Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer

Niv, how did Malene kit design came to be? How did you or your team finalise those abilties on her?

From a Malene Main :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I wish we have behind the scenes of heroes design , I only remember baptiste in the dev stream chainsaw talked about the reasoning behind creating this hero like his walk and fear , and also chainsaw I think talked about varya Lightning .

My favorite hero will always be Taka but from a game design perspective I like Krul. Taka captures the fantasy better than any character while Krul has clear moments of strengths and weakness. In terms of balanced kit I would probably have to give it to Glaive or Ringo. Their numbers generally receive minimal changes over the years compared to other characters. Their kits are also very simple and easy to balance.


In the game or on Petal? In the game I would say Grumpjaws Grumpy. Its super clunky in my opinion and doesn’t feel smooth at all. As for Petal I would say Trampoline. Its just a movement ability that has no place on the kit. It feels like a cop out to give a minion character a form of escape instead of some way to interact with her munions.


Hmm Sonata is the one who created her. Her theme of being a duo form mage was her base concept. The only major change I remember is her light form B used to apply the shield to everyone and she would be able to fire her auto attack at farther range based on the position of the effected allies. Everything else were just minor changes like sticking/removing cc on to abilities and damage tuning.


Well it was created by KingDingaLing. Who was a streamer and skaarf main. He was hilarious to watch. XD


Who designed Kensei? What do you feel about the rework they made to him? I personally think they should have, at least, tried to balance his original kit a bit more… :frowning:

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Omg… LIGHT B SHIELD TO EVERYONE? And AA range. What would I do to get this malene. But I can imagine this being useful if Malene goes down as captain. Shield to her allies.

Nevertheless, I still her current design and her general. Thanks Sonata for creating Malene.

It was actually not that good and pretty invisible. It was really annoying in some situations but thats it. I think this version is better.

Nivmett, a no longer developer from SEMC, has more communication with the VG community than the whole company itself :confused:


Malene’s kit was originally Lyras soooo…

Lyra > Melon :triumph:


I used to watch his vainglory streams he didn’t mention that , he is so funny , I’ll play with that skin next , I didn’t know he created it .

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Malenes kit was very different from Lyra. 2 different eras lol. Lyra did go though a lot of changes though but none of her abilities were like Malenes.

Oooh thats actually interesting :hushed:

But I mean that back when Lyra was released, someone had said that Lyras kit which was a AoE mage type of kit, was originally supposed to be Melons kit as a AoE mage.

Not the whole new Malene redesign that Sonata had made of being a duo form swap mage…

Someone told you wrong. =P Malene was always intended to be a dual form mage. :slight_smile:


Rip :mask:

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Malene = Melons XD you made my day hahahaha


What are all of the voice lines for flicker and fortress? I cant find them anywhere.

Some lines are harder to come across than others.

Also who are their voice actors?

Most of their voicelines are on the voicelines wiki here if you want to check them out

All of the known VAs are in this thread – Flicker’s and Fortress’s included:

Btw, if you aren’t aware of it, the forum search function is your friend – it’s the magnifying glass icon next to the hamburger menu at upper right :wink: There’s a lot of information here! :sunglasses:

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