[UI] A Collection of Community Suggestions



and yeah, I’ve seen your concepts getting lots of legs! I’m sure folks at the lair will see it. They might not be able to pop the ideas into the game, but I know they’re interested, and at the very least, it has to feel good for them to see someone like the game enough to put so much effort into a project like this!


Ok I know I’m late to the party but damn that is good. How can SEMC give us the game in the state that it is and pretend it’s fine when the community is so involved and loves the game so much we get someone doing this. SEMC does not deserve their community, and the community deserves way better.


:anger: I’m… quite angry about this. Reposting artwork is one thing, but they straight up stole our logo and have been using it as their facebook and instagram branding, including social media assets and announcement posts.

Been tossing GoogleTranslated anger at them, and they’ll not use it anymore, but are hesitating to remove all the images they’ve already used it in.


Oo I see they have an empty profile pic now. Honestly surprised that they even took it down, but hey, it’s a win.


So, I feel bad because it’s probably just some dude who liked the logo and wants his page to look more professional and for vainglory to do well. But still… you can’t just bite someone’s branding. So I made him a replacement, which is waaaaaay better than he deserves:

If he doesn’t remove all the posts I ask him to, I’m going to blow a fuse.


You went above and beyond than what he should have gotten.

You must radiate kindness from your pores to do this and I mean it in a kind way :cowboy_hat_face:

I would have just given whoever it was a google image to use :mask:


Of all the people whose logo he could have stolen from, he stole from the one who was willing to give him a custom-made replacement. The world works in mysterious ways. :blush:


Update. I’ve been blocked, and they put the original logo back up.


I was going to say that the original logo is better than the one you made it for them , I would block you and use it again too , I would make it the game icon if I were semc .


You wanted them to stop using the logo and remove all of the content that had it because it wasn’t theirs to use and you even went out of your way to provide a replacement then they just go and block you? :okx99:


Nope, just sweet sweet anger.

Also @Xhaos sorry to derail your thread with this. I had a couple people offer to add voices to the request and it looks like the matter’s settled now.


Looks like they’re using Caine’s face as their “logo” now. I wonder why they didn’t just use the logo you made them, but that’s beyond me lol. The derailing is fine. It’s not like there is much to talk about in these kinds of threads :sweat_smile:


That will never happen because they are running this thing just like EA runs its things, if they put a representative, sooner or later it would be blatantly obvious they are a soulless corporation who do not care about their fans. “Welcome to the corporate world, ■■■■, do not enjoy your stay here.”