[UI] A Collection of Community Suggestions


This game deserves more recognition than ML.
The character model quality, UI mechanics, the unique heroes are really gonna floor ML.
One thing I liked about the game is the Free Skin that comes when you reach a certain proficiency level for a certain hero.


I’m really blown back how @Xhaos put way more effort into improving the UI and out-of-game experience as a fan than SEMC has themselves in a long time. They honestly need to try to improve upon them a lot more because they’ve been too barebones for too long imo. Disregarding bugs, aesthetics, and such, the UI really isn’t that good and there pretty much aren’t any things to do out-of game while in queue, nor any reasons to want to open the game to not play, especially due to the existence of external resources.


I think we should send / spam directly to the SEMC email to review this work.


Honestly man im down to take on that responsibility. SEMC doesnt even have to pay me, im just chasing clout​:sunglasses:…:rofl:


I’d just like to say I cannot thank everyone in the forums and Reddit enough for the overwhelmingly positive feedback. I really do hope that this sparks something at SEMC with the slim chance that they do notice this. Thanks once again!


Well,to start,this is wonderful. All of it. I’m not that person to care about any other things than gameplay most of the time,but i know that SEMC needs to,at least,take some aspect of this and implements it. Especially the album parts that they have promised since the birth of Blueprints.
However,the most things that was off for me would be the ‘item description’ part on the ‘item’ tab. That was freaking small. Not all VG players play with tablet. Some play with small phones. There’s a lot of scrolling needs to do if it was that small. I would rather it summoned another tab (akin to VGFire when we clicked am item) since it shows all. However that’s just me with my small phone. It’s also incredibly fine to older players since they know the inside-out of items.
Also,i noticed that you didn’t return the sunlight system,which is a shame. Sunlight system can be a way to look for more profile pictures materials than just the Hero Mastery. They could be the picture in the ‘Lore’ of heroes (hey,Two-Hand Ringo as a profile picture is BADASS) or an entirely new-brand picture or even fanarts. As far as i know,fanarts are only respected by SEMC in the community tab with only some of them being new skins. Well,i’m not a fanartist so this might be out of my bound.
Yeah,this may come as a lot,but i’m sorry if i came out as… well,a pain.


It’s receiving a lot of positive feedback on Reddit, so luckily it will catch SEMC’s attention.


They’re too stubborn sadly. @Xhaos did a brilliant job, the UI team at semc could never come up with anything that is anywhere as good as that. He literally did all the work for them they just have to implement it, but knowing semc’s trend for the past year they’re just too proud and stubborn to take anyone’s advice.


Sadly, you’re exactly right. He did the same thing with guilds over two years ago, and SEMC saw that too (a couple devs told me that at the time) … and guilds got exactly NO attention.


I had to login to like this post. It’s so good. How SEMC missed this perfect things? God damn EdTheShred


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They missed it because it’s not in their (questionable) priority list.

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How bout role selection before match find? Could help players avoid role confusions during draft. Btw Love your stuffs, SEMC should hire u already.


Queues would take forever to find a match, VG doesn’t have a big enough playerbase for that. It’s been a request for… 3-4 years already? And here we are :frowning:


@Xhaos Hats off to you, i was literally crying, <3


hello Xhaos i see you have many idea and i like it. so glorious and awesome. i have 1 suggest to you please forgive me. i have this idea of InGame Drafting Pickings. i just edit this in my cp only becauss i dont have computer. i want to suggest this to you more quality and much better of this. thank you.


Damn awesome stuff, i was just blown away by these edits, and how smooth it all looked. SMECC should just hire you and use this idea already, VG needs improvements and fast (eventhough it wont be that easy).


Though ripped off from some Brazilian FB page, I’m still glad it got more community attention than it did in any other platform (although if SEMC will see it, I doubt it’ll be from FB).

Also, I really like their logo :upside_down_face:


People will shamelessly steal art all day long, it seems. I see it all the time. :rage: