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Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek


Finally a hero with some flavor to him. The last couple of heroes have great designs overall, Anka being a standout visually this year, but they lacked that VG style and charm we saw especially in the starting lineup. This hero would look at home as one of the first 10 heroes, and I’m really excited to see what his kit looks like since he has been in development for so long. I’m hoping for another hero as deep and well developed as malene compared to the slightly shallower stuff we have been getting with these fast releases.


Did the Skooma make you say that?

All seriousness, I do like the design of this hero as well!


I know he is a grangor , my question is why him , why a cat ? , it’s like we have tony and you give us Frankie later , you could give us a mouse like teenage turtles ninjas reference , are you going to give heroes look like cats and dogs so you create cute skins later , grumpjaw and flicker .


Grangors are cats. I’m thinking cuz of how long he’s been around in leaks that maybe he might’ve actually had some lore to him that maybe might’ve related to glaive, other than that guess they just wanted more grangors.


The same thing happened to Frankie , he had leaks and designed as a hero then some how sugar venom and the team decided to replace him with tony , they could replace him with another hero with different story , like you already removed the lore why do you care about connected lore heroes , you can totally ignore and create new things .


Frankie would have been a very very interesting hero, with the look and the skills… heard he got the time control ability…


I don’t understand, Grangor are mythical race invented by SEMC just like river trolls. Seems perfectly fitting to expand on their presence in the game, and add some continuity between heroes.


Why would have? He will more than likely still release.


Where did they say he got replaced by Franky? they are seperate characters that are related in the lore, I’m sure he will still release at some point, certain heroes with more interesting bold kits like Malene take longer to develop.


I think SEMC confirmed that Frankie will never be released, and since we don’t have lores anymore, we don’t know where he goes now.


If possible, could you cite that - I haven’t seen it personally


I can’t now, I don’t even remember where I read it.


They never said anything like that. If I remember correctly, when SV was asked that on one of the Dev streams, she made her answer vague but not certain.

Either Frankie was quickly changed from the gramps model to the youngin model since he was leaked really early.


Like San Fengs old concept, Frankies kit was scrapped and is still in the concept phase.

Just like how Glaive was the only Grangor on the roster until now, the same might happen with Tony since hes the only Dwarf on the roster. We all know that SEMC likes to make a web of hero relations from roster. Ex. Phinn Melon and BF. Arden Vox and Celeste. Ylva and Yates. So on


We discussed Frankie here

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He looks awesome visually and mechanically.

Definitely worth it for being the last hero that SugarVenom has supposedly worked on in terms of voicelines.


Wow, the effects on those abilities :heart_eyes: … Okay, now I’m interested in this guy …

Also: is the next release going to be 4.0?


Damn hell those effects are sweet.

Too bad the same doesnt apply to Magnus


He looks good , he fought kinetic , reim and baptiste , he was able to beat them but they didn’t show him against krul , so i think he is going to be the best gank hero next patch .


You can see the splash art here and the abilities in different language.

He looks decently fierce.

Seems a bit different from the twitter vid.


From one of the streamers, hes a counter-melee with phinn like aspects