Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins

As of right now San feng is broken i really hope they seriously nerf his B damage and remove the debufs imunity it grants. Also a full hp bar of fortified health is ridiculous

Goodbye VG, 3v3 removed = no game for me.

A new op Hero, what a surprise. The balance team wastes its time doing random changes instead of balancing so…


All new content for 4.0 + Other things:

I didn’t screenshot Peacock Anka skin because there wasn’t really any good shots.


That SOCIAL tab looks hideous omg


They removed 3v3 casual… Why? It makes no sense. How can you keep that mode ranked but remove the outlet to practice it? Comments folks were making about SEMC getting lazy and giving up on 3v3 seem more and more credible each day. In fact, I would say this proves it. I also agree that while I love the visuals of the new hero, the full fortification, even if for the brief moment of completing his ability, is nonsense. 25% of max hp would do the trick and still be considerably strong.


Also. didn’t 3.10 come out recently? It sure feels like it at least. How is 4.0 content greenlit already? :scream:

If 4.0 drops next week, 3.10 would have been in effect for 3 weeks at minimum.

Same, I’m gonna leave VG next patch (4.0)

3v3 is a dead mode walking – it’s pretty clear that it’ll be gone altogether within the next few patches, which I think is folly on SEMC’s part.

As I truly despise SEMC’s version of 5v5, and as I am truly a casual player, I don’t see much left for me in this game. Maybe a rumble now and then, I suppose.

Rip Vainglory for me. :disappointed:


When are they saying it will drop? I imagine the start of spring? Also, I find Excoundrel’s commentary relatively refreshing. I usually feel he is such a huge homer for VG. He states his concern over the removal of 3v3 casual. He does offer a good point that I agree with regarding too many game modes dispersing player base. Fair enough. I’d say remove blitz, but that’s a better money maker for SEMC with talents.

I also like how he admits San Feng is broken, especially his B, and says loud and clear to SEMC that you better fix it

I do encourage everyone to wait for the patch and to play it yourself. I will admit we have a tendency at times to knee jerk react before we even get to play the patch. That doesn’t mean we can’t express our opinions, but just be careful of saying you’ll quit or that you hate it. Am I pleased with what I’m hearing so far? Nah. UI seems like a downgrade and I’m sad to see 3v3 casual go. I do like rumble becoming a permanent fixture. I’ll wait and see and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Why the hell would they remove 3v3 casual in favour of brawl modes? Having them as events was the greatest idea they’d had in ages, and then they go and do this. Not cool SEMC, not cool.


Atleast Catherine’s B animation looks awesome.

What I think of 4.0 content:

  • San Feng is the most desirable item. He looks appealing from a visual and mechanical perspective. Hopefully tone down the numbers instead of releasing him busted and then nerfing him to oblivion. It’ll be a shame to see SugarVenom’s last work wasted.

  • Anka, Catherine and Varya skins looks pretty good from the artwork and in-game looks. Not really a fan though.

  • Social Tab change makes it easier to manage. Sure, it’s more blocky, but it’s fine. One of the things that don’t bother me at all. I may be in a guild, but I fly solo.

  • The game mode selection tab looks very clean. I like it.

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It looks like they are keeping an event game mode. On the display it shows One For All as an event mode. I’m still waiting for classic blitz to show up. It appears they added Rumble as the new permanent mode.

If people are really displeased with the removal of 3v3, then voice it. Spam their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Harass support lines. Before you do, I just ask people honestly reflect on how much they actually play casual 3v3. Perhaps SEMC has tangible proof that it is the least played mode? I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I for one play casual 5v5 and 3v3 less than I play ARAL and Blitz. I do find it very useful to practice new heroes or with new parties, and am very sad to see it go.


So while watching this I got an ad about how bugs ruin mobile apps and will make users give 1 star ratings. Quite ironic really.


If people are really displeased with the removal of 3v3 then voice it.

I agree. If done well, the community and SEMC could come up with a decent compromise.

Spam their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Harass support lines.

No. This is a terrible way to do it, especially if the spam is toxic (which is more than likely).

It would result in those that do it looking like angry people and SEMC blocking out the rumbles of displeasure by the vocal people.

Instead, do multiple, consistent and good posts everyday or every week but don’t copy paste (which is essentially a form of spam).

I have absolutely no data on this, but my guess is that few people actually used it as a “practice” mode in a truly meaningful way. If casual is truly a different beast from ranked, then you can’t really practice ranked situations outside of ranked anyway, since strategies and tactics will be dependent on both the level of opposition and the validity of team comps/hero selection in the meta. For pure micro play and hero mechanics, you get the same practice from blitz or 5v5 cas. And if casual isn’t a different beast from ranked, then what’s the point in separating them? Combining them lowers queue times and improves matchmaking, which both help to lower toxicity and increase player satisfaction/retention.

My impression (but I could be wrong) is that a lot of players stick to one mode or the other, or maybe tack on a casual after a night of ranking. For those players, maybe blitz, rumble, and 5v5 cas will be enough?

I think there are two really good reasons to KEEP 3v3 cas though:

  1. The 3v3 mode is a more close-knit way of experiencing the game than 5v5, and, being longer than blitz, is maybe the best place for a high-tier player to introduce the game and meta concepts to someone newer.
  2. Casual has the pretense of not being toxic (or, at least, of being less stressful), so people gravitate there to avoid the perceived toxicity and stress of ranked. In light of this, I would hope (REALLY STRONGLY) that SEMC concentrates on anti-toxicity measures very very very soon.

I think one of the initial reasons for creating a 3v3 casual mode was to help remove incentive for players to create alts. Once your main ranked high enough, if you wanted low stress match-ups, you’d have to make a lower tier alt for yourself. I don’t know if removing 3v3 cas will make this an issue again, since we have incentives like battle pass and account-tied cosmetics, as well as other casual/brawl modes (and the sense that 3v3 isn’t an optimized competitive mode anymore), but it’s something to consider.


3v3 casual is my main mode… so for me is time to say farewell VG


Not judging (I play casual modes mainly), but why don’t you rank in 3v3?

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They don’t care about 3v3 players at all.

Because you can’t pkay what you want, you are left playing the same hero time and time again. The matches aren’t even different, 3v3 is so unbalanced right now that 10 heroes are broken and the rest are useless, which lead to the same drafts and comps match after match. It doesn’t even feel like different matches. All that plus the toxicity.