Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


I don’t deserve such wonderful people. Thank you to each of you. <3


You mean “Talk about balance, theory craft and chill”? XD


Did you add me? I accept everyone! :slight_smile:


The pleasure has been mine. I really have loved working on this game with all my heart. I will be leaving Zekent a bit of a guide (Though he doesnt really need it) and will still help out on PBE a bit.


The radius is still the same. o.o It not something I would mess with much since that code is actually a bit wonky lol


Recently people have been wondering when more creature-like heroes will be added.

I personally find them much more interesting in general, and I, honestly, wonder the same.

How do you feel about this? Should there be more creature like heroes, despite the difficulties making them? Or would the usual human ones be better overall?


Oh I meant that unless its a side by side comparison of the two ults I can’t really tell that difference so I don’t have much to say.

Now that you mention that code being wonky does that explain why the Ult when being used from maximum range feels “weird”? When I use it from close range its fine but when trying to get the maximum jump it just feels different and in a really bad way.


I think “general” humanoid heroes are better. Its ok for them to have animal or monster like qualities but things like quadrupeds do come with a set of issues.


Possibly. I say wonky because the manner it was coded was almost “cobbled” together. How to describe it…Normally you have a function that goes 1, 2, 3 (Each number being a different action or event) this is generally proper coding but sometimes the engineer does not have the time to work on it and its up to the designer to work with the tools they have available. So some of Idris code isnt really a 1, 2, 3 but more of a 1+ 2+3.


When will EU get some love? :frowning:


Love in what way? Also asking me now seems a little silly doesn’t it? xD


Make it so that all the heroes in the EU meta are super buffed


The code doesn’t work like that XD


buff all the heroes in the eu meta


If EU gets a hero buff, how about NA gets all item buffs then :^)


no that’d be cheat
nerf SA instead


Lies. Then how would you explain EU players dying getting killed 1v2 by Elder Treant on 3v3?


Because Niv only does hero balance, so someone else must have changed the code to deal extra damage to EU players… hmmmmmmmm


em, Niv? if u still have a contact with SEMC, could u ask them for cheking Baptiste B bug? since his B avtivated instantly, it used to counter dash abilities but not anymore. nowadays it activates after a target finishes his dash, which i want to check is it intended change or a bug. everytime when i send them feedback email to check it, they always said it is not a reported bug, so im just wondered…

btw. ill miss u so much. u hav done a great job.


it was intended, i think this change was made quite a while ago tho