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Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek


Hence my number of heroes thread. Not to be salty or anything, but also to be salty.


I heard you liked Mechanoids, and Churn Monsters

Shameless plug is shameless.


He looks like some boring gUiLdMasTeR NPC in some RPG that I need to take some boring side quest from.

Kidding aside (although I wasn’t really kidding), I like everything besides what he’s wearing. That < animal > + Chinese New Year aesthetic is TIRED :sleeping:




So true lmao. Soo true.



Can be remedied with a good skin though.

One day, we will all get skins that we just want to keep using for our fav heroes.


Good thing this is not splash art.


I was really hoping we would get a hero that was themed around a pig. Kinda like one of the disciples that travels with the monk in Journey to the East which had a pig’s visage.


I’m really hoping they make all your heroes into the game bro


I like he the first martial artist hero all the other like tony or ardan are hand to hand but all aided machanically


It’s the concept art, which makes the model for the splash art.


Why it says 3.11 is it confirmed next update 3.11 ?
And why some of you assume he is going to be released like this ? , remember summer party Gwen , yeah the one with black feather summer party splash art , they didn’t release her , it could be a bait like when they made teasers for ozo skin made us think he is getting a rework hehehe , what if this guy a reworked glaive hehehe .


Adagio has a motherly feel too, for me… if you know what I mean. :grin:


They never said a Gwen skin was in work, this is literally the new hero splash art. They even said it.


It’s not though. It’s a character design/concept sheet. Splash art is the finalized, posed character image set in environments that becomes the in-app representation of each hero.

For what it’s worth, I like the look of this hero so far, objectively. It’s a cool design, with nice colors, good silhouettes, and fun energy. No idea what the abilities or model or gameplay will be like, but it’s an interesting design that I think will read well in-game and probably be fun to play. I’m hoping his voicelines are badass.

It’s got a generically Eastern “warrior monk” vibe to it, which I’m a little iffy on, but the warm color palette does a good bit of work to make it less typical, which is nice. I feel more that this hero represents a part of the VG world we haven’t seen much of, and less that it’s a representation of something in our world, you know? It’s a tricky balance for the character designers, and you can see them trying to find that balance through the other concept sketches, which are all less original. Personally, I think it would’ve been cool if they’d gotten even further away by adding futuristic elements (sort of like Glaive, who’s also very warrior monkish, but has a futuristic rocket axe to become less stereotypical). But I’m just a fan of grungy futuristic material culture overlaps, so I get that that’s maybe just not the vibe for every hero. And there’s definitely a group of heroes that aren’t futuristic, and draw more heavily from a Western medieval pattern, like Grace and Lance, and kind of Adagio and Inara, and still feel part of the VG world to me. Maybe they’ll find some good effects for San Feng that feel futuristic with the right particle settings or something.

Anyway, I think the most successful thing about San Feng’s design is that it makes want to know more about him. Really missing the lore for this hero.


Art concept* which is the model they use for the splash art.


You keep implying that the image in question is going to be similar to the splash art. But as @HipsterSkaarf pointed out, that’s just not true. It’s a fairly standard character concept sheet from which the 3d model and textures are developed. Splash art images are generally done after the 3d model and textures are finalized, and the artist will often sketch several ideas for the art director to choose from – that sketch will then be the basis for the final splash art image.


I’m saying that’s the hero’s model that will be use for the splash art, not the same pose of course, but that’s how the hero will look. From that design, is were the in game and splash art are done.


I don’t see anything that is to dislike with this hero. Well, it’s just a sneak peak, it may not be finalized yet. Regardless if it is, why can’t people just be happy we have a new hero #justsaying haha! When SEMC has been releasing humanoid hereos, people complain and ask for non-humanoids. Now that we have one, people still aren’t happy. As I can see it, not everyone can be pleased. But I understand that everyone is entitled to his opinion so I respect that. Well, I’m also just stating mine. Peace out! :dove:


They don’t want an old fat hero , they want a young sexy slim hero , and they probably wanted it a girl who get boobs and butt cheecks bounces while doing the fighting moves .