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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


Can someone answer my question, was/is 3.10 the shortest patch of 2018-19?


Lots of casual modes in AoV … :wink:


That’s why most games have casual AND also frequent updates that changes the meta and heroes strong in ranked… but you know, 2m between updates to fix bugs ending up with a lot more and severe ones, leading to an update removing casual. :smile:


Instead of that we have a meta that it’s more polarised each update with bigger difference between the weak heroes and the strong ones, and the strong ones always remain strong while the weak ones always remain weak. Always making sure the game is as fun as possible :slight_smile:


Yeah, I see this change destroying 3v3 ranked also. That’s why I think 3v3 will disappear altogether soon.


Ofc, casual is the foundation of a healthy MOBA (and most MP games, really)… from there some people motivates to try and play competitive. W/e… those things that even people like us knows from the industry are obvious non existent for SEMC.

Said it, will say it again - patch 2.8 was perfect, every hero was viable and every item was viable too… I had so much fun that patch as there was no X OP heroes or the current insane difference between weak/strong. I miss that patch and the fun to play it… you know, with the old UI, the great map, the low battery usage for the GFX, the 10 seconds match found wait in 3am during a working days, with the so skilled players that to be in t8 actually was a achievement, with the balanced matches… and so much more. :cry:


If it was properly balanced it would happen, but right now there is no way I’m only spamming the same meta heroes.


Normally towards the end of season I am so tired of the same 10 heroes (tops) that I start to play weaker ones just to have some fun and diversity… and the last patches the heroes are so unbalanced that this leads to drops from 2500+ elo to 2350 elo where I start to play the same 10 heroes to rank up in t10 again. So yes, playing the same heroes is really getting boring not that far from the start of doing so.


In fact, that’s what prevents me from trying to reach silver. Such a polarised meta bores me pretty fast.


After reading the upcoming changes, I was also sad that there will no longer be 3v3 casual. But the above comment made me realize. You have a point @Veritas . I love 3v3 more than 5v5 but to answer your question, I can’t recall the last time I played 3v3 casual. If the reason is for practice, I can practice on any other mode. I’m no longer sad then. :slight_smile: 3v3 cas may be a practice mode for newer players but for old ones, I don’t think so.

But honestly, I’m afraid that as others are saying, this might be a sign of complete removal of the mode in the future. I just hope not. :crossed_fingers:

I agree… This is @cha0z!!! :yum:


Definitely. This applies way more to mobile games, considering the main point of them is to have quick, on-the-go fun. Putting a larger focus on the more serious and longer-lengthened ranked modes will push new and casual players away from VG and towards other mobile games, including competitors such as AoV, which is more casual-oriented as @hazeleyes has shown.


In that regard 3vs3 hit the spot back in the days (2.8) - was deep as moba, but still fast enough out and in the game to attract interest.


The same would apply to Blitz and ARAL in their original, talentless versions as well.


Since nobody is talking about it…

Im happy that they actually changed something about the recolor for Athena Varya, her SE not only has a model recolor but her lighting has a reddish hue to it instead of the typical yellow lightning in the L skin.

Now only if they would keep it up so we dont end up with the Cyber Krul skins which is only a recolor.

Maybe a purple sparkler skaarf with a purplish spitfire? :gwenrainbowbarf:


Disclaimer: This post is highly opinionated and isn’t intended to trigger anyone. Read at your own risk.

I don’t mind ARAL and Casual 3v3 being removed.
I think it is good for the game overall.

Section 1: Why I don’t mind ARAL being removed.

  • It got boring. Takes a bit too long to finish and both dies love to stall it out if they can.
  • The randomisation algorithm is very odd but also loves to consistently give me the same hero five times in a row.
  • Changes to 3v3 such as Gold and Exp changes made the game harderbto scale up and finish quickly if yoyr team doesn’t distribute farm equally or farm poorly.
  • Populates other queues.
  • Talents. End of point.

Section 2: Why I don’t mind Casual 3v3 being removed.

  • I have not played this mode for nearly 2 years and 10 months. I stopped playing Casual 3v3 ever since ARAL got released, which was in patch 1.17 on the 25th of April 2016.
  • The game length prior to 3.10 was a chore and made me feel antsy and impatient when we get to late game. I jsut want the game to end already!
  • I have the mentality that says: “Why bother with Casual 3v3 when Ranked 3v3 has the same situation for my tier (which is low) and it has End of Season skin reward if I hit Tier 6 Bronze.”
  • Populates other queues.

Section 3: Things I Feel are Hidden in Plain Sight and are the Intended Effects of these Removals.

  1. Get new players to try Casual 5v5, Rumble and Blitz. These will be the only modes accessible without having a certain amount of heroes unlocked.

  2. Subtletly get newer players to try Rumble, leading to them trying out Casual 5v5 later, followed by Ranked 5v5 if they are willing to give it a shot.

  3. Shorten game times. Rumble I feel suits the mobile platform better than ARAL. It feels fast paced, active and challenging.


I understand why people want to keep these game modes around.

I personally would just adapt and move on. I already given my reasons anyway and made peace with this piece of news.


It’s not that they don’t want both, but players have clearly voted with their play time. SEMC removed 3v3 casual because it was not played by many people, and to help consolidate the 3v3 player base into one mode.


Oh, one more content coming in 4.0.

Valentine Ping set.


Dragon Catherine looks so badass in game but her splash art is just flawless :heart_eyes:

Cant wait to have it as a Forum Background


I haven’t played more than 10 matches of 3v3 since 2.12. It’s sad that the community can’t sustain a 3v3 casual mode. The poor hero balancing means picking a hero in 3v3 rank that isn’t in the top 12 is going to get you ping spammed and downvoted at higher tiers.

For those that still enjoy that mode, sorry.


Thanks for your sorry… Is good to see some people understand our situation :confused: