Update 4.3 Bug Hunt

The important feature is that it now obscures any useful information provided at the end of the match. Duh.


I was also randomly kicked, and it took me to the hero loading screen for about 1-2 minutes, after which it took me to the homepage (no spoils of war)

It’s a bug that’s at least in 4.2, but Tony taunt has a chance to make enemies walk away instead of coming closer. Seems like they haven’t fixed it yet. Got to witness it today.





Psssst … guys, don’t make the baby dragon angry … you won’t like him when he’s angry …


…so bans for not linking bugs on the wiki? :skaarf:

Not bans but death

Depicted by the gif

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They’re basically the same thing though

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Banned is being banned from the site.

Death is death no matter where you are in the world.

HipsterSkaarf has the Death Book 2.0 (the electronic version) UwU

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Well there is no update 4.3 impression thread .

There’s nothing stopping someone from making one.

Well you guys can move stuff , it’s easier for you to make the thread and move the impressions from here to there .

Another one: can’t auto attack if I am around a turret. Not a new one, but still here. :slight_smile:

No, it’s easier for YOU if we do it, not easier for us.

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Iam not the one posting impressions it was you and @Xhaos :haha:

And I was not the one who remarked that there was no update 4.3 impression thread.

Sometimes you make me want to tear my hair out.

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Yikes, the random disconnect bug happened to me again, but it actually counted the match and I subsequently lost rank because of it. This time was a little weirder though because prior to the game booting me back to the loading screen, it froze everything but my hero (much like during lag spikes) for a minute or two yet the text chat was working perfectly fine. Me and my allies were very much confused before the loading screen boot.

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The tech debt this game is accumulating is ridiculous.

How do you know this?

Just curious :star_struck:

Not directly relevant, but I am also quite sure they most likely scale down their server infrastructure. There are so low number of players vs peak times that you won’t notice it for the most part… but tbh we do notice it with lags and whatnot. My hopes for fixed de-sync are kinda gone tbh.

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