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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


Heroes that need a new skin:

Heroes that do not need a new skin:

to be fair on them tho, Anka and Varya did both need new skins

To be fair, I do play 3v3 casual less than I used to. I do, however, still play it way more than I play any 5v5 mode, and I also much prefer ARAL to one for all or rumble (or blitz for that matter, but I still play that a lot cause it’s quick).

Hi. Me. I’m here. I need casual. I’m not gonna test my off-meta builds (and I do a lot of them) in ranked (yes I’ll play them, but not until I know they work), and I’m not gonna pick up a new hero and go straight into a ranked game. Sure I can use 5v5 but I really don’t like it, and it’s not quite the same either way.

On a similar note, I’ve said I won’t test ridiculous crap in ranked, but I’m sure now casual won’t exist, there will be people doing it. I predict that removing casual will ruin ranked. Which will probably lead SEMC to remove that too. and doing that will lose them a large part of their playerbase, including me.

So yes, I will complain. The moment the update drops I will send an email to support, and as soon as they announce it on twitter I will riot. In a civilised way of course.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it might be time to download AoV.


That was my real complaint. I know they’re keeping events, They just don’t need to make rumble permanent. For all I care make ARAL an event mode (I will really miss it, but it’s less practical than blitz) and have rumble as one too. Keep 3v3 Casual. Oh and make Blitz a casual mode again.


Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

Seriously, though, it’s actually a fun game. To be very honest, AoV is more FUN than Vainglory – and has been, for me, for quite some time.


Does it have touch controls yet? I’m still terrified of playing a joystick moba, especially with a virtual joysick.


2 reasons:

  1. Meta is really boring, and is not balanced, so I see the same heroes every match I play. I want to play Kensei, Glaive, BF… I want to play what I want and not having to face a triple man party of tryhards who only spam OP heroes.

  2. In high elo is really easy to abuse earlygame, so if I dye one time, I don’t want to be 10 minutes without playing.


It doesn’t, but I’m so used to the controls now I don’t even notice them. It took a while to adjust, I will be honest.


It actually makes some sense there is too many queues in the game, they should have removed trio q from 5v5 ranked in my opinion instead.


That’s totally fair.

I guess, from where I’m coming from, where I don’t really care all that much about VST (although I very much play to win the game, whatever mode it is), and I don’t really expect a lot from my teammates, I don’t mind off-meta experimentation in ranked, to be honest. If someone wants to try Lane Phinn, I only ask that they soft-select it, give me a moment to process and think of what comp might make that work, and then toss me a :cheers_boba_t1: and a GLHF as we try our best. I know I’m probably very rare in that attitude, though. I play the game as competitively as I can, but I also want to have fun, more than anything.


That’s exactly the problem: they are removing one of the modes where the point is solely to have fun – there’s no real penalty for losing in casual, unlike in ranked play. If you choose an off-meta hero or role in ranked matches, you’re likely to have someone throw or have to endure toxic pings the entire match – which is why I detest ranked play.

All I can say is that the player base must be REALLY small these days if they feel they have to remove one of the game’s core modes to try to force players into the remaining ones.


If they so much didn’t want to have both 3vs3 and 5vs5, for f sake, should had release a vainglory 5vs5 separate game with the proper effort put in it and leave the classical vainglory on 2.8 patch with a new content added in 2-3-4 months. That way they could had kept the people that want to play the original vainglory, still create a cool content for it that will bring them some $$$ and polish the 5vs5 game as an separate app with separate content created for 5vs5.

From the 2.9 patch and especially 5vs5 release, they go from bad to worse. Only when I remember how much fun I had in 2.8 and how less I had in 2.9 and every patch before 5vs5 (I played mostly with hope for 5vs5 release, was expecting for the long development time to be a huge game change in every aspect)… and then 5vs5 released and from there is only a downhill decisions. I am really sad. :frowning:


Then why don’t you mute them? It takes literally 3 seconds to mute the entire team. I don’t ever mute personally because I don’t want to but pings don’t tilt me either. But many people complain about toxic pings, chat, voice chat. My question is if you don’t like it why not just mute?

I think everyone agrees that we have too many queues and not enough players. I totally agree with @HipsterSkaarf on everything and share this mentality. I always tryhard in any mode but don’t really care about elo. If you have better suggestions to improve queue please share because I don’t really see an answer.


He is not just broken, this is a new level of broken if released like that and most likely the most broken hero ever released for VG if not any MOBA. Seriously, from base dmg, to full forth health, to !2! skills that got negative effects cancel, to dash, to big as f B radios that can’t be dodged, to stuns, to pull - dmg all - stun and knockback. I mean… roflmao


Of course I do exactly that, but that kind of hurts communication with your team, don’t you think?


True but also having your laner be VG and your jungler t4 doesn’t exactly help communication either though right? While ranked 5v5 is a mess and 3v3 on its own is kind of like a brawl right now the matchmaker is really good. I don’t ever have anything that comes close to 5v5 disasters. In 3v3 it always matches really good while casual doesn’t. So at least you will be playing with similarly skilled players.


And the new players that want to play 3vs3 now start at ranked asap without any basics training at all and without unlocked heroes? Or they will be forced to play 5vs5 till they unlock X amount of heroes? :slightly_smiling_face: or SEMC gives then enough heroes fast to play ranked 3vs3? Also casual is a mode that is for relaxing and testing stuffs, pick now non meta hero in 3vs3 and BAM rage. I mean… nope, I don’t agree removing casual 3vs3 was the way to go.


One can adjust to them, especially when the whole game is designed around them and only for them… you know, this is not VG to go for two options that never can be perfectly balanced and optimized, but w/e.


I’m sure one can, but I still don’t like them. I’ve played PUBG mobile, I’ve played Brawl stars, and I just keep getting annoyed by the virtual joystick.


Yeah, I hear that. Casual is fun, and it’s definitely best when it’s two teams of players, evenly matched, who are all there to enjoy a zany, ‘anything goes’ type of match. I would argue that scenario isn’t the norm though… aside from players and teams usually being really unbalanced, skill wise, I think for a lot of players, casual is an escape from what they imagine ranked to be, i.e., toxic, stressful, high-stakes, more so than it is simply where they go for fun. Because of that, I think the answer to helping 3v3 single queue is more about player-behavior incentives like anti-trolling/anti-toxicity measures, rather than creating a ‘safety valve’ which was 3v3 casual. But then the question is how well does SEMC do those things, and will they try to tackle them now? :woman_shrugging: That’s another issue, where they should get some real heat, imo.

I still think 3v3 cas is a great spot for high-low tier mixed parties, and I’m sad to see it go because of that, but as far as playerbase and match quality, I think it’s possibly the right move. Especially considering the 3v3 balance issues.

edit to add: I think rumble does a decent job of filling the “anything goes” niche that 3v3 cas kind of was?


Because you can’t mute their gameplay that will be toxic towards you (like adagio going ult to still your buff/farm/whatever), nor you can stop them throw the game, nor you can stop the chat in draft that will be enough to kill your mood to play, nor you can stop the troll reporting you that will lead to lpq, nor you can stop dodges like crazy because of your picks. You see, ranked is to win and rank, you will rarely see a person that is ok with offmeta picks and not to talk about not viable currently heroes that you like. The idea behind this is most likely to force everyone into 5vs5 casual and the other modes, but 5vs5 is not 3vs3 as mechanics/gameplay/map/feel.


At this point I will probably treat ranked as if it was casual, will I lose rank? Yes, but I don’t care. This means basically that I will throw some matches due to using non meta heroes, but you know what? I’m not going to play the same hero 400 times in a row. Ranked is now going to be so toxic…