Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek

wow they release a sneak peak faster than usual. And yes, it is that cat that’s been leaked long ago.

everyone knows how happy I am to see another non human hero in VG :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not exited at all. The splash art doesn’t appeal me.


I think this is just sneak peak sketches

but hey, a non human hero @Guest_78 lol

Interesting… looking forward

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I hope hes a captain.

Everytime they release a captain, they always look protective or bulky. Like Cath Grace Arden or Lance.

I wish they would release a Captain that didnt look like they were a captain .


I saw someone on twitter that commented it’s “shifu plus po” and im laughing my butt off :haha:


How bout lyra, loreal and adagio??

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For people who hate Facebook (as you all SHOULD), here’s a link to the twitter post with a larger image.


They have the motherly feel to them imo… except Adagio

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But the model usually end up being like that, otherwise it wouldn’t have been revealed, and so far my interest to that hero is 0.

I like the looks of this new hero.

I don’t mind if he’s a Captain or Jungler, considering that I can play Captain decently and needed a hero to jungle anyway.

Will have to see his kit to see whether he is worth picking up or not.

Though, from the description saying “…turn his foe’s power against them.”… single target Catherine turned into a hero? Or does it mean a Kensei but scales of damage items?

San Feng is a Grangor and has a large tail… but Glaive doesn’t?

I’m guessing that Grangors are essentially like cats, lol. All have different phenotypings that make them all look different yet are called collectively a single species.


@Guest_78 I’m not surprised if people don’t like the hero just from looks.

Not going into detail why other than quoting the stuff Riot wrote on popularity of champions in relation to the design type being either human or non-human.


Since this sneak peek is quite early into 3.10, does that mean the next patch is close by or is it just them tossing the community a bone for the time being?

It’s not because he isn’t human. In fact Glaive is one of my favourite heroes. But this one is… meh for me. It just doesn’t look interesting to me.

I suspect it’s an effort to maintain interest, and as such, it’s a pretty good idea. It’s nice to see what’s upcoming, tbh.

However, what’s really going to kill this game in my opinion are the increasingly numerous bugs that seriously affect gameplay. As a serious player, I’d much rather hear what they’re fixing than about new heroes.

But that’s just me.


Well, can’t please everyone they always say.

I like Glaive too, but I prefer to not play him because:

  • I’m more effective as a ranged mid laner or laner in 3v3, or as a Captain on some heroes only.

  • I don’t have the capacity to make good on his Afterburn engagements and my angles of attack/knockback are usually off the mark.

  • I prefer to be supporting Glaives and give them all the help they need rather than be the Glaive that get his sorry bit kicked cause no one wanted to engage together when he calls it right.

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I don’t like his design at all. I remember the leaks. Didn’t like him then, don’t like him now. Aesthetically and now seeing the Kung Fu thing around him I don’t like that either. For quite some time I haven’t had any problems with new heroes but this one I don’t like at all. Gameplay of new heroes haven’t disappointed so I can’t talk about that yet but I can just hope he makes up there.


It’s a conundrum I feel.

The player base in general like hero reveals cause they take the simple news and spin it this way and that way, just to do it again when the correct information is revealed.

Bug fixing and things that need fixing, while important; is often overlooked by the community at large.

Who ever mentions the bug fixes they put at the end of an update’s patch notes? Most don’t.

Even when they post things that they are working on stuff that’s that needs fixing that don’t require immediate fixes, most of the communitu just glances through the message and forgets it.

SEMC I feel avoids saying “We working on a fix right now.” unless it is absolutely necessary, such as the three space bar crash bug.

This in my opinion is also good in avoiding things like:

  • Being called out on things they said but have not done yet or could not be done yet.

  • Having to make an extensive list of bugs present if there’s plenty of bugs.

  • Reducing the constant whining or repeated messages asking when a bug or bugs is going to be fixed.

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Maybe my view is biased because of my programming background, but I tend to LIKE exhaustive lists of bugs and their status. Lol.

I realize that publicizing unfixed bugs in a game is probably NOT necessarily a great idea, particularly if they can be exploited to give someone an advantage.

BUT … I do think that it’s important to address some of the major bugs that make it hard to play the game as intended: the auto attack bug, the inability to activate abilities at times (B in particular), the skillshot placement error bug (e.g. Skaarf’s goop). These would be somewhat easier to tolerate if we had some idea that they gave a damn about them and were trying to get them fixed.

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I understand that.

I operate from a viewpoint of having some people in my life that knows coding stuff.

An exhaustive list of bugs is good, but most of its content if not all is for the eyes and ears of those concerned only (most of the time).

Trying to say to a regular person that bug x is present in game is simple, but explaining to them why in an extensive manner is usually fruitless.

Normally, one would think that SEMC could state that they are trying their best to iron out bugs and such.

However, given that update of any program will have bugs in it; I feel like the statement should never be explicitly stated.

The community, at least the vocal toxic ones; have a way of just spamming toxicity and “this game is dead” just by taking words such as “we are delaying this oatch to squash bugs” and berating SEMC for their flaws.

I always wonder how these kind of people don’t realise that at the end of the day, the devs are only human and words can hurt.

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