Grace is really a strong in wp path

I really love using her and she can bully all the enemies.

2 wp in early game and smash A, already drains half of enemy’s health and you can snowball + slow and head back to your base or turret.

Tension bow + A = wack a mole. If you can lucky, you can hit the front enemy and the their enemies behind it also recieves huge damage.

And I love how grace can take down glaive, fortress and bully a lot of carries.

I usally love pairing grace with Lyra.

Couple existing threads on this subject:


just like lyra in cp path…

both heroes can captain-carry

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WP Grace is better than captain

that’s really depends on the situation

you don’t want wp grace if your team have no captain
similarly, you’ll pick wp grace( or maybe other wp carry) if your team lack of wp power…

lol wtf is this captain grace you speak of grace only has two build paths one is wp and the noob troll one is cp

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I disagree I find CP Grace superior… So captain +CP and cooldown.

Better damage mitigation better shielding better healing and a lot of damage. instead of just plain damage…


But cp grace requires coordination and timing… you can’t charge however you want but she is really strong in cp

Reason why Grace is meta because of her cancerous WP path who can destroy squishies in lane while pushing lane like nobody, have enough utility in team fights, and deals AOE dmg by just basic attacking…
I beleive if her WP path isn’t good she will be kicked out from the top pick/win rate. Not saying her Captain/CP path isn’t good, but Lyra or Ardan is too strong to think about picking captain Grace.

SB is vastly superior to TB, pair it with TM,TM and your hitting like a truck… TB tail of late game…

Some argue attack speed is needed but I disagree, she’s all about massive burst DMG with that A for me.

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Lyra is banned Grace>Ardan problem solved


This, grace is a strong dmg captain and all of her kit scales with CP. SG CW are core items on her for me. CW combined with the reduction when attacking - great for spam of abilities (thus more shielding and stuns/control) and also for her ultimate.


try double ssw

you can combine it with captain build -> pretty high dmg captain, with ability to spam.

just for casual ofc…

Damn, that Glaive must’ve sucked, or is Grace so op that she can take down cat daddy?

Grace has A Barrier plus B unstoppable stun. When they both build the same Grace will survive longer.

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Like what Xaldarian said…

  • grace has Shield when using A and stun and also heal

Breaking point double tornado trigger Glaive ftw.

People who consistently use TB on Grace tricked themselves into believing that Grace is just an early game poke machine that tries to snowball.

People who play SM Grace realize that she is a stacking machine that is able to protect her allies and herself (defeating the purpose of captain Grace in a way but you’ll still need a captain).

People who play the SB Grace realize that no matter how awfully they get countered they are fine as long as they can get that gold. Funny thing is, since Grace is a captain hero she isn’t supposed to have direct counters. She isn’t supposed to be carrying the game and that is the idea that makes her unstoppable. People who build SB know that they are the carry throughout the entire match. They cripple the enemy laner and when late game comes they cripple the entirety of the enemy team and make that laner she crippled AFK.

She is by all standards OP. The first two builds get heavily punished because eventually they won’t be able to cripple the laner anymore and if they don’t start off by crippling then they become potato. The third build on the other hand, the build that the meta does not accept, because the meta does not realize the true power of this even if it may not be gold efficient. The SB build never makes her be potato. She will still do a ton of damage.

All I wanna say is that her stats shouldn’t have scaling but instead added damage. This would help her captain part and keep TB and maybe even SM Grace the same. All I want is this SB Grace to just go away. It is too difficult to deal with and with that damage reduction its just impossible to out trade her. Best thing to do is ignore her to the point where they tilt (HAHAH STREAMER KNOWN FOR TILTING INSERT NAME). I don’t like her much there are very few moments when a Grace can say “I outplayed you” because 8/10 times she just uses A and chunks your health.

SB grace is weaker than TB grace honestly…
TB grace allows you do bonus damage + her perk.

Imagine, if the enemy team are together. TB grace hits the front line enemy and the whole team will indirectly get the bonus damage from TB grace.

SB grace, not so much. SB grace encourage you to use basic attack more.

TB grace has more advantage. Bonus damage + perk + slow from A. Then you do basic attack. Double slow…

I honestly despise grace mains or people who use grace and they don’t build TB. We lose our advantage the moment they don’t build TB.

My build is usually TB + SB + TM + SG.
Yes i have SG because of B and ult. It works well.

I think you’re letting your imagination get the best of you. The chances of hitting all 5 members with TB Grace sometime in the early game or mid game is quite low and I’m sure TB isn’t the main damage source but instead the two TM you bought are. TB is a jungle item and if you play Grace jungle then ok, but if you’re in lane you are just wasting gold because you will easily be able to purchase a SB or SM after a minute of waiting instead of buying the TB…

TB builds never outperform other builds they are cheap builds that are only effective for a bit of the game to gain some sort of advantage. Or just bonus damage.