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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


Personally, I don’t understand anything. The nerf to Ylva seems pointless and the new Lyra buff is like what the hell is going on? Zekent and Sonata keeps their random changes


3v3 casual is removed so now I can’t play 3v3 with my friends :crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face:

And petal was left untouched again… hopefully they are making a rework for her but probably they have decided that she doesn’t need to be playable.


Reworking petal withou changing her identity is really hard, and the fact that she has 35% WR but remains untouched shows that they are looking for making her a rework.


Yeah, this is exactly what will kill the game for me and my kids – we won’t be able to play 3v3 together any more, because their VSTs are too far from mine. And they much prefer AoV’s 5v5 mode to Vainglory’s.

I admit I’m mystified why they didn’t remove 3v3 ranked and leave it as a casual mode.


That would have been even worse. According to SEMC, 3v3 players are more hardcore than 5v5, 3v3 players play ranked a lot more than casual, so that would basically mean deleting the entire 3v3 playerbase.


This patch should not see the light


Balancing her kit is really hard. The devs put the general identity on the opening page of every hero.

Shes a summoner that can block skillshots. They can still rework her to be around that same concept without changing her identity. @VaKTaBi


Taka’s ide tiny is ‘stealthy assasin who can heal while invisible’ so I don’t think they will 100% try to follow the guidelines


Thats because they cant do a final review of checking the app before releasing it.:upside_down_face: Nothing new there

But what i said still stands.


Are you referring to the massive range increase of her ult? I mean - I’m assuming because it’s SEMC that it also for 3v3… Just stupid.


Okay, the big question for 3v3 is … can Lyra ult from one base to the other now? :laughing:

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Just bring back the healing to her seeds and call her a captain. With that change she would have both slow and burst healing, skill shot blocking, knockback, and vision. Pull some damage out of her kit by changing the WP/CP amp to 10% at all levels and give her 300 more health.


She would be a very cool captain if they add few things to her like you mentioned , I played her as a captain before and she was doing good except my team didn’t understand what to do with roam petal , she is the best roam against Skye , taka , I used to destroy Skye main with her when Skye was strong .


and bring her perma-frostburn back. she’ll be an excellent captain with movement control…


and celeste no more skins for her


Why did they remove BR but not remove Blitz they not even trying to balance talents JUST BS
Also where the hell is my onslaught?


BR was a happy balance between the exercise in futulity that is Blitz and the game length of standard modes. Its exclusion from the standard modes means that I’m done with this game.


Hmm I’m not particularly into brawl-like modes tbh, I play ARAL occasionally and Blitz only because I’m often short on time… But I will try it.

I looked up some mobile mobas,I think iron legends looks interesting, might try that.


I think that we have a lovely conmunity here and would be great if VG continues downwards (or even if it don’t) to convert to mobiles moba forum with forums for diff games + grow, instead of dying out with VG. After all most of us loves MOBAs and will play them in the future and atleast I would love to share that with all of you + even more people joining our more nature and quality topics creating community.