World Championship 2020

:lol_worlds: 2020 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

When: 25 September - 31 October 2020
Where: Pudong Soccer Stadium, Shanghai, China


  • Play-in Stage: 25 – 30 Sep
  • Group Stage (Round 1): 3 – 6 Oct
  • Group Stage (Round 2): 8 – 11 Oct
  • Quarterfinals: 15 – 18 Oct
  • Semifinals: 24 – 25 Oct
  • Final: 31 Oct

Game version: Patch 10.19 [with Yone & Samira unavailable]

:information_source: Worlds 2020 Primer


:lol_logo_lplnew: League of Legends Pro League

JDG - JD Gaming
LGD - LGD Gaming
SN - Suning
TES - Top Esports

:lol_logo_lec: League of Legends European Championship

FNC - Fnatic
G2 - G2 Esports
ML - MAD Lions
RGE - Rogue

:lol_logo_lck: League of Legends Champions Korea

GEN - Gen. G Esports
DRX - DRX (originally DragonX)
DWG - Damwon Gaming

:lol_logo_lcs2: League of Legends Championship Series

FQ - FlyQuest
TL - Team Liquid
TSM - Team SoloMid

:lol_logo_pcs: Pacific Championship Series

MCX - Machi E-Sports
PSG - PSG Talon (originally Talon Esports)

:lol_logo_lcl: League of Legends Continental League

UOL - Unicorns of Love

:lol_logo_lla: Liga Latinoamérica

R7 - Rainbow7

:lol_logo_opl: Oceanic Pro League

LGC - Legacy Esports

:lol_logo_tcl: Turkish Championship League

SUP - Papara SuperMassive

:lol_logo_cblol: Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends


:lol_logo_ljl: League of Legends Japan League

V3 - V3 Esports

:asterisk: The VCS will not be represented at Worlds this year due to travel restrictions imposed by the Vietnamese government. That means that there will be 22 teams instead of the usual 24, necessitating a change to the format of the play-in stage. Details are here.
:asterisk: :asterisk: Custom team logo emoji coming soon for all Worlds teams!
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Friday, 25 September 2020

teams format winner
:lol_teams_madlions: vs :lol_teams_intz: Best of 1 :lol_teams_madlions:
:lol_teams_psgtalon: vs :lol_teams_rainbow7: Best of 1 :lol_teams_psgtalon:
:lol_teams_legacyesports: vs :lol_teams_intz: Best of 1 :lol_teams_legacyesports:
:lol_teams_lgdgaming: vs :lol_teams_psgtalon: Best of 1 :lol_teams_psgtalon:
:lol_teams_teamliquid: vs :lol_teams_madlions: Best of 1 :lol_teams_teamliquid:

Saturday, 26 September 2020

teams format winner
:lol_teams_rainbow7: vs :lol_teams_v3esports: Best of 1 :lol_teams_v3esports:
:lol_teams_intz: vs :lol_teams_paparasupermassive: Best of 1 :lol_teams_paparasupermassive:
:lol_teams_v3esports: vs :lol_teams_unicornsoflove: Best of 1 :lol_teams_unicornsoflove:
:lol_teams_lgdgaming: vs :lol_teams_rainbow7: Best of 1 :lol_teams_rainbow7:
:lol_teams_unicornsoflove: vs :lol_teams_psgtalon: Best of 1 :lol_teams_unicornsoflove:
:lol_teams_paparasupermassive: vs :lol_teams_madlions: Best of 1
:lol_teams_teamliquid: vs :lol_teams_legacyesports: Best of 1

Sunday, 27 September 2020

teams format
:lol_teams_v3esports: vs :lol_teams_lgdgaming: Best of 1
:lol_teams_rainbow7: vs :lol_teams_unicornsoflove: Best of 1
:lol_teams_psgtalon: vs :lol_teams_v3esports: Best of 1
:lol_teams_unicornsoflove: vs :lol_teams_lgdgaming: Best of 1

Monday, 28 September 2020

teams format
:lol_teams_paparasupermassive: vs :lol_teams_teamliquid: Best of 1
:lol_teams_madlions: vs :lol_teams_legacyesports: Best of 1
:lol_teams_intz: vs :lol_teams_teamliquid: Best of 1
:lol_teams_legacyesports: vs :lol_teams_paparasupermassive: Best of 1


GROUP A Record :zzz_blank: GROUP B Record
:lol_teams_teamliquid: 1-0 :lol_teams_psgtalon: 2-1
:lol_teams_legacyesports: 1-0 :lol_teams_unicornsoflove: 2-0
:lol_teams_madlions: 1-1 :lol_teams_v3esports: 1-1
:lol_teams_paparasupermassive: 1-0 :lol_teams_lgdgaming: 0-2
:lol_teams_intz: 0-3 :lol_teams_rainbow7: 1-2

Lets goo! I hope more people interested in worlds, participate in the discussions <3


Okay, with Gen. G’s defeat of T1, the field is set! I’ve updated the second post in this thread to show all 22 teams that will be playing in Shanghai! Now comes the (interminable) two week wait until the matches start!!! :persevere:

LoL Esports are doing a nice series of tweets introducing each of the teams in the Play-In Stage. Here they are, in the order that they’re being posted:

:lol_teams_lgdgaming: LGD GAMING

:lol_teams_psgtalon: PSG TALON

:lol_teams_madlions: MAD LIONS

:lol_teams_paparasupermassive: PAPARA SUPERMASSIVE

:lol_teams_rainbow7: RAINBOW7

:lol_teams_legacyesports: LEGACY ESPORTS

:lol_teams_teamliquid: TEAM LIQUID

:lol_teams_intz: INTZ

:lol_teams_v3esports: V3 ESPORTS

:lol_teams_unicornsoflove: UNICORNS OF LOVE

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GROUP DRAW DAY 2020-09-15T12:00:00Z


And here are the groups for the Play-In Stage:

And the groups for the Group Stage:


Play-In Stage: Sept 25-30

The 10 Play-In teams will be split into 2 groups of 5 teams each.

Each of these groups will play a single round-robin cycle, with the first-place teams both advancing to the Group Stage, and the last-place teams being eliminated.

The third- and fourth-place teams in each group will play a best-of-five series, with the loser being eliminated and the winner advancing to a best-of-five series against the second-place team from the other group. The winners of those matches also will qualify for the Group Stage.

These matches will determine the four Play-In teams that move on to the Group Stage.

Check out the Worlds Format Explainer for a detailed look at this year’s Worlds format!

Group Stage: Oct 3-6; Oct 8-11

16 teams – 12 that qualified for the Group Stage directly, and 4 from the Play-In Stage – are drawn into 4 groups. Each group plays a double round-robin, best-of-one series. The two highest-ranked teams from each group will move on to the final leg of the tournament, the Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage: Oct 15-18 (Quarterfinals); Oct 24-25 (Semifinals); Oct 31 (Finals)

Eight teams move on to the Knockout Stage, which encompasses Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. For this stage, the tournament transitions to a single-elimination bracket with all matches played in a best-of-five format. Matchups are decided by an on-stage draw before each day of play begins.

The team that comes out on top will become the 2020 World Champions.

Source: Worlds 2020 Primer

The Worlds schedule is now out, and I’ve updated the 3rd post in this thread to show the schedule for the round-robin phase of the Play-In Stage. I’ll be keeping that post up to date with upcoming matches, past results, and current standings, so you should bookmark it if you want to receive a notification when that post is updated.

To bookmark the post, scroll up to it, then click/tap the little ... icon at the bottom:


That will bring up some additional tools, including the bookmark icon, which is highlighted in blue below because I’ve bookmarked the post already:


Here are the teams who will be starting in the Group Stage, as highlighted by LoL Esports on Twitter:

:lol_teams_machiesports: MACHI ESPORTS

:lol_teams_geng: GEN.G

:lol_teams_rogue: ROGUE

:lol_teams_suning: SUNING

:lol_teams_drx: DRX

:lol_teams_fnatic: FNATIC

:lol_teams_jdgaming: JD GAMING

:lol_teams_damwongaming: DAMWON GAMING

:lol_teams_g2esports: G2 ESPORTS

:lol_teams_flyquest: FLYQUEST

:lol_teams_tsm: TSM

:lol_teams_topesports: TOP ESPORTS


Get the lowdown on all of this year’s Worlds-related watch missions, drops, Pick 'em rewards, & more :point_down:’em,-drops,-watch-rewards,-and-more/blt460a2f7b3dbb11f7

Yes, I am too cheap to pay for this widget :wink:

EDIT: AND WE’RE LIVE!!! :partying_face:

And the first match is in the bag! Ggwp, :lol_teams_madlions: !

New bg, who dis?

Tough, tough situation for PSG Talon: 3 of their starting 5 players remain in quarantine in Shanghai, so they are forced to play with 3 subs “borrowed” from other teams in their league.

Going to be an interesting 2nd match of the day!

W A O :scream: !

:lol_teams_psgtalon: wins in absolutely dominant fashion!

And :lol_teams_psgtalon: prove they are a team to watch! 2-0 on the first day!


Standings updated with results from Day 1’s matches!