. [3]
  • I should buy a boat.
  • Just Gwen. It’s not short for anything.
  • I don’t bother if it’s less than a hundred.
  • My trigger fingers are getting itchy.
  • I’m not famous. I’m infamous.
  • I’ll make you famous.
  • Haven’t had much reason to be afraid of anyone yet.
  • Yes, I’ve got some scars and no, I’m not showing you.
  • Word is you’re looking for someone.
    *Heheheha inhales
  • HAhahahaha

Receiving Damage:

  • Ah
  • Aah
  • Aaah!
  • Augh
  • Uh
  • Ugh
  • Hwa
  • Ha
  • Hah
  • Hey!
  • Ooh!


  • Death is temporary. Defeat is forever.
  • You don’t know how to treat a lady.
  • You’ll never be me.
  • One spring loaded casket please.

Placing a point in Aces High for the first time:

  • This dragon’s smile is the last thing you’ll see.
  • I’m finishing the game.

[1] This quote was in the Gwen in game model reveal trailer.
[2] This quote and laugh were in the in the Gwen teaser.
[3] This is a reference to Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. It means “I am the person you are looking for”.

_contributed to by @you


Issuing a Move Order:

  • Uh, never go that way.
  • Stop you moron. You’re headed right for the fighting.
  • So much mud.
  • Pardon me good sirs and madams.
  • Lucy. Harriet. Alice. Ethel. Return at once.
  • I have perfected the symbiosis between master and fairy.
  • Back into the lantern with you… or no snacks.
  • Luckily, fairies are food motivated.
  • Seven, eight, nine. We’re missing someone!
  • Hm. If I was a small brained pixie, where would I be?
  • Such fascinating specimens here.
  • The places I go for science.
  • Aaahahahaha
  • Nhahahahaha
  • Ahaha ahahaha aah
  • Hmmhmhmhmhm

Issuing an Attack Order

  • You!
  • Stay put.
  • Take that.
  • I got you!
  • You have no respect for science.
  • Dimwit!
  • Pea brain!
  • Numbskull!
  • Idiot!
  • Moron!
  • Scoundrel!
  • Fool!
  • Tool!
  • You foolish tool!
  • Out! Everyone out!
  • Go ladies and do not embarass me.
  • I am privy to information your pea brain cannot fathom.
  • You numbskulls are stomping on my research.
  • Please hand your crystal orb to me thank you.
  • If you just get me to the charge crystals, I’ll be on my way.
  • This area is mine by King Catchfly’s royal decree.
  • Don’t you know who I am?
  • How dare you?
  • That’s quite enough haberdashery!
  • Ooh a rare Ruby Skipper fairy!
  • This incessant giggling drives me quite mad!
  • You just crossed… [1]
  • Hi
  • Ah
  • Uh
  • Uhm
  • Nnah!
  • Ah ahaha uhmhmhm
  • MWAHAHAhahaha
  • NHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA hahaha


  • Do you have a flag?
  • Anyone got a light?
  • Soon darlings. Soon.
  • Keep your wings and feet inside the lantern at all times.
  • I prefer the pomp and ceremony of court, but this will do.
  • I’m not accustomed to be kept waiting.
  • I developed this accent myself at university. Do you like it?
  • I hate vegetables so that’s all I eat.
  • Vegetables should be roasted slowly to prolong their suffering.
  • I’ve heard plants can feel pain. Time for some peer review.
  • I claim this land for the Bleekos.
  • I have the acumen of a scientist and the soul of an artist.
  • I will believe in magic when it is tested by the scientific method.
  • Have I told you about my “masters” thesis?
  • Time flies like an arrow, but food flies like a banana! Uhmhmhmhm.
  • I’m an excellent comedian I’ll have you know.
  • Nhahahahaha
  • HMhmhmhmhmhm
  • Ahaha ahahaha aah

Receiving Damage:

  • I am very severely burned!
  • Where’s the fire extinguisher?
  • Guuuys!
  • Uh
  • Oh
  • Oh!
  • Ahh
  • Agh
  • Eeh
  • Eeeh!
  • Egh
  • Dah!
  • Guh!
  • Uuh!


  • For that you shall pay.
  • But my research…
  • My pets shall avenge me.
  • Please care for my little ones.
  • Blame the Meekos.

Activating Binding Light:

  • Shh please. Scientist at work.
  • Quiet. You’ll frighten the crickets!

Activating Fairy Dust:

  • This area is cordoned for research.
  • Cover me ladies. I think I saw a GlassWinged Bubblefly!

Activating Mooncloak:

  • Poof!
  • Hide and seek cheat mode is ready.
  • No more observer effect.
  • Now you see us. Now you don’t.
  • Into the dark we go.
  • You brutes are bumbling all over my experiment.
  • Things are about to get bleek– os.

Learning Mooncloak:

  • No one is in this bush, no one at all.
  • One cannot fight what one does not see.

[1] Unfinished line due to inability to reproduce

contributed to by @you


Watch out!
My coolest move
Truth goes unarmed, but I shall carry a spear
Ugh no
A second moon
I will tell you about heat my friend
What a shame you’ll never reach your potential
Waver my feelings
Follow your fear to the honorable fight
Lost souls wander here
Your children will pay for this violence.
My name is a killing word.
Water in every direction is a terrifying luxury.
The Churn and I are one

It was worth the fight
It is too late for me

And now: I taunt.

_contributed to by @you


Die die!
Eat time!
Hmm thirsty
Kchhkchh kchh kchh
Fart sound
Burp sound


yelp, cough

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Your funeral, my party.
The living are just the dead on holiday.
Life is pain, let me give you peace.
They are coming.
The shades are itching for a fight.
Why run? Everyone finds me… eventually…
All paths lead to me.
Many dead lie beneath us here.
I make contracts, not promises
Many dead lie beneath us here

This is oddly fair…

Lets make a bargain!


Where is your valor now? (taunt)
I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you’re wrong.
My patience is not limitless.
Temptation is human, but so is willpower.
Faith shows the way.
Follow, the light.
The safe path will get us nowhere.
Do not hesitate, the light is on your side.
I see your true face.
Stick to my strategy.
light, be with you.
Make haste, slowly.
Lawful good does not always mean lawful nice.
May the light of the seraphim protect you.
My mace can show the intricacies of this issue to you.
Hmm… I’m fine (near death)
The light… the liiight (death quote)
It was… true all along (death quote)

contributed to by @magnus0


This is the perfect spot for a glass of wine… and a nap.
Yes, its hot in here. Yes, it is just me.
This way, that way… lets just start a fire.
Once I am on a course, I do not steer from it.
I have mosquito bites everywhere!
There is no time for melancholy.
I am, at last, exactly where I should be.

Issuing an Attack Order:
I will choke you with your own ambition!
It’s good to be a troublemaker.
It’s a beautiful day to die! (Possible reference to the song by Glamour of the kill with an identical title. Credit to u/Sick_Flamez)
Explosions are just fires sped up.
Great balls of fire! (A reference to the song by Jerry Lee Lewis with an identical title. Credit to u/Sick_Flamez)
I have the antidote to your cold heart!
Go on then, I am long past fear!
Come and dance with me.
Heat cannot be separated from fire!
Don’t try this at home.
You are far too flammable to be threatening me!
Apply Ice to the affected area. (Reference: )
Don’t run, oxygen makes it worse!
So boring, why not be exceptional?
Unorthodox methods can be so effective!
Watch the pretty sparks!
Only in war do we find ourselves.
I have always behaved, now its fun time.
I will send you to the nether in flames!
Better rub some ice on it

Kill it, with fire (Possible reference: )
Ooh burn! (Reference to Emma stone from the movie Easy A)
It is possible to be a lover and a fighter. (Possible Reference to the kinks: “I’m a lover not a fighter)
I have delayed too long.
I am done craving control, my rage is far more beautiful.
And what about what i want?
Hahahahahahahaha! (Possible Reference to Hank Scorpio’s laugh from the simpsons scene where he uses the flamethrower?)
You should yield to temptation, it might not find you again. (Inspired by the quote by a writer, Robert A. Heinlien “Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again.” Credit to u/Sick_Flamez)
I will not wait forever.
You’re fired, and you’re fired and you’re fired. (Possible Vince McMahon reference?)

Receiving Damage:

No! Samuel needs me!
But it is all left, undone…
Tell Lyra I… I…
So I am consumed…
Not…not yet!

Learning Netherform Detonator:
Let them run
Ring around the rosie.
You all fall down.
(The latter 2 are a reference to “Ring around the rosie” a song about the Black Plague)

Dance for me.


i couldnt really hear what he said in game (idk, VG on my phone plays way greater bg sound then the character’s voiceline), so i found this video

in sequence through the video he said:

Ebbat ikri velshibe ikri etwas(?) = you really want to know all?
Kio ido gekrad
ido ikro ust vod skiv f’ave = our body shall bring death
ikri vli ve shavod = everyone will not escape
Ebbat vod oeda = face the death
kha kha kha kha
vl’oede idam bastad = (you) will face the same fate/end
issa issa
kheh kheh kheh
Ebbat ikri velshibe ikri etwas(?)
Ebbet ikro ido = Speak (/tell) your name
babu edu buvad dlibu feshlu(?)
Ebbat vod oeda = face the death
Edu drovliz ikre skiv gekradaz = All secret worth to be known
vli f’ave ikri bebu
vl’oede idam bastad = (you) will face the same fate/end
heava ov vli ve shui? = darkness will not ???
ido, ikro ido skiv gekradaz(?) = name, shall know your name
vli voda = die!
ebut ikre idat ibuz(?) = we bring life to ??
vist ikre ibuz oeda (?) = these all ??
ikri ide edu idat = we give life/living

contributed to by @Aila


So salty. (taunt)
When do we get to go shopping?
Let’s take the scenic route.
Where did my clamp friend go?
I hate the floor is lava game.
Ohohohoho. (sometimes ohohohoho gosh )
I’m not great at jumping, but I keep trying.
I love sushi, but (?) is just terrible.
Getting lost is fuuuun.
I’m here to help.
If I help, will you give me oranges?
There’s no water at all in this world.
Oh careful, it’s slippery
What am I supposed to do with these boots?
Some of you are not nice.
Do we have to kill the minions?
I have learned not to trust glowy things.
I’ll be back here.
Not… the best… of all possible (death quote)
*Sigh (death quote)

contributed to by @magnus0


If you do not move, I will burn a hole in you and walk through.
Ideals and morals are useless, if you are dead.
So this is the living world. I expected more.
Come closer. Run. Whatever you like.
No one carries me.
Trust me, this leaves very interesting scars.
You are looking particularly conductive.
I am a weapon of war, I have no opinion on the matter.
I do not understand the point of keeping your kind alive.
one one thousand. two one thousand
Storm belongs to no one
I heard your prayers, and ignored them.
Illuminating, but only for a moment.
If you could all hold hands, I could conserve energy.
Let us see if they can dance.
Is there not a more interesting foe?
There is no controlling fury.
Knowledge is power, *laughter
Let’s turn it up to eleven.
What is this? I was promised a fight.
What will come after me? (death quote)

I’m pretty sure that I missed some quotes here, but hey, it’s a start.

contributed to by @magnus0


Welcome to the party! Have some punch.


  • Boom! That’s my philosophy.
  • Ooh ho ho haha! That’s good!
  • I’m not short. I’m concentrated masculinity.
  • I wanna hear your life story, but… I’m busy.

Issuing a move order:

  • Aah heh… ooh.
  • Oof, I’m mostly afraid of heights… Heights, and bad hair.
  • Ooh ho ho Hooo hehe! I’m dying over here!
  • You don’t see dwarves much, cuz we don’t wanna see you.
  • And remember kids, don’t flush your pets. Lots of alligators underground.

Issuing an attack order:

  • THAT should take the fight outta ya.
  • Ka-POW!!
  • One, two!

Unlocking ultimate ability:

  • Up, up, and away!

Taking damage:


contributed to by @HipsterSkaarf


Oh honey…, you wish you were me.


  • I am Princesstastic.
  • I woke up from once upon a dream.
  • Ugh, there’s never a fairy godmother when you need one.
  • When I become Queen, I’m going to redecorate.
  • Oh no… my carriage turned into a pumpkin again.

Issuing a move order:

  • All I need to do is grab a dragon and become supreme ruler of the world!
  • ::giggles::
  • I mean, what idiot leaves a shoe on the stairs?
  • I always end up where I’m going.
  • Do I have to do ev -er -y thing myself?
  • Have you seen Blackfeather around?? Er… Not that I care.
  • No Cinderella story for me.

Issuing an attack order:

  • Did that hurt? good.
  • Ah, terrible. Just terrible.
  • I’m so sorry, did that hurt?
  • You want a tyrannical oligarchy? Because this is how you get a tyrannical oligarchy.
  • Haha, I’ll rescue myself, thank you.
  • Forget running a country. This is more fun.

Taking damage:

  • Can you not?
  • Why can’t people be more nice??
  • You’d better not ruin my dress.


  • Someone, get my fairy godmother!
  • Am I still dreaming?

contributed to by @MacAulay, @HipsterSkaarf


You will be reborn as a chicken.


  • Is this real? I never know anymore.
  • Fast and slow do not matter. Only rhythm.
  • Send me hardship, that I might learn from it.
  • So little time is given to us, yet you waste mine.
  • hmhahahaha

Issuing a Move Order:

  • I will die with honour, you will die with nothing.

  • Above all, never lie to yourself.

  • Perhaps the pen is mightier… I will kill you with either.

  • Before you can defeat me, you must defeat yourself.

  • The true war is within.

  • Look me up in Taizen Gate. If you are brave.

  • You will be reborn as a chicken.

  • One day I will be challenged. Today is not that day.

  • You must always anticipate your destination.

  • Honour and fame are not brothers.

  • I am a true seeker.

  • I would rather fight someone who is better than I am.

  • The easy path leads nowhere.

  • The bill for your mediocrity has come due.

  • If you are not family, you are an enemy.

  • Why do we live, if not to seek perfection?

  • Comfort is the enemy.

  • You are not as intelligent as you look.

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • You fight the way you practice. Poorly.
  • We would not have been friends anyway.
  • Where is your loyalty?
  • This is too easy.
  • Hyuh! Hyah! Hyurah!
  • Zah!
  • I am the Kensei, prepare to die.

Taking Damage:

  • Ugh! agh!

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • Nothing escapes me.
  • The easy path leads nowhere.


  • I will be reborn.
  • I am drawn to the peace of death.
  • Never… admit defeat.
  • I have learned much from you.
  • No regrets.
  • Death is a great teacher.

contributed to by @MacAulay and a little bit by @VaKTaBi



  • Outclassed, and outmanoeuvred.


  • Evil is never overthrown peacefully.
  • I’ve been ready, just waiting on you.
  • Make you move!
  • Want some gum? No? Good, more for me.

Issuing a Move Order:

  • I could demolish a bowl of ramen right now.
  • If there will never be peace, then fight for the right side!
  • Everyone is easy to control if you know what they want.
  • Uh, love, who has time?
  • I took out a churn monster’s eye at five hundred paces with this thing, splatted absolutely everywhere.
  • So much antiquated dwarven tech.
  • I never trip over my hair.
  • My weapon leads me.
  • You want me to be nice, or honest?
  • The total energy of an isolated system remains constant.
  • Optimism is for children.
  • Back off my kills!
  • This is the latest tech, you can’t even buy it yet.
  • This thing is technically in its beta phase, but we should be fine.
  • Aaahahahahahaah!

Issuing an Attack Order:

  • I will outlive you.
  • Cover me!
  • Burn it. Burn it all.
  • Enough nonsense.
  • You insult me.

Taking Damage:

  • hhh-uh
  • uugh-AARGH!
  • ugh!

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • Let’s see what this baby can do.


  • I did all I could…
  • I wish I’d taken that vacation on Archelon.
  • Upload my consciousness!

*contributed to by @MacAulay



  • Hush, don’t breathe.
  • I live with the burden of death’s blessing.
  • I have learned twelve smiles. This is number seven.
  • Everyone bleeds, and everyone lies.
  • hmhm
  • Hahahahahahaha
  • mhmhmhm

Issuing a Move Order:

  • I only go one speed… mine.
  • Death is surrender, life is choice.
  • I’m in murders and excecutions.
  • I’m not lurking. It’s just the hood.
  • I’m always looking for the exits.
  • You’ve lost your sense of smell, my friend.
  • You’re scared? good. you’re ahead of the game.
  • I don’t lead. Stop following me.
  • Too much exposure here.
  • I’ve killed a lot of people, but they were all bad.

Issuing an Attack Order

  • I’m not a fighter. I’m a killer.
  • A butterknife will kill if you push hard enough.
  • Think of this like triage.
  • I know what you’ll do next. It’s my job to know.
  • Your choices led me to you.
  • I hate war. So I kill those who make it.
  • Fragile as songbirds, all of you.
  • Huh
  • Hyah

Taking Damage:

  • Uh


  • We’re not friends.

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • I’m of… three minds.
  • Never be predictable.


  • Everyone… dies… alone.
  • I failed! … I never fail…

contributed to by @MacAulay



  • what I know about humans is: We need a common enemy.
  • I’m not what you’d call… an optimist.
  • There’s a lotta light in this world. I occupy myself with the dark.
  • I did everything with my left hand for a day. It didn’t feel right.
  • Took down two bloodsuckers and a netherwolf on my biggest day.
  • Knowledge is stronger than memory. We shouldn’t trust the weaker.
  • You got your bloodsuckers, and your zombies and ghosts, sometimes valkyries, but I kinda like the valkyries.
  • Spent all morning digging graves.
  • hehe huhu
  • Aaarrhhh!

Issuing a move order:

  • I’d rather go back to prison than hear about your day.
  • Well, let’s get on with it then.
  • Evil hides in this world. Right here among us.
  • If we’re attacked by a mob of angry clowns, go for the juggler.
  • You see, and you act. Thinking is for peacetime.
  • Shoot 'em, stake 'em, burn 'em.
  • Ahh, ya idgits.
  • Gimme something I can shoot.
  • Let’s hunker down, they’ll come to us.
  • hehehehehehe
  • haaahh! hah hah!

Issuing an attack order:

  • Right through the head! Now you can think straight.
  • You scared?
  • One shot’ll do it, But I shoot twice, to be sure.
  • When all else fails, read the instructions.
  • No such thing as immortality. Allow me to demonstrate.
  • If it lives, it can die.
  • These things move quick, gotta move quicker.
  • hah.

Taking Damage:

  • Yaaargh!
  • Hey!
  • D’oh!
  • Aargh!
  • rrr.


  • I got lotsa ammo, whenever you feel like fighting.

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • gonna blow 'em up from the inside.
  • Time for ammo with some kick to it.


  • Time to meet some old friends…
  • Make sure I stay dead!
  • We learn from failure… not success.

contributed to by @MacAulay



  • Aren’t you cold? Brr, I’m freezing.
  • You learn from winning and losing. May as well win.
  • I’m not arrogant, I’m just good.
  • I halt the devastation of humanity and I’m the bad guy? Okay.
  • Alright everyone, gather round. I’m about to say something inspiring.
  • My other shirts are all flannels.
  • This place needs landscaping.
  • Technology is the only way out of this mess.

Issuing a move order:

  • I go where I want.

  • Every pack needs an alpha, I don’t see anyone else stepping up.

  • I’ll go first, obviously.

  • A moose once bit my sister.

  • Calm down, we can always plant more trees.

  • It’s almost moose hunting season.

  • If you stay alive long enough, you get to write the history.

  • Race you to the turret.

  • Life comes and goes. You take it, and then you leave it.

  • If you live right, duty can be an adventure.

  • What’s the hunting like around here?

  • hmhmhmhm

  • hehehahaha!

Issuing an attack order:

  • Do what you gotta do, apologise later.
  • I came here to start a fight.
  • Run away? I think not.
  • You will stay within my reach.
  • For conquest!

Taking Damage:

  • oof!
  • aahh!
  • uuhhh!
  • Argh, what the hell?


  • I ain’t even mad.

Unlocking Ultimate:

  • If this doesn’t work, tell my mom I loved her.
  • It’s raining man.


  • Fight. Never stop fighting.
  • I’m already over it.
  • The souls of the trees await their revenge.
  • I will not see the northern lights again.
  • Honour me.
  • The great moose welcomes me!

contributed to by @MacAulay


Huh, I thought this would be harder.

Putting first point in Ultimate ability :

  • One dash to kill ’em all.
  • This should stop them dead in their tracks.

Idle :

  • Bright lights make me freeze in place.
  • Is there a wisp in my hair? So annoying.
  • Have you heard the legend of Corpus??
  • Hahahaha haha… phew… you’re so silly.
  • The trees whisper, you know. They gossip all the time.
  • Hahahehe hehehe
  • I don’t know why people want to live on the ground, with the acorns and bears.
  • The trees weep. It’s… sticky.
  • How are you not terrified of bears?
  • The wisps are the worst neighbours. They leave their dust everywhere.
  • There are Elkin (Elken?) in other runs too… but they’re not as pretty as us.

Issuing move order

  • What is ‘glamping’ anyway?
  • What do you think I was gonna do? Grant wishes?
  • The jungle is mine. Out of my way!
  • These people should destroy their own stupid land and stay out of mine.
  • Humans only see above ground. They miss so much.
  • What kind of name is ‘Yates’ anyway?
  • I speak the treant language. It goes like ‘heellloooowww’.
  • Never let a wisp do your makeup. They can not color between the lines.
  • My therapist is a squirrel. She thinks I’m nuts.
  • Owh, my stomachs are growling.
  • Tehe-tehe… Tehahahaha!
  • Hehaha.

Issuing an attack order :

  • You are cursed! And I feel sorry for you.
  • The trees are my favourite sparring partners.
  • Your blood will feed the forest!
  • The forest brought the battle to you.
  • That’s it! I had it with you!
  • Hack and slash is my M.O.
  • I will save this land.
  • Hiyah!

Taking damage :

  • Ugh, hey!
  • Awww!
  • Ouch!

Dying :

  • I’m so sleepy…
  • Let me rest… my eyes… for a minute…
  • It’s now you… must defend my forest…

_contributed to by @Tresspasser, @Fushiiied, @MacAulay, @HipsterSkaarf, @thace _