[UI] A Collection of Community Suggestions

This thread is a visualization of some community suggestions that have been around for a long time. Note that I don’t speak in behalf of the entire community, nor can I take credit for every single suggestion listen in this thread. It’s a mouthful, so Iet’s get right into it.


I apologize for the not-so-HD pictures. I did it on purpose to make viewing faster/easier. If requested enough, I can replace the current images.

:houses: HOME-SCREEN

A new side tab, an improved profile and news widget, and less-redundant notifications.

The Side Tab

Simpler and reminiscent to the original UI: clean, small, and without text. Tapping and holding a button will fade in text and highlight the icon pressed. Releasing the button will once again omit the text, but the highlight remains.

image image

Profile Widget


The profile widget is now located in the upper-left corner. Cards are back! Unlock cards to complete your collection, and use them as avatars (to be discussed later). Around the avatar is an EXP meter. Pressing the avatar will access the player profile.

News Widget

The widget welcomes you:

  • every first open after an update
  • every time you have a free chest
  • every time it has an updated event

It will close automatically when the home screen is exited.

At the bottom of the widget are your free chests and the current season with a remaining timer. Conjoining chests and news might encourage players to read, and having the pop-up show up only at certain periods of time will prevent it from being repetitive. The widget is purposely non-intrusive, so players won’t close it by habit. Personally, when the “Today in VG” pop-up blocks my way, I close it right away without bothering to read it.

The widget serves as a gateway/teaser/segue for announcements, often offering a “READ MORE” or “VIEW MARKET” button to a more detailed post. It may be used for almost any announcement:

  • New Update
  • Hero Teasers
  • In-game events
  • Glory/EXP/Essence events
  • BIG Sales/Deals
  • Maintenance
  • Social media events

Whenever there is a new announcement, the trumpet will glow and pulsate, prompting players to check it out.

Party Invites & Message Notifications

Honors and reports will no longer show up as a notification, but instead will be shown in the Social tab (to be discussed later).

Although notifications cover a good portion of the screen, there is a convenience to them. However, they can be annoying when they pile up, especially for popular players or streamers, and there is nothing they can do about it.

All pop-up notifications are OFF by default to reduce screen clutter. Party invites will produce the wrang sound, a pulsation in the PARTY icon, and a red bubble near the icon. Messages will produce a separate sound, a minor pulsation, and a red bubble as well.

Alternatively, if you like the pop-ups, you can turn them on in the preferences.

Gift-wrapped Fortress Alternative

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“Today in Vainglory” will now show the summary of an update’s new content, together with a link to the balance changes. This used to be a thing, and I find it very important that they do it again.

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:woman_bald: PLAYER PROFILES

Profiles now showcase a general overview of you, with the focal point being the profile avatar (instead of level chests). You can also now view other players’ profiles, but currencies will be hidden for privacy.

Additionally, you can showcase your main role, main heroes, and ranks. I excluded Blitz because I don’t think being that’s something to be proud of J

Edit your IGN, avatar, and main role and hero by clicking the EDIT button in the upper right corner.

If you are viewing someone else’s profile, you can add them as a friend or invite them to an existing party if you already are friends.

Main Role & Hero

You can have visitors! Let them know what your best role is, together with your three best heroes. This feature is superficial, serving no real purpose other than giving players a sense of customization, kind of like hats and pings.

Editing your main role/hero will swipe the screen upwards (just like editing your IGN would).

Choose your role in the left, and your 3 heroes in the right. You can scroll down to choose any hero you want. 3 main heroes: tap to select, tap again to deselect.

You can only customize this every 14 days (or whatever duration is appropriate).

Here is what it looks like when you’ve recently edited your main role/hero:

Profile Avatar

Cards! Cards! Cards are back! Collect cards by completing certain quests in the all-new QUEST ROOM accessible in the side tab (more on this later). Every card can be equipped as an avatar. ICE Supporters will receive a golden border.


I suggest this idea purely as a cosmetic feature achieved by grinding, but SEMC even monetize it in some way or form.


If you’re VG gold or silver, your rank will glow. VG bronze is excluded.

Level Bar

Excuse you, chests, you aren’t the star in these profiles anymore- and they shouldn’t have been in the first place. The level bar is reduced in size and is located on top of the basic information.

Other Basic Information

Basic information now showcases your heroes, skins, and talents. Karma is moved to the corner where it doesn’t interrupt anything else.

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:clock1030: HISTORY

Your daily matches are recorded here, and will reset the next day. Red, of course, means loss, and blue is victory. Clicking on a match will expand it and hide the other matches.

The expanded match will show you your allies and opponents with their corresponding KDAs. Clicking on their hero/name will open up their profiles where you can add them as a friend or invite them to an existing party.

The History I suggest is only a means to recollect how well you did in a match, and to know who you were with or against. I thought of including really specific statistics like for say, Mobile Legends, provides in-game; but I wanted to pay respect to existing tools like VGPro. So instead, you can click “View More” where the app will redirect you to VGPro’s website.

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:partying_face: PARTIES

Credits to @Gatorrex

His idea


Parties got a revamp! It is now easier to invite and join a party, with features especially useful for streamers and tournament organizers.


Private Parties are the ones we have right now currently: party host invites people from his friends list. Public Parties don’t require an invite from the host, and friends will be able to join it right in the PARTY Tab. We’ll talk about “Join with Party Code” later.

In the right-hand side, you will see all the available parties you can join.

Titles can be made, so players will know what they are invited for. The party’s game mode will be, by default, the title of the party. In the lower right corner of the invite is the game mode- don’t confuse the “public” or “private” as the type of party.

The distinction between public and private parties are their borders and text. Gray indicates private, and its text specifies that you are invited. Blue indicates public, and its text specifies that the party is public.

Whenever a friend makes a public party, you are not notified, but the “invite” will show up right away in the PARTY tab.

Once a party starts queuing or is disbanded, the “invite” will turn red and can no longer be joinable.

Party Codes

When a party is created, you can rename it in the upper left.

At the bottom, you can generate a party code. A button with the code will then appear (for example, eW91cmVtb21nYXtk=). Tap the button to copy it to your clipboard. You can exit the app to share your code in Discord, SMS, Messenger, etc.

As an invitee, enter the code by pressing “Join with Party Code”. Press Paste if the code is the most recent thing you copied.

Leaving the app will no longer disband the party. The host status would be given to the 1st person who joined the party. The party will recognize the player who actually created it, so when the ex-host re-opens the app, he can join his party right away in the PARTY tab (bordered in gold).

Inviting Friends

Profile avatars live in action! Invite players in the right, as usual. ICE Supporters get a golden border and name. Players who are “busy” will be transparent.

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:family_man_boy_boy: SOCIAL

The social tab also got its fair share of polishing.

General Changes

The friends list (left-hand side) now has more breathing space horizontally. The boxes that contain information (IGN, etc.), vertically, are approximately the same as the current.


Friends now display their profile avatars. Click to access their profiles. ICE Supporters are in gold (not shown, oops).

Categories (guild, team, friends) are more distinct instead of being on right on top of each other. Requests and inactive chats are greyed out and will be pushed to the bottom.

“ADD FRIEND” no longer has an identical button with GUILD and TEAM. This is to add a distinction between it and the other two.



A new conversation (unread message) will produce a sound and slightly pulsate the SOCIAL icon. The sender of said message will be “prioritized” and pushed to the top of your list.

They will have a chat bubble icon beside their IGN, indicating the number of texts sent. The “box” containing his info will also be lighter. Engaging with the sender will make their box glow golden, just like it does currently.

A sender can only proc a pulsation and sound once in a given period, so if they are spamming, it wouldn’t be annoying.

The upper portion of the chat is the date.

Each message will be accompanied by the sender’s profile avatar and a simpler “time sent.”

The button to press in order to type a message is reduced to make space for PINGS! Depending on the ones you own, you can send social pings in chat. They proc a sound as well! Hold to intensify the ping, and scroll sideways to choose other pings.

Message Hierarchy

  1. Unread Message

  2. Available (green)

  3. In a Party (blue)

  4. Queuing (yellow)

  5. Busy (red)

  6. Offline (gray)

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:moneybag: ITEMS

Previewing items within the game has been a suggestion for as long as I remember.

Forgive the descriptive inconsistencies in the upper portion. It’s to demonstrate what it would look like with a long item name, 3 stats, and a long description.

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward- it’s basically just the in-game shop. But another important thing about this is it paves way for custom builds!

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:hammer_and_pick: CUSTOM BUILDS

Custom builds are also a highly suggested feature. Click a hero from your bag and proceed to the “BUILDS.”

You will see 3 “builds.” By default, the first two will be the ones SEMC recommends to newbies. But in the example, the first build is custom. You can modify builds, or you can delete them by pressing the X in the upper right of the build. If you, for some reason, want to go back to the default recommended builds, you can reset the whole thing in the upper left.

Pressing modify or creating a new custom build will swipe the screen up.

Above, you can see the item categories. The Tier 3 items will show up in the middle. Purposely there aren’t any descriptions of the items because custom builds are for more advanced players who already know these items head-to-toe.

The bottom is where you create your build. Tap on a slot and then an item. Drag left to right to rearrange. The last 3 slots are extras/alternate items.

In the right, you can rename the custom build and assign its icon. Cancel making the build by pressing the X.

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:scroll: QUEST ROOM

Quests got an expansion! General and mastery quests are accessible in the side tab.

General Quests

General Quests contains the quests we have right now, coupled with 3rd win of the day and Sinister Seven indicators; and level chests.
From time to time, you will encounter a special quest.

You’ll know it’s special when it is accompanied by some sort of art. They work exactly like normal quests, but they drop a CARD upon completion (aside from being slightly more tiresome).


If trophies are a symbol for rank, cards are for quests (in a way). They are a reminder of what you have done in your Vainglory journey. The image shown with the quest is the card it drops. View your cards in the ALBUM section. Cards also have “rarity”. I wouldn’t name it the same rarities as skins, but for the sake of simplicity, they are Common, Epic, Legendary, and Special/Limited.

Any card you get in General quests will be Common, and depending on the occasion, Special/Limited. They will be cards of non-hero related material, such as (but not limited to): minions, treants, turrets, and dragons. Epic, Legendary, and Special cards can be obtained in the MASTERY section.

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:medal_sports: MASTERY (still part in Quest Room)

Masteries now have a redesigned look and can reach up to Level 10. Side note: I recreated these insignia from a game I used to play, Dragon Nest, because I currently don’t have the creativity to make my own oops.


Mastery Quests

In the mastery tab, you will see long list of hero-specific quests. Heroes can only have 3 mastery quests at a time.

Mastery levels 1-5 focus more on familiarity and is relatively quite easy to grind, while 6-10 requires more effort.

Mastery EXP needed to level up has significantly spiked after Level 5. This means that simply playing will give you a very slow pace. Mastery Quests can help with that.

These are vigorous, standard mode-exclusive, and gameplay-specific tasks that provide mastery EXP upon completion. Them being exclusive to standard modes makes it so that spamming blitz doesn’t really count as “mastering” a hero.

Completing special mastery quests (the ones that drop cards) will also have a tiny chance to drop blueprints of that hero. Additionally, reaching Level 10 (which should be very difficult to do) will reward you with a hero-exclusive ping set.
Credits to @HipsterSkaarf for suggesting that.

Editing Profile Avatars

As mentioned a million times before, cards can be used as a profile avatar. In your profile, press the pencil (edit button) near your avatar to change it.


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Accept screen is redone to accommodate the profile avatars.

Anonymity is present in ranked modes.

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:clipboard: SCOREBOARD

The redone scoreboard was inspired by the original scoreboard in the early days of 3v3.

Original Scoreboard

Bounties and CS can now coexist. Although the overall size is the same, its contents are reduced to make space for an additional, yet important variable, bounties.

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:brain: THE DRAFT

We’re almost at the end, my friend.
Draft got a cleaner redo and an additional mechanic.

General Changes

The storm queen is once again the background :heart_decoration:


Picked heroes are no longer contained in a square and will always face the enemy heroes.

Guild/Team tags are now separated from the IGN.

The current status of the draft is now located as a constant in the upper portion of the chat area.

Suggesting Heroes

Got indecisive teammates in SoloQ that ask for their heroes in the last 3 seconds? Or maybe you miss out on a crucial pick because of your incomplete hero pool. Now you can directly pick a hero straight from a teammate’s suggestion.

Softlocking works the same as usual. Clicking on a hero will show it in black and white. To take it a step further, you can press on the SUGGEST HERO button. This will give the ally whose turn it is the option to choose YOUR hero.

From my (Xhaotic) perspective it will look like this:

From spilltheteasissksksksskssksskks’s perspective, she’ll be able to tap on my suggestion to pick Grace right away.



Allies’ skins will now be updated in the draft phase.


AND VOILA :violin: ! That concludes this portfolio of community suggestions. I’m pretty tired at this point, but thank you for sticking with me! This will probably be my last UI thread in a long while.

Despite my current cynicism with SEMC, I have and still do (albeit not as much as before) enjoy their game. And I wish them all the best in their endeavours. :pray: Thanks again for reading!

I’d also like to supplement this thread with my other recent work:
Improving Guilds thread

BYE :raised_hand:


Just a small correction - I’ve been wanting hero (and other VG characters) specific ping-packs for a long long time, but I can’t take credit for the idea to tie them to mastery! Hero Ping packs. Would you use them and other things discussion

Also, :easter_happy_3: :sunny_happy_3: :spring_happy_3: I can’t wait to sit and read this whole thread!


I have no words… SEMC, are you looking this?? Learn from it. :open_mouth:


OK I’VE READ IT ALL. And it’s awesome. Obviously.

Small suggestions - in the hero select lobby, it would be dope to be able to see what skin (and hat and charm) a teammate is choosing, so players can coordinate if possible. Maybe it’s just me, but I like melding with the team that way. Also, small visual typo, I think - when visiting another player’s profile, the edit pencils prob shouldn’t be there, yes? Also also, when expanding the match in your daily history, it’s a little unclear how that expanded view looks in the context of the whole screen (i.e., where the box sits, how it moves/replaces the other content, etc). Also also also, why’d you have to do Rona dirty like that?


OG praise courtesy @Magmaw


Fixed and fixed. Also added the skin suggestion because it was relatively quick to do. Also, thanks :slight_smile:


I see you know your memes :star_struck: Once again a great redesign of VG


I fail to understand why in 2+ years they STILL haven’t hired you to do their UI work.


This is awesome , I don’t know who is working on the UI since kraken left the company , but take notes please .


This is so beautiful and well made, its incredible, and at the same time it’s just sad how the game will never have something like this


Can you like …umm replace the UI team of SEMC …jk… Hoping SEMC actually SEES it …


Omg if only SEMC had your creativity with their UI. Amazing work as always. SEMC needs someone like you

EDIT: I did not even work on this and seeing all the positive feedback makes me feel a lil emotional for you man hecc. Just a little tho


Just gave your post gold on reddit. You deserve it :slight_smile:


Wait…These are just ideas!? You mean this isn’t a preview of a future update?..Oh okay​:sob::sob: I wish Vainglory had all of this from the start.

This thread literally has everything that I’ve been dreaming of for Vainglory to implement. A few idea suggestions though: BORDER FRAMES OVER HERO CARDS IN LOADING SCREEN, DIFFERENT ANNOUNCER PACKS, SCOUT CAM SKINS, LOADING SCREEN BACKGROUNDS, HERO 3-D MODELS IN MENU AND IN HERO SELECT…thoughts?


Honestly. It may be because there just isnt enough resources to hire him

Well, they’re paying someone to do it currently, and that person doesn’t have nearly the skills of our own @Xhaos, so … :wink:


YOOOOOO! OMG THIS IS SOO GOOD! I remember your first batch of UI suggestions. Those were good too! I love the quest tab. Actually I am playing Onmyoji Arena over VG recently just because they have this Quest per hero like “Use skill name 800 times.” It’s really one good way to make players keep playing.



Facts. I also wish they had someone who would be a very active voice/representative of SEMC on the Vainglory social media accounts. He or She would be able to interact with the players and the VG accounts like instagram twitter and even reddit page can get stay up to date and the community can become more connected

I just downloaded Onmyoji Arena the other day … just starting it!


They had such a person. He was let go recently, along with all the other community managers.

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