Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer

Hey there forumers! Its been too long. I have kept in contact with some of you on the SEMF discord but I figured it was finally time to re-open this thread. Ask me anything I am ALLOWED to answer. For those who don’t know. My name is Nivmett. I am the live balance designer for SEMC. (The guy who buffs/nerfs stuff) Feel free to ask me any questions about gameplay, balance or myself.


Is kestrel’s a suppose to auto lock using the :joystick:

With her glimmers? She has a “lazy lock on” which is she will shoot it where they were standing when you activated the ability.


Is the gold toad dead for good?


I tried Lance’s “NEW” combat roll Weapon Power Ratio and it did no damage.

is it bugged or am i just reading the update notes wrong? I assumed it would do damage to anything Lance rolls through.

I would assume itd not a very high priority at the moment. I am actually not sure at all whats going on with that. Thats more of an art team thing.

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Its the damage on your next empowered auto has the bonus weapon ratio. Only the talent allows your roll to deal damage to things you pass through.


Are you happy with the way defense works now? Is metal jacket being looked at?

More and more people forsake defense succesfully, is that what is wanted for the game?

(You are awesome for coming here :heart:


So defensive items from a design stand point should be build more on tanks and bruisers if possible. You don’t want carries to build it because then you get these weird hybrid tank carries who build 3 damage items, aegis, metal jacket and wartreads. You want carries to build usually 4 damage items by full build to really capture the feel of them. So thats definitely intentional. We are always keeping an eye on defense though and how it effects the game.


What’s you stance on how Turret health and barriers effect on the length of a typical match?

Esports games has been noticeably shorter. Many spectators would like a typical game to be about 25 minutes. give or take.

Was the bonus damage to structures given by ghostwing, nerfed to 15% enough ?


I definitely think games a tad to short but I can’t discuss more than that since that involves future changes. I will say we are keeping an eye on that.


Hey Niv, thanks for joining us in here.

In your experience, do you find matches (in 5v5 especially) tend to suffer from inevitable snowballing in the mid to late-game?

Also, a hot topic at times here is how 3v3 suffers due to hero + item changes which look as if they’re made specifically for 5v5. Can you share any thoughts on that?


Oh my gosh yes. I can’t say what but we have some changes coming in to reduce that.

Funny enough they arent impacted that hard. There are a few outliers but those heroes tend to be counterable much more in 3v3 than 5v5. For example Krul. In 3v3 though things like jungle Skye and petal are viable. Atlas is much more viable. So while it definitely is impacted. Its not as bad as people assume.


Will slumbering husk receive any changes? It’s nearly useless in every situation.
Will Lorelai receive any QOL changes? She’s so clunky to play earlygame as a captain? (Would really appreciate if her B landing time scaled with the distance)
Why was Reza overbuffed?
Will Petal get some proper buffs?
What are your thoughts on Skye? (She’s currently good but just asking)

And thank you for taking your time to answer


I believe this, honestly. Through the whole period of 5v5 being put out for the 2-week test, to now, 3v3 has never felt as if it’s suffered much. There has been plenty of discussion about it all over, but I think a lot of it is also perspective vs experience.

Very exciting! Thank you!

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Thanks for answering here. What do you think about current state of jungle and top? Are there any planned changes, especially to top?

What about the 5 cancer heroes in 3v3. Kestrel,Malene,Celeste,Reza and lastly Fortress. We are forced to pick one of these heores to win games.

Future question
Future Question
He wasn’t he actually has a 50.1% win rate globally. His changes were just to make him feel smoother to play but if he needs correcting next patch I will correct him.
Future Question
I think shes an awesome hero but I wouldnt pick her into every match up. Into the match ups I would like her shes a monster.

No problem :slight_smile:


Its back and forth. I think the major issue the the snowballiness of the game. If that gets fixed top will also fix itself. Future question.

I mean might be wrong but I feel like it’s connected. Junglers don’t have enough reason to go anywhere but bot and sometimes mid. This makes both top laners fighting 1v2 or 1v3 in level disadvantage and without a buff against buffed carry. At the same time the jungler can’t really help the top as he is almost required to get the same amount of lead in their bot. So I don’t think it’s just a snowball issue. Top jungle just isn’t the jungler’s.