Update 4.3 Bug Hunt

I’m not sure what you mean.

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The real question is why is it still showing Wesg in the calendar

The same reason to why stats is still shown in the profile and why the “free” menu element looks likе… well, like it looks.

I think there is bugs happens after you crash or reconnect for some reason , like for me is the quick buy I can’t quick buy after I crash , and in 5v5 I can’t see if the dragons available or taken on the map , some people reported cp idris losing his perk after reconnecting that’s crazy , that’s game breaking issue , and the fact that skaarf still can’t goop turrets is annoying me , I got him yesterday in ARAL and I couldn’t destroy the turrets and I was the only range in my team , so frustrating .

people on a discord i am in say this is what happens if you kill a leo during his ult. not certain though.

also this is maybe a bug i am unsure it was here last patch too:
turrets (at least in 5v5) would rather target a munion than a minion.
this is the kind of discrimination i do not enjoy i would like the old discrimination back thanks.
(linking it as a bug because i don’t believe it was mentioned in any update notes)

Petal’s munions have always been a priority target for turrets, both in 3s and 5s. I’m not saying it’s not a bug (which it probably is), but this has been around for years.

I’m saying that minions used to be a higher priority. Now you cannot clear turrets very well as cp petal because the turrets kills all your munions and then you run out of energy

I noticed even the crystal sentry or goldmine attack me when I attack them as petal but once I move out of their attack range they start attacking the munions which can make you capture them , so the idea of making turrets attack her munions not her is big , you can push turrets by just respawning your munions over and over , I agree it’s bad for cp petal but good for wp petal especially if you building spellsword and halcyon boots , because you can keep the minions safe and sacrificing the munions , so you can push a turret and the minions just group together and attack the next one while you teleport and go push other lane , or if you built enough crit you can push turrets without minions just your munions because turret target them not you .

I think it’s a bug happened after they change turrets and objectives attacking her munions instead of her if she attacking them , because if I remember correctly her munions used to be ignored like they aren’t there , like if you go in turret range with your munions the turrets starts attacking you if you get out they start attacking your munions , so the target was petal while she was squishy , with the change I think it got bugged and turrets attacking her munions over minions .

I think there is a bug with mute option. I muted all my teammamtes in casual match yet could still see pings from one teammate. Happened only once.

Did you disconnect at some point during the game, all players are unmuted if you close the app then open it again.

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There’s a strange bug I should have recorded. It happened in an ARAL match. I don’t even know how to correctly describe it in a few words but basically I as skaarf ulted, the enemy lyra seemed to ult teleport around the same time.

What happened next made no sense: my hero kept getting teleported to random spots in my view while seemingly unhittable by the enemy when performing certain actions. Not only that but my abilities were hitting enemies I seemingly wasn’t near. The numbers would appear while the enemy was across the map on my screen.

An enemy later told me that on their screen they were trying to kill me and couldn’t, and I was in a completely different spot.

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I dont remember me disconnecting. I muted all of the people, saw guy ping and than checked all talking bubble icons, they had all been red bubble on all names and was surprised that pings were going through.

not exactly sure what you are saying i am sorry i am a bit :nauseated_face: and confused because in your first paragraph you said

(assuming you misspelt bug)

but in your second paragraph you said

so here is a little rundown of the problem:

turrets used to go:
in targeting priority

(this is good and i enjoy^ because it makes petal a much better turret pusher early game)

now is time for the big sad part :'<

the turrets used to have munions on the same level as heroes (unless you attacked an enemy hero) as in if you put a seed or munion in their range first they would attack them. (although now i think about it they would completely clear of seeds and munions before hitting heroes). i believe black claw and crystal sentries currently do this. Turrets, however, will pew your munions to death after finishing killing the minion they were currently targeting regardless of the other minions in their range. they will still attack aggro heroes first though.

help me smec petal is what keeps me in vaingloire :crying_cat_face:

No the big is big not bug , Iam saying its big because it changes the turret from targeting her to targeting munions , but i said it benefit wp petal because you don’t need munions until you run out of minions then you drop your munions to tank for you .

I Assume it’s a bug but semc didn’t talk about it , so it could be intentional , like remember that munions spawn faster so it could be intentional .

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ah thanks for clearing that up.
it could be intentional as a buff to weapon petal but this would sadden me because i prefer the taste of cp petal so i will choose to think that is a semc mistake :smirk_cat:

lemme hiddde :pouting_cat:


New bug I just encountered. Got kicked off my game as in I am in the menu and won’t load back in and it happened seemingly out of nowhere. However, I noticed my wifi was disconnected and I was in 4g, so maybe that caused it? Either way if I lose a ton of elo Imma be mega pissed cause t10 grind is hard and I am playing in a trio and being matched with players way lower than me ;-; (I was 7-0 on Vox at that point ;----; )

EDIT: My elo is fine! Phew!!!

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