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Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek


Translation of the San Feng’s kit from the video (which is in Portuguese) gave me this.

Note - it’s google translated, so take it how you will.

  • Heroic Perk: Iron Soul.

San Feng health is completely Fortified for 2s whenever he casts an ability.

  • A ability: Tiger’s Bridge.

San Feng adopts a counter attack stance and his next basic attack launches him to his target, dealing bonus crystal damage. He is invulnerable during the wind up and is immune to CC during the fortification. If an enemy hero inflicts damage during this time, his basic attack becomes reinforced and stuns the target, dealing additional 150% of his bonus crystal power.

  • B ability: Divine Fist.

San Feng accumulates Ki before unleashing a powerful explosion in front of him, dealing crystal damage.

  • C ability: Master’s Lesson.

San Fen meditates, and draws in enemies within his proximity before unleashing a series of blows around himself that damages and stun enemies before knocking them away from him.


Not what I expected, but he seems like a nice lane bruiser or jungler.


Oh, we just got this.

Essentially, it blocks CC during the fortification duration for this ability specifically it seems.

It also reflects negative effects during that window, which encompasses both abilities and items.

You can see this in CopyCat’s twitter vid post.


What the nuts is going on hahahaha?


thanks for posting @Orikson, im excited!!!


It looks like Chainsaw did the splash art for him.


The full artwork. Screenshot from the Portuguese YouTube vid that showed San Feng off. This post is made for the convenience of readers basically.


  • Very nice.
  • He looks like he can smack you with any part of his body and still kill you.
  • The eyes glowing yellow is a nice touch that ties with his overall yellow’ish graphics on his abilities and his Chi.
  • Shi Fun on steroids, lol.


I will say that i was right in my judgment and day i dont like It.


As I said…

Now, everyone’s loving him! I’m super excited myself! :heart_eyes:


I am actually loving the animations, even if I can only guess what the abilities actually do.

Also all I could hear was those damn cicadas in the background of the vid


Full ability descriptions for San Feng. It makes much more sense now.

All numbers are not final though, according to Excoundrel.


Too much base damage… This hero is broken


Yeah, I guess they want to start the year with 4.0, but wasn’t just ready for January. I also think the update will come sooner than we though it will.

side note: the hero defo looks interesting


The numbers are not final, but I also agree that with those he can go full tank with 1-2dmg items max and deal insane dmg + stun chains + whatnot.


He has a cool perk. Oh and cc immunity. I feel so bad that i misclicked and bought Magnus with ice( gotten from level 40 chest) on last day of exlusivity beacuse the ice button was instant not confirm which i accifently clicked. :frowning:

His ult makes people go flying and stuns. He is gonna be fun.


Here’s the teaser for the B ability.

Sounds nice.


Here are San Feng’s Talents.


Rare Talent: Master’s Reprimand.
Description: Master Lesson’s © throws enemies further away from San Feng.
It increases the ability’s damage and reduces its cool down.

Epic Talent: Divine Storm.
Description: Divine Fist (B) slows enemies and the ability has a significantly (more like extremely) lower cool down.
It increases the ability’s damage and decreases the cool down.
Extra - from the video, the Talent at max rank gives the ability less than one second cool down. Therefore, San Feng can remain invincible a lot without ever worrying about energy cause he doesn’t have energy stats. 0_o

Legendary Talent: Attack of the Tiger.
Description: Successful counter-attacks resets Tiger’s Bridge (A)'s cool down.
It increases the ability’s damage and decreases its cool down.
Extra - just like the Epic Talent, this one can make San Feng invincible if enemies keep attacking him while he is in his counter-attack stance, leading to near invincibility and infinite stuns onto of that.

Overall, busted, lol. What did you expect? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Build SM, SSW, BP, Def, Def, HC.

Spam skills for FH due to CD, heal to sustain from SM, stack BP due to WP ratio on all skills.

Because of the FH, stun, and cc immunity, he might straight up beat every melee hero 1v1 right now.


Max stated a problem that will hopefully be fixed.
Feng Pixelated B