Should ARAM have talents?

They said prioritizing 5v5, but bring back ARAL is a big wrong, i think they should should delete ARAL forever, and add TALENT system on ARAM.
My opinion, perfect time for playing a match is the time of One for all mode, because mobile moba game with 30 minutes is too much .

Talents should never be added to ARAM


why not adding Tanlents in ARAM?

Its incredible unbalanced with itself plus we need to have some variety with non talent modes.


No for the reasons stated above.
But I will not be surprised if they do.

With talents coming to ARAM it’s playerbase move from it.

I think they are working on making Aram with talents as we speaking but they probably testing Aram popularity before doing it , in their website when they talked about talents they made talents and brawl modes a one thing , I even think that bringing back ARAL was a plan B , plan A was introducing ARAM talent mode to replace ARAL but its probably not ready.

That doesn’t make sense. They introduced ARAM saying it was a tanlentless mode as one of its main characteristics. Giving it talents it’s like deleting the draft mode from ranked.


Man I can type their next patch note on why they making Aram a talent mode , this whole talent chests rewards is a step to make talents main part of the game .

Guys we know how huge you all invested on talents and enjoyed the experience with couple modes , we have exciting news , ARAM is now a talent mode , yep you heard it , starting from update blah blah grab your favorite talent and destroy your enemy in the sovereign’ rise .

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They know it’s hated by the community and what they did ? , they made it a reward for a 200 Xp chests , they already giving you what you hate , ARAM talent mode is coming .

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The difference is that giving talents hurts no one but adding them to ARAM could potentially kill the mode. Adding talents to a mode they announced as special because it had no talents has 0 sense.

Is there a source for this? I know blitz was popular, but I don’t remember seeing anywhere that it was the most popular mode, then became least popular after talents.

There used to be a way to see the number of matches played, which combined with the amount of players and time it required you could have an idea of its popularity.

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Just curious but what backing do you have for your claims? They haven’t officially gave any info or talk of this nor I haven’t seem any leaks about it.

That’s not representative at all… forums and reddit make up such a tiny slice of the playerbase, I wouldn’t use any of that data to make claims about what mode is the most popular overall.

I remember a forum poll from around update 2.2, or 2.3 (pre-talents, which came in 2.5, I think), where Blitz was tied with Ranked (3v3) as the most popular, each with around 30 votes. There were 20 other votes split between Casual, BR, and Gold Rush. Less than 100 votes in the entire poll. It’s interesting and useful to think about, and fine to bring up, but it’s really misleading to give it so much importance, without context, as if it speaks for all vainglory players.

Are you thinking of the vg hours API project, that told players their individual number of games by modes?

Ah, ok. Your post had a typo then. :easter_thumbsup_1: I’d still debate that it gives us a good idea (even if paired with reddit)… It might, but very easily, it might not, because the sizes of those communities are so small. The main point is that your claim needed context. Something like, “Based on a forum and reddit poll, [claim about popularity]” … but it didn’t, so came across as a claim about the entire playerbase.

This statement should probably have a source too.

No, I never used that. That only shows your hours, no way to see the general ones.

Sweet Julia, give me strength. I’m asking you to include a link to that, or quote it, or something, so you can convince people that you know what you’re talking about.


It has 100% relevance to a claim that you made though…

If you don’t have the link, I guess that’s ok, it’s just a video game forum, after all… but you should be up front about where you remember it from, and that you don’t have the link anymore, and try to give other details about what you remember of the conversation. That’s all to assure people that you actually know what you’re talking about.

edit to add: it’s just good practice, whether in academic writing, professional interactions, etc… always give people context, so they can have a more productive discussion with you instead of back-and-forth “how do you know that?” kind of things

If they’re keeping ARAL and Blitz as permanent modes, they’ve catered to the talent lovers enough. If they want to replace one with ARAM, and add talents to it, I’m fine with that but ONLY IF they then removed talents from the one they replace it with. So if ARAL became an event rotation, remove talents from it.