Caine: Builds and Playstyle Tips

“Am I funny to you? Like a clown??”

Welcome to the forum-built introduction to Caine, part of our #guides series! If you’re new to Caine and would like an overview, you’re in the right place! You’ll find builds, playstyle tips, and other resources by clicking the links below.

DISCUSSION: 4.2 | 4.3

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Caine Builds

PEW PEW PEW Caine (:vgroles_carry_bot:, :vgroles_carry_top: )

:vgitem_spellsword: :vgitem_tensionbow: :vgitem_breakingpoint: :vgitem_journeyboots:

:vgitem_poisonedshiv: :vgitem_sorrowblade: :vgitem_serpentmask: :vgitem_bonesaw: :vgitem_aegis: :vgitem_slumberinghusk:

Build Description

This is a VERY bursty build and can absolutely melt any squishy in the late game. His early game is rather lacking, so you need to play safe until you reach level 6 where you can start poking with your ultimate until you eventually get the enemy low enough for an execute. His ability to 1v1 is unmatched, but still requires a bit of skill to use well in a team fight due to the chaos and the fact that you can still be susceptible to CC or dives, so don’t be overzealous! If you play smart and don’t get yourself killed thinking you can 1v5 without proper positioning, then you will be able to rank up considerable easily.
EDIT: Removed Monocle. Learned that his A does not crit which is a big deal breaker for me. You can still crit with his normal AA’s, but you do not have the constant attack speed that Ringo or Gwen has, so it’s not worth it.

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

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Caine Playstyle Tips

Don’t be afraid to use his ultimate as much as possible once you hit level 6! It is a great poking and clear tool since his B just refreshes it anyway.

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

His ultimate and A count towards his B refresh, so you can be as slippery as possible without worrying about your abilities slowing you down. Just don’t miss…

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

Other Caine Resources

Voice Lines

Official Hero Spotlight:

lol ‘PEW PEW PEW Caine’ :kraken_happy_t2:@NinjaBryden I’m liking that build too, but I’ve had some problems using Caine in top lane. He trades really well, but gets a little bullied because of his weak early game, especially if the enemy team is camping.

What kind of comp do you recommend for him, and what sorts of match-ups should he avoid, esp if he’s in top lane?

Avoid matchups with heroes that have high sustain or Ringo since he can easily bully you to death early on, but his Grump matchup is great because of his A combo as well as his perk movespeed buff. I’d say he works great in dive comps or more mid-range comps due to his average poke range/damage, but extremely threatning execute which can definitely secure kills where his team cannot. If the enemy is camping play defensively, but the rest of his team needs to play around it by being more aggressive in another lane while he has the captain rotate up to his lane to prevent his turret from being destroyed.

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@HipsterSkaarf Uuuh I think I broke the thread. The detail hiding is not working properly with the boxed comments :minions_sad_t3:

Um… Is CP Caine a thing? Had this happen in my first game today. Ranked 3v3, NA region, Caine player is t10 bronze.

Probably just had a good game. His CP ratios outside of hos ult are garbage

Fixed it for you. One of your paragraphs in the details was missing the block quote Markdown symbol (">").


Umm no. He didnt need the range increase

Wo hoho! That’s not a bug fix: it’s a straightforward buff to Caine: +10% WP +65 bonus damage per hit (195 in total) and 2 more range. In what world is this just fixing a range bug?

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Wait it was a buff to the ratios as well??

I swear I would love to hear the reasoning behind this from Sonata.

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The best part is that it’s not mentioned in the patch notes. :smiley:


Don’t get me wrong I played him few times and I always forget the combo in team fights , so I think low and mid tiers struggling with him , it’s weird but the Devs probably balancing for low and mid tiers , it’s actually a hard topic when we talk about a hero need skills to be played good , do you leave him unplayable for low skilled players and exclusive for the high skilled or do you lower the skill cap and make him some how op for the high skill players and average for lower skilled players .

Iam against the buff , but I see why semc doing it , I think they going to make him more easier to play especially early game .

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MOBA games are always balanced towards the top tier players, but this is kinda not valid for VG anymore + no real pro scene anymore too.


Then you aren’t dealing the highest damage possible then.

Caine isnt a AA hero sadly :pensive: but it seems that they are trying to push Caine being a Ability Hero…

What do you think his meta builds are for 4.3? Hint hint, add them to the wiki!

Even more? How? The only thing that hero does is spamming abilities. I dont get how people struggle so much playing him, you just tap whatever its available, and with how his B works you are left to either having A/C up or B. The combo isnt even important as long as you tap every ability. This hero is more braindead than GJ.

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Ill add it later.(Lunch Est) Rn im running on 3 hours of sleep.

School Tingz :sleeping:

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