Update 4.3 Bug Hunt

quality of life change that we all needed


I think that “Exit” button is a bit too small …


Still ain’t big enough… :confused:


The important feature is that it now obscures any useful information provided at the end of the match. Duh.


I was also randomly kicked, and it took me to the hero loading screen for about 1-2 minutes, after which it took me to the homepage (no spoils of war)

It’s a bug that’s at least in 4.2, but Tony taunt has a chance to make enemies walk away instead of coming closer. Seems like they haven’t fixed it yet. Got to witness it today.





Psssst … guys, don’t make the baby dragon angry … you won’t like him when he’s angry …


…so bans for not linking bugs on the wiki? :skaarf:

Not bans but death

Depicted by the gif

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They’re basically the same thing though

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Banned is being banned from the site.

Death is death no matter where you are in the world.

HipsterSkaarf has the Death Book 2.0 (the electronic version) UwU

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Well there is no update 4.3 impression thread .

There’s nothing stopping someone from making one.

Well you guys can move stuff , it’s easier for you to make the thread and move the impressions from here to there .

Another one: can’t auto attack if I am around a turret. Not a new one, but still here. :slight_smile:

No, it’s easier for YOU if we do it, not easier for us.

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Iam not the one posting impressions it was you and @Xhaos :haha:

And I was not the one who remarked that there was no update 4.3 impression thread.

Sometimes you make me want to tear my hair out.

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Yikes, the random disconnect bug happened to me again, but it actually counted the match and I subsequently lost rank because of it. This time was a little weirder though because prior to the game booting me back to the loading screen, it froze everything but my hero (much like during lag spikes) for a minute or two yet the text chat was working perfectly fine. Me and my allies were very much confused before the loading screen boot.

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