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Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek


Please don’t generalize about what other people’s motivations are. Stick to offering your own opinions and don’t assume that you speak for others. Thanks.


It was a joke , hehehe
But I actually want more explanation , why they don’t like this hero , is it the lack of the lore we lost a piece of reasoning to why this not this , I mean I could see it that way , why a cat ? , yeah semc why a cat they probably know why but they don’t tell us why .


To me, it’s quite simple why some dislike this new hero in the works.

  1. There’s no teaser about his abilities.

Unlike the past few heroes we have released, San Feng has his concept art released first before any of his abilities.

This change in pattern is not a big deal, but it noticeable that scepticism is higher.

Teasing abilities first creates more hype because it gives players a visual input on what they can base a hero’s other abilities may be.

I think most prefer this form of teasing because it enables them to speculate more widely (and also complain this is going to be OP and what not, as well as imagining what said component can be used for).

Plus, it has a better surprise factor for some when they are proven wrong by later teasers showing other components of a hero’s kit.

  1. “It’s not human.”

Just further proof of the research Riot Games had done here.

There are players that demand “non-human” characters to be released just about every patch where we had a ‘human’ character released.

This is niche at best.

Even when the demands are met, there is still discontent because these kind of players tend to want very specific ‘non-human’ character designs, each having their own unique reason.

  1. Players are never satisfied.

Vainglory’s community to me, ever since I first joined the OG forums and the subreddit; has always come off as demanding and also unappreciative when things are given.

I’ve seen so many different threads that demand this and that. Most have little to no valid reason other than “I want this. Give it to me.”

Some if not most tend to use “the community wants this” as a means to justify their demands. Again, some have validity behind them, but most do not.

It is by our nature that humans are demanding. San Feng is just one hero in a long line of things SEMC decides to make to meet the demands of their community but also a bit rejected cause humans are fickle as a fiddle.

  1. No Lore, No Go.

Having a backstory nowadays is a selling point for character design. Just see the new Champion Riot released for League. He has one good story I heard and also adds more to the world of Runeterra.

Vainglory only had SugarVenom, and she has part ways with the company on what I consider to be ‘ok’, if not quite, terms.

The impact of the lore in VG and hero appeal from the community’s perspective only really hit home when SugarVenom stopped making them and departed from SEMC. Even then, only a small portion realise this importance deeply and realised SugarVenom’s departure and circumstances that lead to it.

The community at large didn’t appreciate the void that the lore posts fill in between patches before it was discontinued.

Now that it’s gone, characters thay have no lore posts can only be shaped by small blurbs here and there as well as in-game voicelines.

The above paragraph summarises why, if a hero doesn’t have the visual and/or mechanical appeal to players; that hero is generally disliked.


This is entirely my opinion though, so the “take it with a grain of salt” disclaimer applies.

Hope you all enjoyed the read!


Actually theres one clip that shows his Catherine-like barrier that was used on Ylva.


Shhh! It’s a leak. A leak I haven’t seen yet, lol.

I mean teaser to those that don’t seek them in general.



W H E R E ?



exactly, you guys see leaks and don’t post here in this forum? come on now.


Its not really a leak if the SM team accidentally released it to early. But I understand that some people treated it as a leak. And second of all, that same video of the “leak” was posted on a non leak thread a couple of days ago so. :new_moon_with_face:

Thats a know fact. And Im already a known member in the leaks group so why would I post it here??? I saw the post and If he wanted to know I would have PM it to him.

Thank you, Next ~ <3


People always complain how just because a hero is human makes it generic. Well this is a fat animal that knows Kung Fu. Isn’t that a bit stupid and overused? Let’s leave that aside. Look at his appearance. Would you ever guess he has something in common with Glaive if not for being the same species? They look like Ardan compared to Lance instead of Yates compared to Ylva. Well overall the only thing I like so far is that at least he’s not a panda. But being non-human automatically makes it a good hero for some people which I don’t understand.


That’s it. The only reason I need.


San Feng is what I imagine an overweight Khajiit from the Elder Scrolls games would look like. I liked Khajiits. Therefore, I like San Feng. He is the Garfield of Khajiits I have decided.

Honestly, take a look at some races from Elder Scrolls games - there could be some good inspiration from that game for hero designs. There are already some parallels, unintended or otherwise. Phinn is somewhat similar to a jacked up Argonian. Lance reminds me of a Redguard. Anyone?


This honestly makes me want to see a Garfielf San Feng now


Kestrel is an Altmer, Inara a Bosmer.


Rona is a Nord and Ylva and Yates are technologically advanced Skaal.


Martim Walker was a Breton or nord, and the churn is a Daedra.

oh and Skaarf is obviously Alduin.


Samuel is a Nord vampire, Alpha is a dwemer Centurion prototype and Baptiste is a Dunmer necromancer.


Look what I’ve done. You’ve all taken a sip of my moon sugar and are now looking to see who took your sweet roll.

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It’s a grangor like glaive.