Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


if its intended, there should be at least a note about change in update note, but no. thats why i highly doubt that as intended.


semc isnt exactly the best at including all changes in patch notes…


Hi niv is ozo getting reworked?? (Im not supposed to ask this lol)


@Nivmett does the speed boost from TT, CP, and Pulsewave stack?


speed boosts, like slows, don’t stack. the most powerful one is in play until its duration is over. then the next strongest, and so on


Slows are not speed boosts. The word boost means to increase not decrease. I know slows do not stack.


i am saying they work the same way.


Oh ok thx. 30 characterssssssss


Except Ringo’s twirlling silver, they said it’s the only speed boost that stacks, making him the potentially fastest hero in the game.


Cries in full SG rose trail


That was funny
I miss the rose trail


Good question! So Any speed buff that is additive. (So a flat number such as a boots active) Will always take the highest one that is being applied at the moment BUT a multiplicative speed boost as given by Tornado Trigger or Pulseweave is actually additive. So lets say you have boots, someone wartreads while you are attacking someone with a tornado trigger with also a pulseweave. It would give you a 2.75 bonus move speed bonus (Wartreads), ignore the other boots then it would add 20% bonus movespeed. (Tornado Trigger+Pulseweave).


That was fixed a while ago. This is no longer the case.


Oh, rip, whyyyyyyyy. Rip Ringo :frowning:


@Nivmett Thank you. Does capacitor plate give a flat number or multiplicative bonus?

Second question does Sprint give everyone a same speed bonuses no matter there natural speed because flat number replace each other? So everyone sprints at the same speed? And things like Ozo B-skill movement speed, or Malene B-skill light form movement speed or Baron’s B-skill movement speed are not actually enhanced by sprint but sprint just replaces them since those are flat numbers, correct?


I remember that Adagio, Arden, Lyra, and Phinn were the ones who most benefited from Capacitor Plate.

May i ask why did Lyra and Adagio (and Phinn in a later update) get their heal/FH nerfed while Arden didnt get a change to his shield.

I seen his shield reach barriers that practically made the applied hero invincible. But with the recent update, it made the healers kinda out of the meta and most definitely out of t10. (From what i’ve seen)

Just wanted to know your personal opinion about it and if you thought differently. :potoo:


So… have the folks at SEMC lost their ducking minds? Hats??

Like, in all seriousness, has someone looked at the state of the game (with broken Casual MM, connectivity issues, unusable chat, animations not being displayed correctly, Auto-Attacks just stopping at random and the list goes ON AND ON) and decided it needed HATS!?

What the… like what the fuck??

I don’t even want you to talk negatively about a former employer, we know that’s rarely a good idea, but it may be time to send someone who isn’t sky-high on coke an e-mail. Because this is just way out of touch with reality.


is it possible to ask off topic questions
and if yes
what do you think of the job market for game developers as one yourself


Hi @NewLeaves and welcome to the community forums. You won’t receive an answer from @Nivmett - at least I don’t think - he no longer is a developer/member of the SEMC team. This is an old thread, but one that is certainly fun to read through. Niv was awesome!


Hey I told you I’m still around. True I am not an SEMC dev but I more than happy to answer most question. :slight_smile: