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This forum has a lot of great information, but it’s not always easy to know where it is, especially as a new player. To help fix that, this thread will be a hub to collect and point players to all that good, tasty info.

We’ll be adding to this over time, so if you have suggestions on what should be added, please comment below!

And if you’re looking for a how-to about this forum, check out @DIMTI’s very comprehensive A new user’s guide to the VG Community Forums.

How to Play

:vgroles_captain: Captain
:vgroles_jungle: Jungle
:vgroles_carry_top: Top
:vgroles_carry_mid: Mid
:vgroles_carry_bot: Bot

Role overviews, match progression, and strategies: 5v5: A Year On - Strategy where are we now?

links to be added here; in the meantime, browse #useful-resources for more advanced guides and discussion

Tier Lists


Hero Guides

Click a hero portrait to find builds, playstyle tips, and discussion!

adagio_bw alpha_bw anka_bw ardan_bw baptiste_bw baron_bw blackfeather caine catherine celeste_bw churnwalker_bw flicker_bw fortress_bw glaive_bw grace_bw grumpjaw gwen_bw idris_bw inara ishtar joule kensei kestrel kinetic koshka krul_bw lance_bw leo lorelai_bw lyra magnus malene miho ozo_bw petal_bw phinn_bw reim_bw reza_bw ringo_bw rona_bw samuel_bw sanfeng saw_bw silvernail_bw skaarf skye_bw taka_bw test2_bw varya_bw viola vox_bw warhawk yates ylva