Rona - new build

Hey. Lately i have been using a different Rona build from usual. I really wanted to make damage with red mist so i went :vgitem_serpentmask::vgitem_sorrowblade::vgitem_sorrowblade::vgitem_tensionbow:/defence/boots.

With this build your red mist does 1000 damage per second to whoever is within. With armor reduction thats around 600 damage. Joule was op with 600 damage every 3 s and with Rona you can do it every second. I found tension bow 30 percent pierce to be more useful in red mist damage. You can replace one sorrowblad for extra defence if neccesseary.

The build feels good and plays well. You dont really suffer from not building attack speed. Her perk and b activation( increases attack speed) essentially make you feel like you bought it. Your first hits are slow but after you activate your b ability once , you have no autoattack speed problems whatsoever.


I dont play Rona but i am pretty sure you should swap the tension bow for bonesaw, its just a better item in this meta and the attack speed helps reducing her B’s cooldown

I dont know if Red mist applies bonesaw effects and red mist is a wp spell. 10 percent pierce vs 30 for a spell is much worse. When i tried red mist with bonesaw, damage was lower than with tension bow although it did show some trickle wp damage that i didnt understand the source off. My impression was tension bow faired better. Even though bonesaw is really good this patch, this was my reasoning for using tension bow over it.

Isn’t bp a staple because your perk allows you to land more hits and 2 of your abilities do wp damage?

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Well i traded potential damage with consistency. The ult damage isnt awesome IMHO (when using bp). It applies only once per second which means most of time you lose damage when you spin even when hitting multiple enemies. I dont believe in its stacking capability for bp, but that’s just my look on it.

Yes, sm bp bs def def boots is core build for Rona, but this is my new build. :slight_smile:


lol you found the secret for actually maximizing rona’s dive potential instead of following the norm! Lucky you. Most people don’t realize having to stack bp also hinders when she can use red mist effectively after a dive. In fact, the fact that she dives is also why she shouldn’t use bp except as a secondary dmg item. She’s not tanky enough to stay in the fight long and make it worthwhile like, say, a grumpjaw. Especially against multiple enemies.

It depends on match up. A lot of teams in this meta will run 2-3 tanks/bruisers. When you are up against Ardan, Grumpjaw, and Joule, BP Bonesaw is going to be what you want. That said, If it’s viola captain and Reza top, yeah you may want to rethink your build to have more immediate damage.

Here is the thing though, Rona is best into teams with a lot of frontline always, trying to make her work against kiting comps is a fools errand, and is really just compensating for bad draft. So while it may be a better choice, if you are forced to build Rona like this, you should have picked a different hero, Kensei for example, or forgo a warrior all together.

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Very true! Ughhhhhhhhh 3030303030.

I disagree. This build playstyle doesnt differ from vanilla build. The build isnt glass cannon. You dont just jump and spin at enemies. You can effectively fight people with your b ability and aa. The great damage from red mist is just a bonus and makes it easier. Your b gives nice speed boost which allows you to catch carrys like ringo, gwen… (if they have no boots). Large amount of weapon power complements tension bow. Midgame and lategame you can beat grumpjaw, joule 1v1 and lategame possibly kensei( i played against some decent ones they couldnt handle it). Its a decent build. A little bit expensive but hey. I feel it can fare well against balanced teams.