Play wp grace to get good grade

WP Grace you may be thinking is one of the most balanced hero in the game. But that is truly incorrect because you, yes you, have been building her incorrectly the entire time. Say bye bye to that TB and say hi to Sorrowblade. Sure it costs a lot of $$$ but it makes your damage go from 100%-200% satisfaction guaranteed. Though this may not be the most comprehensive guide you have ever read, and you may, in fact, be losing brain cells, but you know what that ain’t my problem.

WP Grace is truly a monster mostly preferred in top lane due to her ability to actually shut down melee heroes completely and outpoke range heroes and killing them if you really are a brave and daring soul. There’s a misconception with top lane and that is you’ll always be 2 levels behind the enemy bot laner. Wanna know who’s fault that is? It’s yours. Well maybe, might be your team, and now that I read this over and it most likely your team because they aren’t pushing anything when you are in a 1v3 situation.

But hey that doesn’t really matter that much let us get to the builds:

You want to start off with a Weapon Blade and a book.
You may be thinking why not get the T1 armor item, well you can get that instead of the Weapon Blade. But if you’re like me and truly like to put your presence on the enemy YOU TAKE THAT WEAPON BLADE. The enemy Skye might start emoting and stuff (yeah true story) because she’s poking you but don’t let yourself get poked, use your A and START AA that laner. They will run away and you crippled them so much that they won’t be able to stutterstep and kite you. Once they get under turret just walk back to the lane. You’re going to need some lane essentials by the way: know when to push lane and when to control it. These two things apply to literally everyone who plays lane so master them.

Alright well that was the reasoning as to why you should build those items. Now I’ll talk about what to do during the early game. So in the early game you will most likely be “ganked” by the enemy jungler, just let them take the healing treant it is never worth your life. While they are taking that though go push lane all the way so your minions die to their turret. And back. In this back, by some damage or armor. Take the bears as you walk back to lane because lane will be reset due to the enemy laner being a nub and not pushing but instead doing jungle with the jungler. Do not worry you will only be one level below the enemy laner (2-3) and since you have been playing so passively you are not set up for a gank so the jungler won’t come :smiley:. Alright you’re a cool dudette so go kill em since you have the item advantage or at least freeze lane and then push once your minions have stacked to two minion waves. Your healing treant spawned so take that. Go back to lane and punish the enemy laner. If the minions are not in the center of your lane, go back to base and buy items. At this point the minions should be in the center and you have taken the bears again if your rotations are on point. Poke the enemy laner out of lane, if you have map awareness on the jungle go to the enemy jungle and steal everything, if you don’t push lane and rotate.

This may or may not have been mentioned but at this point if you’re CSing skills are good you should have built many items 6 min in you should have SB.

Well, Grace is an early game hero who starts snowballing hard so the rest is rinse and repeat pretty much until you make the enemy hero delete the game.

I am not the best guide maker so this is my attempt at doing so because I have really gotten sick of seeing all these TB Grace. The final build should be: SB, BP, TM, def items, and journey boots. I’ve have been having success with her and if you wanna look at some stuff just go to the most recent game I’ve had with Grace in 5s rank (ignore pls the games where it looks like I went AFK when truly I just reset the game and quickly came back and my team surrendered for no reason, except the Idris one, enemy bot laner managed to become level 12 really fast). The second recent game is a perfect example of what happens to melee laners when you put them against a WP Grace (against Idris btw, more of me flexing but eh felt good carrying the game super hard, jokes lol, look at the item builds per time of purchase and you can really see the snowballing of Grace). I thought CP was OP but it seems as if WP is very strong as well…


Excuse me sir Imma have to report you and sue you for copyright. I am the only one with authority to make Grace guides :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat:


wp grace is always strong… even op at certain patch

why bother bp? go tb tm tm or sb tm tm… (with barb needle)


wait people build tb instead of sb on wp gravy

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she has AoE weapon damage bc of her perk and with SB it stacks a lot faster than you would think it does. A good A onto an entire team or even just the carry is very good and you have damage reduction so you won’t be dying instantly unless well you’re alone… One TM is actually pretty good and works on a lot of carries like Vox etc, so double TM isn’t always really needed.

if you build TB completely viable but eh you’re sacrificing a lot of your mid game potential with that item, but yes with TB you should go double monacle.

The build that I use specifically though has a lot of early game potential and mid game and stays strong even in late game if you pressured the enemy team into not buying defense bc they don’t have gold.

I’d make a Reza guide bruddah but since he’s meta now and everyone makes guides for meta heroes ;C i cannot so I resort to this much sorry :sad:

yes and i laugh every time I see the red aura around grate’s mace

Don’t build BP, you just go pure crit, she’s never going to be basic attacking at speed… SG/TM/TM watch them run when you hit with that A.


Actually BP works if you are focusing on a more sustainy bruiser build which is mostly viable if you are going lane WP Grace

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agree. SM BP grace is a tanky behemoth

Also if you keep engaging and hitting stuff the added attack speed will lower your A cool down through more auto attacks. If you Dive in with your A on a clumped up enemy team you will gain several stack in one hit. Following up with 1-2 hits will lower your CD significantly and keep your stacks up. When someone wants to fight you head on (bruisers/assassins) you can and will get stacks via them and come out of that fight stronger.

@SideRaiderr have you considered SSW?

Is bp really worth getting over tm when you’re diving carries?

Er no… tension bow is a need on grace especially with her perk… and you do huge damage not just one enemy but many in one go…

I’m kinda mad when WP Grace is meta cause she takes no skill to play. Like just tap your A, tap on a target and keep on tapping till they die, no stutterstep required.


What an interesting coincidence, I played a game against a TB grace who 2 shot me, saw your guide, tried SB grace, was against a Skye who taunted. What are the odds lol

Hm I haven’t really thought about SSW on Grace, it sounds interesting and I can see how it would benefit her but I don’t think its worth it because SB SM TB all outclass it as a first buy. Grace never has energy problems and her perk helps reset her A a lot already so no point in buying SSW because it’ll just result in lower damage.

Does get me thinking though will SM SSW SS crucible SH WT work as a WP tank build? But then again a CP tank build would probably heavily outclass the one I just mentioned.

If you’re going jungle sure get TB it’s fine, if you’re carry you would want SB or SM or else Malene will kite you with her high skill cap.

I second avoiding TB on Grace. Sorrow/Serpents is so much better, mainly because it lets you push waves like a madman. I personally go WP Grace bot with either SB TM TM TM or SM BP TM. Since Grace has amazing waveclear even at level 1, you can shove the wave, steal the enemy treant, shove your lane again and then clear your jungle no problem. Plus, Grace counters most laners simply through the power of AOE splash for free harass on melees or point and click engage which slows and gives you damage reduction. Although you’re not particularly good in teamfights since you don’t have the mobility to dive for extended periods of time, you can do large amounts of bursty damage and you have a bunch of utility. Plus, your towerpush is so powerful, even early on because of her passive bonus damage.

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You can literally kill malene with tension bow… just make sure to target her when she is in light form. Her barrier is small too. Well not kill but yeah. Tension bow on grace in jungler worked fine for me against malene.

100% agree SB,TM,TM is so strong, those follow up attacks hurt as much as the original hit and will chunk ppl down. Throw in armour and Aegis and your a tanky machine…