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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


If It was only that… The hard part is yo not be dodged and get yo play.


Exactly my concern with the loss of 3v3. I loved that the API used my 3v3 casual data when I started this game to determine my rank. It immediately put me into more appropriate matches. Imagine how many Smurfs can just troll, dominate, and ruin a match in tier 1 now?

I agree. This is why I think having rumble as a permanent mode is good. It’s far better than one for all. Helga loves it too.

1v1 seems cool. Back in the old days, we called that FC (fight club) in DotA. You simply did a match on the normal map, established who you wanted banned, and played 1v1. Not to be too critical, but I do find it a bit weird that a forum admin for VG is doing a bit of promoting of another game. Just expressing an opinion, by no means do I have the intent to tell you how to admin (this is one of my favorite forum sites, and I credit you admins) or to tell you to stop. If VG becomes crappy, people will gravitate towards other MOBAs naturally.

Catherine is becoming my favorite hero. Ever since I was a boy I loved knights and dragons. Now… She’s like… Both! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Doesnt it have a Monster Hunter (game) feel to it?

Including the Bone armor and weapons from the game?


I’ve been playing a ton of Rona in 5v5 casuals. If I pulled that in rank, it wouldn’t be good. The meta for 3v3 rank will be slower to change because there won’t be a place to try new things.


They removed 3v3 practice too :new_moon_with_face:


I’m not a forum admin “for VG” – idmonfish and I started this forum because we wanted to create a space for the community that had grown up around Vainglory. And that’s exactly how I see my role here: first and foremost it’s maintaining a sense of community, not promoting a product or an agenda.*

That’s actually why the site’s name emphasizes the word “Community” and not “Vainglory.”

* except for RWBY


Oh man, I want to cry with all those changes :sob:


That’s fair. The forums are for (EDIT: Mostly) Vainglory, are they not? Regardless, I’m not upset over it nor do I feel we need to go on any further than what we just did about it. I appreciate the explanation. Understood and all good! :sunglasses:


Atleast they didn’t permanently remove it Hazeleyes

Also I found the Feathered Anka skin (on Maxs stream) for anyone to see, its looks sweet. She looks younger too.


I’m honestly relieved to see this. Hopefully they actually decide to rotate it in instead of just doing back-to-back one for alls -.-


I’ve always picked absolutely whatever I wanted to in 3v3 ranked and I’ve rarely gotten toxicity for that. The mode is toxic not gonna lie, but very rarely because of my picks from my experience.


Looks like they rushed while making the patch notes, not the usual style of writing and no hero icons.

edit: its written by SpaceMonkey so maybe thats why.

Edit two

i finally got the badge


Massive damage nerf for Ylva in her B. Rip Cp Ylva?


I’m honestly confused as to why they did that. They’re completely changing her playstyle when she’s only been out for 1 patch and she’s not even close to being as OP as other recent heroes on-launch (or a little bit after, in Magnus’s case). It sucks that she’s not getting any base damage or ratio buffs to compensate for it either.


They are oriantating her to WP, reason why they buffed her attack speed bonus (and speed).


Do we know WHEN this patch is dropping?


Max and Kdals already did the whole roundabout when asked but its most likely next week.


I guess they didnt want another CP Assassin.

We all know the balance team is the best when it comes to balancing :potoo:

Edit: I know Im negative when it comes to the balance team but they legit give no commentary about it. Therefore I cannot understand what or why they are doing it. Nivmett used to give reasons why which I could understand but now, they legit just drop the changes onto you like a concrete brick dropped onto a persons head.


^ive said the same thing many times. This dude gets it


Yeah, seeing as the balance notes are already out, it’ll probably be next week on Wednesday as usual.


Wait why is Ylva nerfed so hard? That aside why is her core mechanic changed? She was all about that B against targets locked down with CC. How do they just remove that? It’s like making Skye the same, just no mobility. It makes no sense. Why do they always gotta change heroes’ base things? So now her B just jumps and makes her fast. Very cool. Next update Helios explosions removed. Too complex. They are just the same ability now. They’ve been keeping that way of changes up for some time and I can’t stand it.