Update 4.3 Bug Hunt

Post 'em as you find 'em …


Visual/UI (ingame)
Stretched out pre-game loading screen

Performance (ingame)
Unable to connect/login
Random disconnect, x2

Tony taunt not working
Turrets prioritise munions (Petal)


I just bought ICE too…

I didn’t know which topic to put this into so here you go :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant.

They’ve enacted “ICE Spending Protection” I guess.

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I was randomly kicked from my match including my entire 5 man and the game did not end up counting :^)


The same just happened to me as well. I was in an ARAL match and it randomly booted me to the loading screen mid-game. After a minute or two of sitting on the loading screen, I closed and reopened the app and it just loaded up the home screen like the match never happened and I highly doubt that the match would’ve finished in the short time I was gone because it was still earlygame. It was really weird considering it’s never happened before and my ping was perfectly fine.

Happen to me once too but only once. Never experience that again.

love the new loading screen :heart_eyes: :tired_face:


Oomg… we must played against each few times

Mid game (first one) while playing normally, I was kicked to the loading match screen and froze there. Closing and opening the game again hoping it will load, leaded to the normal menu and nothing. Kinda serious bug and was presented in the previous patch too, but there the game atleast loaded (with great impact as it can happen mid fight = death and lost fight :slight_smile: ).

/rant Also, they now don’t even change the wallpaper. I can’t even say that the game is in a maintenance mode as instead of fixing bugs, they present new ones each new build. I suspect that their code needs a total revisit and that will take a lot a lot of time, effort and money (to pay a team that is capable to do that), so won’t happen. /rant

Well I did play one 5v5 casual and crashed once on my device that supposed to crash 3 times , but you guys also crashing so I don’t know if they fixed the crashing problem hehehe .

You’ve got to be kidding me … :man_facepalming:

Not exactly a bug, but … this is extremely fugly.

Who’s their UI designer now? Some unpaid intern?


Why is there even an esports tab any more?


Most likely, atleast it looks like from the recent UI changes. They now can’t even change the wallpaper (ofc that I speculate, but really, what other valid reason there could be?) while in the early 2018 they created animated ones (when most of the original team was there, btw). :wink:

For me personally, the game is in a heavy downfall from the 5vs5 release and started a slight one from the 2.9 patch, the first changes that really imho ruined the 3vs3 (worse balance, fun to play, dynamics… had a lot less fun in 2.9 and the next patches before 5vs5 vs 2.X till 2.8 - the best patch).

Edit: seriously, look at that “free” window screenshot, it’s embarrassingly bad. I don’t want even to be rude, but I can literally point out so much wrong in it that I can’t believe that someone greenlight it (I would not for few different things, and it got the all and more). Not that I need to, it’s obvious for everyone as it’s that bad. Even the place and the way it’s placed to open it, it’s lame and bad (remember how it was done before for the chests? A lot better).

Oh crap, that reminds me – I forgot to make new backgrounds for 4.3 … :confounded:

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It’s fine, I’d prefer to keep Ozo on my screen :eyes:



Hey all, I’ve made the top post a wiki, so please add your bugs in this thread and link them at the top. :cheers_boba_t2: Also, lets keep the discussion to just the bugs pls thx

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quality of life change that we all needed


I think that “Exit” button is a bit too small …


Still ain’t big enough… :confused: