Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


I am not gone. I just wont be a dev anymore as of the second. Im not dead. LOL


Why not? 0.0 I am still around. I am just not a dev anymore lol


Well to be fair I balanced Anka along side Sonata. So I personally prefer skirmish type assassins as I feel they have healthier gameplay. Anka is more of a classic assassin that you see in Mobas. She does what she is intended. Shes fun to play and there is counter play. Sonata did a good job.


Ardans counter is large packets of damage. He is not as tanky in those situations but generally you will aim to counter his allies not so much him but mortal wounds also works pretty well.


A Roam. :slight_smile:
(Thirty characters)


Probably Ankas legendary or Churns epic or legendary. :slight_smile:


Just thought that since you’re not a dev anymore you wouldn’t really care about this forum anymore.

Sorry man,didn’t mean to be rude…


All good. I still care about this forum and the community. Not sure if you guys want to keep the thread though since I soon wont be a dev anymore.


Let’s see what everyone else thinks then,

  • Keep this thread
  • Delete this thread

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Keep it, maybe only a name change to: “balance discussion” etc


“VG with Nivmett” like a cable talk show



You might not be a dev anymore , but you will always be one to the community


“hey babe, want to come over so we can ‘Nivmett and chill’?”


Only if Nivmett is still a dev :sob:


@Nivmett can you friend me on vg? i also followed you on Facebook. my ign is my forum username :wink:


@Nivmett Thank you for all the hard work to make the game awesome. The balance has been excellent.


Once again i have a question that u or anyone else can answer. I not a idris fan but when force to play him, i love his cp path. I remember his Shimmer Shine ( Ult, cant remember) used to have bigger jump distance radius that scaled with CP items i think.

May i ask why was it removed? Not really a serious question but just one out of curiosity.

Hopefully curiosity doesnt kill this cat :stuck_out_tongue:


It was never removed its still that way.


Really? I tried both paths of idris against another player and the radius were the same as to how far u could jump…


Yeah. I can’t say much on the radius because all of them look the same to me but the leap back is still the same.